Something Light to Get the Weekend Mindset…

Last night I saw Crazy Heart, starring Jeff Bridges. I still believe the “Dude/Jeffery Lebowski” from The Big Lebowski is his finest work, but wow, this film was absolutely beautiful. No. I’m not going to review it, but I will say that the music was so enjoyable, and I’m really surprised Maggie Gyllenhaal hasn’t gotten more press for her work. I thought she was outstanding – very complex…and totally hot. And Colin Farrell didn’t even annoy me, so it was wins across the board…Robert Duvall was just as great as you’d think he would be – I’m really into him right now after a recent viewing of Apocalypse Now. I also watched Full Metal Jacket recently, and though it isn’t the “achievement” Apocalypse is, I enjoy it more. AND for fans of LOST, Christian Shepard, actor John Terry, is totally a commanding officer in Vietnam.


Oscar season is nearly here, and I am a true nerd when it comes to the awards. Yes, I’ll be offering a post with my official picks, and I’m secure in what I state, so if you’re entering a pool, or perhaps betting online, I do offer good advice. Crap. Now, I’ve gotta throw a few things out there. Let’s start here: Why Avatar will win Best Picture even though it isn’t the best movie that was released in 2009. You know what, I’m going to wait on that. But here’s a hint – it’s the Academy of Arts and SCIENCES.

Has everyone donated something to Haiti? What? Don’t have any money? How about old clothes or personal goods that could be offered to the Red Cross in the relief effort? Honestly, people, whatever you can. I have no real money, but whatever I give I know I’ll make back before those poor people will every be able to use all of what was offered. There I go sounding like I’m the center of the universe again, but I think you understand what I’m saying, right? It’s not a destitute nation, it’s a destitute culture. My hope is that from this tragedy a new culture develops. Much like what has happened in New Orleans. This is far worse for obvious reasons, but blessings can really come from tragedy. Now, here’s my soapbox, you can take it and recycle it…and donate the money to the Haiti relief effort!

Last but not least. Research takes me into the weekend. I’m drinking more water and serving as my own test subject. How’s that for a subjective bias in a variable?



I love technology, but sometimes it pisses me off!! No wonder I still haven’t gotten any comments!??? This post was supposed to go out on the 21st, and it certainly would have helped explain everything I’ve been talking about this week. My bad!!

Is it really the 21st of January? No. Can’t be. Computer says so. Calendar says so. Zits say so. But I say NO!!! Can’t be. Crap.

I’ve been buried in research and development (R&D in nerd-speak) on my little Human Phys project, and have my supplies on the way. It’s so nice to be able to find stuff online, within my budget, aka what moms and pops say I’m allowed to spend (which they’re always game for spending on school work – movies, Bluray discs, games, not so much). The nerd stores want too much for what real nerds like myself know they can find online. Yeah, I’m talkin’ petri dishes, agar, etc. I know I could borrow the school’s, but I want this to stay pretty underground until all is revealed. Sure, in a way I’m making a mockery of my skin, but what better way to shun embarrassment than to boldly proclaim, “Yeah, I see what you see, and I’m so fascinated that I’m getting scientific about it…”

I haven’t mentioned Mystery in awhile, have I? First of all, is anyone reading this? If you’re new, Mystery is a girl I was set up with over Christmas/Holiday (PC is BS) break, and we struck up a little something – no her real name is not mystery…anyway, I do chat with her a couple times a week, but I’m busy, she’s busy and we live well over 1,000 miles away, so I’m trying to keep my head on my shoulders. I do miss that amazing energy she possesses, though. I bet she’d totally be into my zitty project – which I have yet to mention to her.

Is There Anybody Out There?

So, back to the, “Is anyone reading this?” I’d like to know. Even if a comment were nothing but a character such as a question mark or period. Or an ellipsis…obvious I really like those, and use them a lot. Regardless, I’ll keep cranking this out because it helps me think, and it gives me a creative outlet – but to reiterate, it would be awesome to hear from someone/thing. You know what would be great? A collection of ZIT remedies. Home remedies, prescriptions, facial cleansers that “supposedly” work. You know, any of that stuff. So, bring it…what should I try, or even better, what should I continue to avoid?

Science is Fun?

Oh, heck yes. Zits be dang’ed. They are full of of bacteria. And as I was going over my results and working some charts, I came across this article, which I thought was fascinating! I feel like I’ve been doing the right thing in remaining patient with this little red sum’bishes, and I’m going to move a step further in my hypothesis and toss a prognosis and diagnosis onto my project. No, I’m not prescribing it to anyone under the impression that I’m a medical professional, but let’s face it, the medical education is public domain, baby! If you aren’t gonna charge me for knowledge, I might just change the world!!! Appendix removal, however, please consult someone who is skilled with a scalpel. I’d cut out and ovary or kidney or something…

I do believe that you can’t keep zits from developing, but I also believe a healthy immune system would mean that breakouts might not be as severe, and zits might not stick around as long. Sound possible? Well, I’m rolling with it. I also think, no, I don’t think, I know, because my mom preaches to me on a daily basis – we don’t drink enough water. Our biological balance and optimal health relies on water. WE-are over 70 percent water, so we need to ingest more water. On top of that, my mom is completely into alkaline water. Dad and I made fun of her, and even got the little sibs in on the action, but I must admit she’s onto something. After watching all her favorite YouTube videos, I can’t disagree with what I’m seeing, or how I’m feeling…


I’m debating a little disclosure. I kind of want to scream this girl’s name just because she’s so awesome. She totally sent me a box of Choxie truffles with a card that said, “I thought you might be missing something from the holiday season.” I mean, c’mon. The chick is buying the dude chocolates? I see nothing wrong with that. And the real meaning of the card? C’mon!? She also got me into Nina Simone, who has been accompanying Soundgarden as of late. Talk about a musical melting pot leading to the love child of the late, great Jeff Buckley.

Moving Forward With Patches of Awesome

My apologies, F My Zits lover, this was for Monday, but I accidentally saved it instead of posting it… What that means for you is more frequent lovin’ this week…

Is that a birth mark on Drew Brees face? Or is it a patch of awesome? That guy. I’ve decided I’m going to start calling my sweet zits that I haven’t been mad at for a couple of days, “patches of awesome.” I’m curious if maybe I go for a more positive outlook that my face may respond in kind…? Quite possibly the dumbest thing ever posted in a blog, but I’ll go with the odds that there is far worse floating across the Inter-web.

My project is well under way. I’ve actually got stuff cooking in the bacteria oven at school, and hopefully I’ll be sickened and overjoyed with wonderful results. If not, rehypothesize, try again and see what happens. Maybe a little more research beforehand would lead me to be more confident, but at this point, the hay is in the barn.


Lately I’ve been thinking about taking up the guitar. When I was younger I took piano lessons and really enjoyed learning to read music and stuff, but after one summer full of travels I kind of fell off the wagon. According to my parents, I didn’t mention it or ask to go back so they assumed I had lost interest. Did they not remember being a kid? To this day my attention span isn’t all that impressive so not mentioning anything generally means I’m just distracted.

So. The guitar. Chicks dig the guitar – and dudes who can play it. While I have a definite interest in a singular lady, you can’t achieve rock star status without 1. playing an instrument, and 2. being adored by LOTS of chicks. I suppose that’s how those talentless hacks that pass as “lead vocalists” get away with the label of rock star, but to me, they’re simply filling a void. Just like people fill seats at the big awards shows!!

A Little Justin Timberlake Bashing

While I’m on topic, am I the only one who cannot stand Justin Timberlake? This guy thinks he is so freakin’ funny. Those commercials with Peyton Manning? Who wants to bet that Manning would blank that punk in a game of ping-pong? In truth I’ve learned a great lesson from Timberlake – when you go for humor, and think you’re funny, you’re not. I was having this discussion in the library the other day at school, and a friend called out Dick in a Box and Mother Lover. Sorry, but that’s Andy Samberg! Now THAT DUDE is funny. On a Boat, Jizzed in My Pants… Justin Timberlake is just a sidekick. Just. A. Sidekick. And his taste in women? Brittany Spears? Janet Jackson? Wasn’t she like 20 years older than him when they were doing whatever they were doing? Though I will say hers was the first boob I saw on TV during the Super Bowl… Then Cameron Diaz? Now Jessica Biel? Well, OK, she’s not half bad. But Timberlake, you’re not funny. And neither was this post, but I’ve got zits and you don’t, homey, so chew on that!

Skin is so Weird…


Just learned of this rare condition – toxic epidermal necrolysis. Yes, I’m a little late getting out today. I’m tired of the rain. I love rain, but when it’s everyday, and you live in a desert region, it’s a bit taxing, and really there’s nowhere for it to go! Stuff just washes away – flash floods, you name it. I’ll get to school by lunch though, and get my day of attendance. So, back to toxic epidermal necrolysis – I was just cruising through some stories and caught video from the Today Show, of this poor girl who had an allergic reaction to a Tylenol derivative, and when combined with the illness she had, it caused her skin at the epidermal level (our outer most skin) to literally DIE AND FALL OFF!!!! While skin does this anyway to a certain extent, it doesn’t die to the level of the dermis and come off in sheets. 

Today, the F in F my zits, stands for FORGIVE!!! While we’ll wrestle in the future, today I am just going to be thankful that my zits don’t make my skin fall off. That underneath those zits, I have healthy skin that can breathe and is LIVING. 

So, anyway, this girl was 15 at the time of the incident, and her face, stomach, arms, neck, started to get a rash, then began to blister, then the stuff just fell off!! And when I say stuff, I mean her skin. So, literally she’s covered in topical medications on her dermis as it tries to regenerate skin, and after several weeks it scabbed up and she healed – and honestly, the girl, who was European (what does that have to do with anything? I don’t know), was beautiful, so more power to her, but I’m still blown away by this. What is up with these rare disorders and reactions?? That an over the counter medication combined with a specific infection can make certain people’s skin fall off!!!??? It’s like a bad sci-fi movie.

I’ll pass on the meds, thank you. And for today, zits, let’s unite and be as one.


My stuff showed up last night, so I can really begin to dig into my human physiology project. I’ve got a few funk-nasties that will be prime for destroying tomorrow or Sunday. Oh, and in regards to Sunday, any predictions on the big games? I don’t really have any. Hoping for closer games, but I honestly don’t think that’s going to happen.

My Zits…More Exciting Than the NFL

I’ve been crazy-busy the last few days. Getting some paperwork and research stuff finished that I should have been working on over the holiday break…but really, sometimes it’s just nice to take a break-break. Whether you’re working hard or hardly working, you’re still working, so that’s where I find myself. I’m actually enrolled in this college prep science class, Human Physiology, that is pretty fascinating at times…and at the other times, incredibly boring. If I like, wanted to be a doctor someday, I’m sure I would love it all, but I really have no desire. I’m just hoping to test out of some science stuff at the university level. Hopefully this class will help.

Doing Some Zitty Research

Anyway, I’m doing some research on my zits. No joke. You always hear about pores being infected, well, I wanted to see what kind of bacteria is doing the damage in there. So, proving that there is some sort of bacteria in the zit would allow me to state that an optimal immune system would be the best defense against chronic acne outbreaks. Do I believe it? No. I’m sure this is something that has been explored time and time again, and I know that there are different types of acne and – it’s all due to oil in the glands, etc. But that stuff gets nasty, and as the bumps develop, I hypothesize that the funk in the bumps, the bump-funk, if you will, becomes, to a certain extent, toxic.

How am I pulling this off? Well, I’ve been researching, obviously, but now I have to take some funk from my face. I’m going to do a general swab of the facial skin and oil, followed by a popping of some nasties, to place in petri dishes to feed off of agar, and we’ll see what happens. Part of me wants to see an absurd growth in the dish, and the other part of me will vomit if I do… win-win-lose scenario. Oh yeah. I’m gonna get you, zits! F ya all!


Gotta talk about this. Wow. The Saints destroyed us. My Cards started the game with a shot, that looking back, was lucky. We were absolutely dominated. Even on Hightower’s long run to start the game from scrimmage, Jonathan Vilma, (as my Dad was shouting) “over-pursued, over-pursued – get up in the hole!” Our only other score was after we got bailed out with a penalty on an interception. Of all the games Reggie Bush decides to start running like he can, it had to be this weekend. Oh well. Best of luck to them. I hope Minnesota is ready, because I don’t think the Saints, when they play at their best, can be beaten. People trash their defense, but they’re 99 percent healthy now, and for awhile I forgot Larry Fitzgerald was on the field!!

I do hope Warner comes back for one more!! Last year we overachieved, this season we hit right on target and I think maybe next year could be THE year. I’m sure we’ll lose Boldin, but Early Doucet has stepped up big and he’s ready to be that solid #2 or #1.5.

All the games sucked this weekend, though didn’t they? I guess the Jets vs. Chargers was the closest thing to a contest, but I feel asleep twice, in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Who would have ever thought my zit research might be more exciting than the NFL?

1.)Serious. 2.)Soundgarden.

I would feel like an idiot for complaining about acne today. Well, I have felt stupid for doing so over the past couple, due to the Haitian earthquake. What a tragedy. Obviously we don’t even know the extent of the damage, but of more concern is the loss of life. I was encouraged to read an article online that President Obama is vowing to maximize the relief effort offered by the Fed, but in truth, this is all about what we do as civilians.

There are things you just can’t explain, and this is one of them. My zits will have to do without my entire focus for awhile. Then again, I’m as self-absorbed as the next teen or American, so I’m sure I’ll be right back to focusing on myself soon enough – how’s that for a little guilt? That sounds pretty self-loathing and judgmental, but there’s a spit of truth in that mix! I’m changing the subject.


My Dad has gotten me into Soundgarden. Over the past year he was telling me how Chris Cornell (I’m a huge fan), and his old band were probably going to get back together. Yeah, forgive me but I was born in the 90s, I didn’t thrive during them. I had no idea Soundgarden was Cornell. How you could mistake it for anyone else, I have no idea – I’m really excited to see these boys. I’ve been listening to Superunknown for the past week straight, and just when I think I have a favorite, something else jumps to the top of the list. If you’re of zit covered curiosity like myself, here’s a little offering from the garden!

I’ve never been to a concert with my Pops, but I’m sure that will change in the next pass of months if they do in fact hit the road.

F Earthquakes.