My Brain is Tied in a Tired Knot

I’m so tired, people. I am absolutely exhausted. I’ve been up too early and have been going to bed too late – I don’t see how you pull this off as often as you’re supposed to in college. I can already see it. I’ll be a weekend warrior. Get it rollin’ on Friday night, hard all day Saturday, recuperate on Sunday and hard at work Monday – Friday’s noonish.

Zitty Research

I’ve been working pretty hard on my project, and after getting a green light without divulging what exactly it is that I’m doing, I had a progress report with my teacher on Monday…yesterday… is it only still Tuesday? Cripes. Anyway, to say that my teacher was impressed would be a mega-understatement. On the role of these dice, I’ve blown his mind. At first he just laughed, and then when I smiled but simply nodded, he had no choice but to understand that I was dead serious. Then I shared some of early findings. So… I think I can pretty much bank on an A, so long as I bring the goods and finish strong.

Oh zits, I knew that deep down, our hate for one another was actually a misunderstood passion. We are one. Uno. I won’t miss you when you’re gone, but I will smile and think fondly of things you’ve offered to me. In the meantime, and especially this week, it seems you’re in full force…and quite honestly, you’re hurting my face, so if you could take a step back and let a feller breathe, I’d appreciate it…and I need some rest…need it!

Oscar Nominations

Overall I was quite pleased with the Oscar nods…and what did I say about Maggie Gyllenhaal??? I told you I was on the money about her performance in Crazy Heart, and that she had been shafted at every other awards ceremony this year!!! (That doesn’t sound quite right, does it?) Let the record show the date of my post, stating that it was some of her best work I’ve ever seen (though she’s so hot and creepy in Cecil B. Demented). And now I can stop ogling over Peter Sarsgaard’s lady… Speaking of Sarsgaard, An Education got a nod for Best Picture. I still haven’t seen it, but I will, and I love that they’re opening the category back up like it used to be in the Golden Age of Cinema…holy CRAP I’m a dork. Everyone was already asking my advice on picks and stuff at school, and while I think I’m somewhat cool because of it, no such coolness factor will register with the right people until I’m long out of this place… The zitty faced kid who knows everything about movies – that’s who I am. And you know what? I can roll with it. By the way, Mystery’s name is Maggie, too. She’s a Margaret and goes by Maggie, and is a huge Maggie Gyllenhaal fan…

Goodnight. I’m done.

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