Happy Almost New Year

I don’t know why my posts are sometimes registering as the next day. Need to get in and deal with some settings…
Anyway, TODAY is the 31st in my world – maybe WordPress has me confused with a zitty kid in Fiji or Australia who has already rung in the New Year. That…I just don’t know.

I was reading my post from a few days ago about how nervous I was to meet Mystery. I’m a tool. Not nervous about tonight, just very, very excited. My family is going out to a nice dinner together, then my cousin and I will migrate over to the party where life becomes raw potential. Like the raw sugar stuff. My hope is that I’ll be invited over to Mystery’s house for all the bowl game action tomorrow, and that I might even get her over to my grandparents’ place for a meet and greet, and a rubbing in my mom’s face. No. I keed, I keed. We’re cool. And clearly I’m lost in a cycle of assumptions, so I’m turning those off for now.

What I’m really worried about is the fact that this girl is a head turner, and while I think she digs me, I know with college dudes, I’m out of my league. That’s not to say they’re any better, because I really thing you get dumber when you go to college – make your bad decisions, etc. I’m just saying, the myth, the lore, the faux-pas that college dudes can be – that potential is out there, too. (I better be careful – I’m potentially talking about myself…) I just know that when I’m in college, I’m going to leave the high school ladies alone. I feel there’s something stupid about leashing a high school honey when you’re living in a different universe. Or vice versa. Not fair to either party. What am I talking about? I just want her undivided attention, and no drama with some dumbass, drunk college dude. Is that too much to ask?

Truth be told, I’m completely insecure because of my face. I would be able to strut with a quiet confidence if I had clear skin. Skin that would be enjoyable to the touch as opposed to it feeling like Braille. Maybe that’s what I need – a blind girlfriend. Ok. So maybe I’m more nervous about tonight’s potential than I thought. Potential possesses duality. (Yes. Nerd.) So, let’s see this glass as half full, and I’ll be in touch…


A Wonderful, Zitty Day in PJ’s

I’m still in my pajamas. Never got dressed today. Kind of a whole new level of awesome. I don’t think I’ve gone pajama’d for a full day since I was like 5 or 6 on a Saturday. Movies, movies, movies today. And Choxie of course. Do you all know what Choxie is? Ever enjoyed it? It’s a brand, and I get them at Target. There’s my plug for the day. I know what you’re thinking – “Maybe all the Choxie is the reason you have acne problems.” Nope. Ask any dermatologist. And I don’t indulge like this on a regular basis, but for some reason, the Christmas season is really feeling like an extended version this year.

The second decade of the 21st Century is rapidly approaching. I think for 2000 I would have been in bed by 9 or 10 p.m. Allowed to stay up, but I could never make it. I remember the party my parents threw for Y2K, and I just learned recently about the hilarious Y2K scare. If we can’t program technology to recognize such a simple sequence, life as we know it should end…

Tomorrow night: I’m very, very excited. I’m going to get kind of dressed up. I think I clean up pretty nice, and while my stupid zitty face doesn’t cooperate, I’m sure Photoshop will if any decent shots are captured! I guess we’re going to a party hosted by some peeps in college that my cousin is really good friends with. I’m a smart kid, so please save the lecture on drinking and driving. I don’t even drink. I figure I have followed the rules this far, so what’s a few more years – so far it has served me well. Mystery gal is going to meet us there, and my hope is that we can bail if we’re not vibing with the party, or hit that diner again afterwards. After meeting her parents I have a feeling it’s because she doesn’t drink either and will have the safest ride home if she drives herself. Am I over thinking this? I’m over thinking this. I know I’m gonna wig internally when she walks in the door. Gotta be there before her to see her entrance. Dude, what the heck, I have short circuited!

Finally watched “It’s a Wonderful Life.” What a freakin’ amazing film. Jimmy Stewart is the man. I was trying to think of who our current Jimmy Stewart is. My generation definitely doesn’t have one, but just in general, I think there’s no one. Probably never will be again. Just like there will never be another Audrey.

I’m gonna let you marinate on that one……………………………… I’m gonna take a shower then put my pajamas back on.

Be Careful Where you Shoot Your Gun

OK. I knew it would all come to an end – this streak of happiness. Got in a huge fight with my mom this morning (bear with me, and I’ll get to one of the greatest zit stories you’ve ever gagged at) about spending time with mystery girl. I was heading out the door this morning, obviously going for a jog, or at least I think anyone would assume such… “Where are you going?” momz asks. “Out for a jog,” I reply. Then she makes some sarcastic statement about getting involved with a girl who lives so far away. REALLY! Really? I love my mom, but seriously, mind your own business (not a word, Aunt M!)

…Is my mom jealous of my time? I feel for many of the oldest kids in families – we try and cut the cord and mama wraps the dang thing around our necks. Go tend to your babies! I thought it would be one and done, but the whole thing escalated into a 5 minute back and forth before HER DAD said, “Let the boy alone to go running!” Now we’re ignoring each other. I can live with it.

Gross Zit Story

That’s a disclaimer. This is not as bad as some of the stuff you can see on YouTube, but because it happened to me, it’s disgusting. The lowest point of my few years.

Sitting in a science class, taking a test. I sit in the back row, and am actually the person farthest back from the front of the room. I can see everything. I studied hard for this test because I really struggled to learn it throughout the unit, so I KNEW everything like the zits on my face. I blast through it, turn it in and then head back to my seat. I pull out a book and begin to enjoy my several minutes of free time.

The girl in front of me is of legendary status in our high school, due to her untouchable hotness. A very good girl who is too hot for her own good – we’re good buddies, because I try and treat everyone with the respect I hope for…and I’m harmless. So. As I’m reading I go into auto-pilot mode and start picking at my face – a zit on my forehead I take particular interest in, and it lets loose.

Yes. Shrapnel. A small amount hits the hotness. On the back of her jacket, and oh God, please, no… her hair. I. Was. Mortified. I don’t know how big my eyes got, but I swear they never blinked for the next 3 minutes. I applied steady pressure to keep the smoking gun from being too obvious… Fortunately it wasn’t messy or anything so disgusting, but it would be noticeable to the refined eye……………………………….

About 5 minutes later she finished her test, turns it in, and then comes back to her seat, acknowledging me with a “I don’t know about that…” look. Class ends, and I immediately engage her in conversation.

“How’d it go?”
“Uh. I should have studied with you.” (Yes. You should have.)
“That bad?”
“I had to guess on 6 or 7 questions…”


“Do you need a hug?”
“I totally need some comfort.”

I offer the hug, make sure to cover all bases and as she walks away, all is good. I honestly feel that after having dealt with that, I can deal with anything. Got a better one? I wanna hear it!

Lunch Immortality

I am riding a streak! Thank you Georgia Bulldogs for not even making me sweat or have another breakout! Yes, the games is still presently in play, but I think the boys are easily gonna hit the spread. Oh… were you coming to hear about lunch? Totally cool. She and her family are heading a few hours to have their “family Christmas” with grandparents, other relatives, etc. and then they’ll be back on the 31st. I have an OFFICIAL date for NYE!!! Yes, I was good boy and treated her to lunch. After all, she is treating a zit-packin’ ball of hormones like a human being, so it was the very least I could do. Every girl loves McDonald’s! No. No. Didn’t do that. I’m very excited about the events that will transpire on the 31st, and the fact that I’ll be around until the 01/03/10… Don’t screw it up, don’t screw it up…………….

So, let’s talk about zits a bit. I’ve completely neglected my bad attitude over the past several days, so let me express my disdain that the ice massages don’t seem to be doing a whole lot for the actual complexion. Now, my face feels better, don’t get me wrong, but nothing is going away. This is going to be an epic battle, I can tell. Hopefully it’s shorter than the 100 Years War, but who knows, I may go to my grave with zits. Speaking of graves…

My Grams asked me this afternoon which stuff of theirs I would like to have when they die!? WTFrick? When you’re between the ages of 16-20, you don’t want to deal with mortality, you simply want to live in your delusion of immortality. I asked her if they could just leave me a bunch of money, and never mention the subject again. My grams thinks I’m hilarious. I guess I never spoke as a young child, and she thought I was a few bricks shy of a load. Now she thinks I’m more intelligent than I am. I think my zits add to that illusion. If only I wore glasses – and yes, I would trade my 20/20 eyesight for clear skin! But then again, I’m a fickle teenager who will feel differently about that in 10 years, right? Unless I’m still a study in facial volcanic activity. Give me the glasses!

I’m out. The Vikings need some support.

Heaven, I’m in Heaven…With Zits

She’s remaining nameless, and she’s AWESOME.

A lot to catch up on. May need a couple entries for this one. Wanted to blog about this yesterday, but to be honest, I was in her presence and wasn’t about to bail to spend time with a computer. So. Where to begin. First of all, I never caught her eying my zits one time – some overwhelming eye contact, but if she was checking out my faults, she was subtle about it.

My cousin, his girlfriend and I met her at her place on Boxing Day night, and she was chillin’ in sweats watching FOOTBALL with her pops. Seriously, she and her dad were just watching the game, invited us in to watch, so there was no real pressure of “here’s your date, dude, go at it.” Sit down, enjoy some of the USC/BC match up, and once SC locked the game, she pops up and says, “I’ll get ready now.” The girls bail for her room, and we guys sit and watch ESPN until they’re done. No creepy, scary dad, just a guys guy, asking opinions about bowl games, and curious as to how I gamble underage.

The girls yell for us, and after 30 minutes of knowing this girl, I get to see her bedroom! AMAZING! (I’m being sarcastic-I’m not that hard up.) A girl’s room, no doubt, but there were no stupid posters, no anything to suggest she’s in love with the Twilight series – not even one of the books. Books I had never heard of on the other hand, so yeah, immediately I’m in like with this chick. She didn’t doll-up to an extreme, and that’s a great thing. Nothing is more uncomfortable than a girl who looks too good on a first anything…date, hang out, etc. The last thing you want to be distracted by is other dudes staring her down all night. The forced awkwardness of having to say something if someone crosses a line…then getting the crap kicked out of you for trying to be chivalrous. Does chivalry even exist anymore?

We pile into my cousins modest, small ride – a great place to get to know everyone even better, and we roll to the movie theater. I really enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, and I kid you not, Rachel McAdams enters frame and blind date leans over and says, “Yeah, she’s hot.” WHAT? Who is this girl? Who are her parents? The most well-rounded people on the face of the planet, that’s who!

Movie ends. We go to a diner – a real greasy spoon, semi-national chain, and sit at the bar. The conversation flows, and jumps all over the surface to below the surface and then we start talking relationships – all 4 of us. My cousin and his girl have been going out since Jr. High, so they talk like they’ll get married and stuff, but I just don’t see it. I think once he’s in college, that girl is history…even if they go to the same college. (Sorry if you read this dude, it’s not a bad thing…I just think there’s more for you to see. If you prove me wrong, more power to ya.)

My girl – well, not my girl, but pick up what I’m layin’ down – starts talking about her views on relationships, and says, “I would never date a guy that I didn’t think I could marry…” My eyes get HUGE, and she laughs, “I mean date seriously…” That was a bittersweet statement. She continued, “Honestly, why invest all of that? If I know we’re not going to ever get married, it’s over. No hard feelings. Not something I’m interested in distracting me from other things in life.” WHO IS THIS GIRL? We had to get her back by 1 a.m., which I felt was a fair curfew, and as we drop her off she says, “What are you doing in the morning?” Invites me to church with her. Church with her, or with the parents and grandparents…hmmmmmmm… So I did church with her, lunch with her family, and now she’s coming to pick me for another LUNCH! Boom! More later!!!!!!!!!! F MY ZITS, this is the best Christmas EVER!!

Who is Ricky McAdams?

I’m nervous I’m nervous I’m nervous I’m nervous…

Have I mentioned I’m nervous about meeting this girl tonight? Wishing I would have just said no. Apparently she’s pretty. I can work with that. And no, my cousin won’t tell me her name, show me a pic on facebook or anything – a true blind date. AHHH!

Christmas was good. Quite enjoyable. Nobody bought me facial cleanser as a gift, and you just can’t go wrong with back to back to back to back viewings of A Christmas Story. FUDGE my Zits!

I scored a couple Bluray’s, and while I feel for the most part hard-media is dead, I love my BD Live capability. Greatest invention since the iPhone, and before that…the wheel! Everyone in my family thinks I’m strange, because I love movies as much as I do – Anyway, can’t wait to check out the stuff on the District 9 BD. Sorry if I seem distracted today, but I can’t really pull the mindset away from this evening’s festivities. I guess we’re going to see Sherlock Holmes, and while I’d much rather see Avatar again, I’m certainly not going to complain about spending some time with Rachel McAdams. I figure if the pseudo-date is a bust, I can enjoy the movie, tell my cousin I’m not feeling well afterwards, and we can bolt. Best case scenario, this chick makes Rachel McAdams look like Ricky McAdams (I don’t know?), and the evening continues… Yes. I’m nervous.

I love that one of my aunt’s has found this blog. I think she was doing some superspy work to see what I was doing on Christmas Eve Day, and saw the header, F MY ZITS, then checked it out. She walked up (yes, I’m talking about you Aunt M) yesterday and says, “Your secret is safe with me…F My Zits?” Needless to say, I’ll use a little more discretion in popping off my entries.

I wish I had some more excitement to share, but I feel like I’m gonna yack, so I’m going to go for a nice vigorous jog, hit the showers and get ready for tonight – I think look better in winter weather wear, so that’s a plus. Without a doubt, I’ll have more than a few goods to share tomorrow. Alright zits, don’t fail me now!!

I’ve Got a Date…Maybe…

Feeling better today – less of a dick. I love lazy days. You have to begin a lazy day with some exercise, of course. A jog this morning after a cup of coffee. I don’t drink coffee except during the holiday season, and I drink it black when I do. I thought I could run forever on the cup of joe I had this morning, so maybe there is something to it. Though I’ve heard the caffeine robs your bones of calcium. So, perhaps a little calcium supplement will balance it out? I’ll try that sometime.

I really do think there is something to this cold air and the health of my face. I’ve noticed a significant difference in the way my zits feel waking up. Less volcanic activity. It ain’t no cure, but I’ll take what I can get. After my run this morning I took a shower, and believe my face feels better than it has in a year – after I moisturized, of course. Maybe that’s what I hate about my zits the most – the fact that I can’t just be a dude, and *not moisturize, and *not go without shaving – *not that I need to shave more than twice a week…I’m just hopeful for the future.

A Dude in Flux

My cousin wants to hook me up with this friend of his girlfriend, for some post-Christmas, Boxing Day hanging. (No I don’t celebrate Boxing Day, but love to make fun of it.) I said I’d think about it. Here’s where I need my friends for a little solid counsel. I hate these situations. I’m completely comfortable with who I am, but at introduction I have one strike against me. While I’m pretty funny in groups, I don’t play well when I’m down early in the count. And OK, I’m gonna say it – if a girl had acne like I do, I’m probably not interested. I can deal with my zits, but that’s enough for me. AHHHH! Dick-mode, two days in a row!!

I know I won’t be seeing this girl after I bail with the folks and younger sibs, but there is the issue of NYE, which we are sticking around for. So. Boxing Day goes bad = very awkward NYE gathering. ‘Cause I’m not hanging with the rents, aunts, uncles, elderlies… I can only play cards and reminisce for so many hours and feel cool about it – I’m not that old…I don’t have much to remember. If they were playing poker for money, different story, but I need to be rolling with my generation. This seems like it’s either a win-win or a lose-lose scenario. No in between.

It’s truffle time. Choxie will help me think clearly. Oh, yes. Clearer thoughts arriving. Choxie flaky truffle says: Eat another! There you go. What the heck…I’m gonna meet this girl. I can just be the cute guy with zits. Whatever. And I’ve got another 2 days to find a cure!