So Long February – You Were Loved by a Zit Face

It’s crazy. Since I’ve been complaining about my zits, time has flown-I guess that is in the nature of time. I cannot believe I have been successfully blogging for three months now, and I think I have only scratched the surface. Looking back at February, I know it’s a short month, but seriously, it seemed even shorter than 28 days. My entries make me come across as a manic depressive mess, and that makes me LOL. Ha. Ha. Ha…………………..Ha.

I’m gonna trip-it to Wisconsin for Spring break next month. I’m thrilled to know they’re still getting snow, and will probably get a few more opportunities of white stuff before the month of March is over. I love sledding, and I clearly love spending time with a particular female. God bless my parents for making enough money for me to fly over, and bless my grandparents for knowing that I’m really not coming just to see them.

What is really blowing my mind is that there are only two and a half months of school left for the semester and the school year. I am really going to need to make a decision about some extra-curricular activities if I’m going to bite that bit and see where I’m led. I want to play football. I would love some input from a stranger, but clearly you readers sit on your hands and offer a fella no love when he’s asking for it. It’s not like I’m panhandling for cash. So. “Save Ferris.” Tell me what to do. Tell me what you would do.

I don’t have delusions of grandeur. I don’t think I would be a first year starter who takes the practice field and wows coaches. But I wouldn’t rule out the possibility. Modestly speaking, my dad was/is an athletic specimen. My younger siblings are athletic prodigies, so maybe I’ve just been in my cocoon. My zitty cocoon. It’s sad, if I may admit something, that I feel like I’ve already mentioned, but can’t remember…one of the reasons I haven’t played sports, and the reason I didn’t play football this year? I didn’t want to wear a helmet on my zitty face. You can offer a collective, “Awwww…” now. Back to something studious. See you in March!!!

By the way. Remember that experiment with ice massaging my zits? Yeah, I dropped the ball. Going to try it again in March for the entire month.


Weirdest Entry Ever – Really Nothing to do With Zits

I hate showing my age today, but I’m a depressed mess. Can someone help me out? Is this something that comes on in 24 hour period at any age, or is it the adolescent growing pains that I’m currently dealing with?

I just realized that I don’t really do anything other than go to school, go home, go to church on the weekends, and that’s pretty much that… It’s not that I don’t have time, I just don’t do anything with it. I’m looking for some adventure. I want to search the ends of the earth for a cure for zits that doesn’t involve lasers or topical ointments. A state of mind cure.

Honestly, what I probably need right now is a nice make-out session with Maggie. A band-aid for my adolescent angst. And really, I don’t even need the nook, I could just go for a sit down, a frothy root beer and good conversation.

What’s up With Kirstie Alley?

My mom and dad got me into Cheers sometime ago, and I can see why the show ran forever. The only show I enjoy more is Friday Night Lights, and that’s probably because of the social relevance to my age demographic. But seriously, Kirstie Alley…if I didn’t know any better, I’d suggest that Scientology is well packaged bullshit. She’s on Oprah again tomorrow, and she’s overweight…again. I’m really sad for her. I think this is the only thing she has. That thing she feels like she owns – her weight issues. She’s such a beautiful woman, and was very sexy in Cheers…and hilarious…I’d even go so far as to say dynamic…but this is absurd. She needs more than an exercise program and dietary restrictions.

I know if you’re older, you want to lecture me about focusing on my zits and giving pause to my world and religious views, but come on!! Have you ever Googled or wiki’d L. Ron Hubbard? It’s THE pyramid scheme of pyramid schemes. I come from a weird background – Judeo-Christian…you know the Jews for Jesus people? My mom’s Dad…my grandpa.

I love the history, and I’ll admit the way he told me stories growing up, I thought Bible characters were more like superheroes… I do possess a faith that’s growing. I’m no Tim Tebow, but…I dunno. I just don’t understand it. And I KNOW there are wonderful people who are Scientologists who would tell me they’re misunderstood, as is the religion, and I don’t mean disrespect, I just really…don’t…understand…

Wow. I just got as deep as the zits on my face. No doubt I offended some people. I do apologize. Please understand that I’m a few years shy of owning two decades, so… let’s close with a joke:

Ask someone: “How do you get an elephant out of a subway?”

When they don’t know, state: “You take the ‘S’ out of Sub, and the ‘F’ out of way.”

Hopefully they take the bait and say: “There’s no F in way.” And you can say: “Exactly.”

Butt Zits? No. Expert Flow. Yes.

Zitty butts? No good, huh. The popular term is ass-nee. Yeah. That’s foul. I just read another blog on the topic. Ugh. I’m genuinely thankful I don’t have any butt bumps of the acne-vernacular. No. That doesn’t make sense, but I think I just gave acne a source of sorts. A native tongue. OH! Could you imagine getting zits on your tongue?

I was actually happy to go back to school today. The weekend was less than impressive. I didn’t do a whole-whopping-lot…actually you could argue that I didn’t do jack. And I would never do jack – I don’t find jack attractive – LOOK OUT!

Expert Flow?

How about a rap? Seriously, I flow. Freestylin’… Bet you couldn’t have guessed that. I noticed a bunch of people viewed my post last week about the baby and burrito. Maybe I should put more illustrations in my mix? Who doesn’t like pictures? Regardless, please come back! I like when you visit me.

OK. My flow. It’s a little syncopated, so you’ll have to find the funk.

Rockin’ high sneaks at age one seven,
Suckin’ cheap cappuccino from the seven eleven
I pound it back,
I feel my heart jump,
I grab my sack…
I got no cancerous lumps

I step away from the Asian lady workin’ the counter,
She was starin’ at the zit that I took down in the shower,
There’s no changin’ it,
No, not nature,
My zit is flowin’,
Your mind is strokin’

That’s the way it is sugar, in your bow-legged stance,
Connect the face dots, you’ll get lost in my trance,
I gotta roll on,
That zit will flow on,
I’d let you come along,
If you were Ziyi Zhang

Out. I am.

Zits Suck. Tests Suck. I Suck. You Suck.

OK. You don’t suck, but………………………………………

DANG IT! Son of a blitzkrieg!

I had a test today that I completely didn’t study for. For some reason I wrote it down for the 26th, instead of the 19th. How did I screw this one up? Here comes the inevitable, stress-related breakout. I’m pissed. I totally bailed on my planning period again. I don’t think the class monitor is going to be too pleased if I keep missing. Regardless, it was a test in calculus that was hard enough that I needed to study. Yes. I’m a nerd. What can I say? I wanted to keep everything to a certain standard with my grades, and GPA this year.

Deep breath. Move on.

OK, I can’t. If the test wasn’t first thing this morning, then I could have totally bailed, but I kid you not, the moment I walk into the building, there’s my teacher, drinking his Starbucks, walking down the hall:

“You ready for the test?”

“What test?”

He laughed. I didn’t.

Admittedly, this is about as bad as things get for me when you take away the zits factor. If only it were an equal trade off. I really would sacrifice some GPA bull shank for clearer skin. I would. And I wouldn’t regret it. To hear someone say, “How’d you get such beautiful skin?” I would take a “B” average. (Insert laughter.) It’s not as if I can grow a beard and cover up the skin funk until it eventually goes away. So, until I can be a manly-man, I’d happily take androgynous, boyface skin.

Cripes. This isn’t how I wanted to start the weekend, but you know what…there’s nothing a box of Choxie truffles won’t fix. I’m gonna try a dark chocolate variety as the girl suggested earlier this week.

On a brighter note, I got to talk with Maggie for awhile last night. Yes, during the time I should have been studying. She’s doing well. She still knows nothing about this blog. It will either be incredibly romantic when she learns of it…OR, depending on what the future holds, it could become creepy, and something I wish I would have never spoken of.

Ah. Nothing like sharing some negative angst to share with all 2 of you readers on a Friday afternoon.

I Wrap my Beans in Swaddling Clothes

I love burritos. Any food that possesses the root of necessity, I can seriously get down with. You’ve got pots full of rice, beans, meat, vegetables…they don’t really work as an entree and sides? Stick ’em in a huge tortilla, sprinkle some cheese on top and wrap it up like a precious, sweet, newborn baby. It’s your ingredients in swaddling clothes. Need to get somewhere quickly? Wrap your meal into a tortilla and go. Breakfast burrito? Scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese wrapped in a tortilla? A stomach brick that’ll satisfy and sit for hours.

Most burritos aren’t as cute as this little guy, but there’s just something incomparable to a great burrito…and a baby. (I bet if I put a picture of a dog wrapped in a blanket, PETA would be neck deep in my high school hiney.) I will go so far as to say that after eating a burrito of the Chipotle or home-cookin’ variety, you feel like you’re pregnant with a baby – regardless of whether you’re a man or woman.

Why burritos? A chick had a birthday today in Espanol, and her mom brought all kinds of stuff and made us burritos. How cool is that? I was able to save my three lunch bucks, and get something better than government, grade C meat. Yeah. I go to public school, and no, we don’t have open lunches. Our school isn’t so close to anything that would allow you to eat within 10 minutes, so it’s pretty pointless to leave.

And now, Back to Zits

Remember that beast I was talking about yesterday? Overnight, it kicked the crap out of me. I woke up this morning to what I thought was a flag on my face. A flag planted and raised by the nation of Acneisinastan (Ac nee iz eye’ nuh stan) – a six syllable intruder that required an immediate counter-offensive. Like so many governments, I took that arrogant bastard out and covered the mess before the rest of the world could catch wind. Yep. Zit Poppage + Mom’s makeup = “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

(Image Source)

I Always Knew Chocolate was Good for Acne

I think this should count for a class time journal entry, right?

I’m enrolled in a creative writing elective, and I plan to submit this blog as my journal when the end of the semester rolls around. It’s a two part class: The first half of the year was dedicated to Literature, and this half is dedicated to taking what we learned and letting it flow as fiction and non-fiction. We’ve been focused on developing personal style, etc., and I’ve decided mine is F My Zits style. I’m not much for grammatical rules, but I try and follow the ones that make the most sense. We usually dip into our journals on M-W-F, which is why I usually post on those days, but obviously we weren’t in class yesterday, so we’ll go T-W-F

Presidents Valentines Day

Did you do anything on your day off? Did you have the day off? Do anything crazy for Valentine’s Day? Everybody loves V.D. Yes. I’m talking to you…all 3 of you readers.

I’m still yawning from my activities. I played football for several hours with some friends. After we finished I got the inevitable line of questioning about whether I’ll decide to become a senior rookie next season. I think I’m going to do it. Shock every close friend I have. We have a really great team, and I figure there’s nothing to do but learn, have fun, get yelled at, maybe even score some playing time. We’ll see.

Presidents Day Zit Hangover

I’ve got a headache today that won’t subside. I’ve already taken too many painkillers. Wouldn’t you know it – it’s because of a zit. A freakin’ pore that won’t open up. The dreaded underground zit that I would give anything to see disappear by tomorrow. Do you know these? Any experience with these? The ones that don’t even get red? You can just feel them going to town deep in your skin. The ones that really make you want to stay home, because they hurt so freakin’ bad!

Last thing for today…I meant to share this last week, but I completely forgot. This chick, Fran, has a great blog called High on Health, and in this Vlog she sings the sweetest song to acne sufferers – OK, it’s not really a song, but it’s sweet:

I Love Our Dead Presidents

Thank you Presidents Washington and Lincoln, I’m so looking forward to a three day weekend!! I mean that sincerely, and I wish people would reflect on where we we are, where we’ve been and from where we came as a nation. Those two guys were risk takers, who put other interests in front of their own. Far from perfect as leaders, but as admirable as they come.

Not that I’m particularly interested in politics, but I see a lot of great things happening right now. I know we tend to focus on the negative, but that’s easy to do – for people who have been hit hard, and for those who want to use that hard hit as political fuel for the “We hate Obama” fire. Forgive me, I know I’m not yet old enough to vote, but I don’t see any terrible things President Obama has done to this point. It seems like he is striving for socio-economic betterment for poor and middle class… I dunno though – I really don’t know jack about politics. Nor do I care.

The Wonderful World of Zits

I’m in this health and fitness class, that is pretty much glorified P.E., but with some actual physical education vs. just physical activity. Today we were rapping about common skin problems, and apparently my teacher caught wind of my Human Physiology project. I pretty much spent 20 minutes lecturing on acne, and I think everyone in the class was really listening.

To say that I have the worst case of acne in that particular class would be an exaggeration. Mine is mild compared to what some people suffer from, and as stupid as it may sound, it felt pretty awesome to help out some of my peers. At least that’s what I’m taking from it…They may have just been thinking, “I can’t believe he is really talking about zits, this is the most awkward lecture I’ve ever listened to,” but I think there was genuine interest.

Enjoy the weekend!!