Happy Almost New Year

I don’t know why my posts are sometimes registering as the next day. Need to get in and deal with some settings…
Anyway, TODAY is the 31st in my world – maybe WordPress has me confused with a zitty kid in Fiji or Australia who has already rung in the New Year. That…I just don’t know.

I was reading my post from a few days ago about how nervous I was to meet Mystery. I’m a tool. Not nervous about tonight, just very, very excited. My family is going out to a nice dinner together, then my cousin and I will migrate over to the party where life becomes raw potential. Like the raw sugar stuff. My hope is that I’ll be invited over to Mystery’s house for all the bowl game action tomorrow, and that I might even get her over to my grandparents’ place for a meet and greet, and a rubbing in my mom’s face. No. I keed, I keed. We’re cool. And clearly I’m lost in a cycle of assumptions, so I’m turning those off for now.

What I’m really worried about is the fact that this girl is a head turner, and while I think she digs me, I know with college dudes, I’m out of my league. That’s not to say they’re any better, because I really thing you get dumber when you go to college – make your bad decisions, etc. I’m just saying, the myth, the lore, the faux-pas that college dudes can be – that potential is out there, too. (I better be careful – I’m potentially talking about myself…) I just know that when I’m in college, I’m going to leave the high school ladies alone. I feel there’s something stupid about leashing a high school honey when you’re living in a different universe. Or vice versa. Not fair to either party. What am I talking about? I just want her undivided attention, and no drama with some dumbass, drunk college dude. Is that too much to ask?

Truth be told, I’m completely insecure because of my face. I would be able to strut with a quiet confidence if I had clear skin. Skin that would be enjoyable to the touch as opposed to it feeling like Braille. Maybe that’s what I need – a blind girlfriend. Ok. So maybe I’m more nervous about tonight’s potential than I thought. Potential possesses duality. (Yes. Nerd.) So, let’s see this glass as half full, and I’ll be in touch…

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