Never Knew What an Esthetician Did

Did you know you have to get naked at the esthetician? Or for the esthetician. I guess I was at a day spa. Regardless, wow, what an experience. I feel so metrosexual. My face feels better, and before I forget, Monday was awesome at spring workouts. We go again today, and on Thursday, but right now I want to talk about the work done on my face.

The Spa

I get there, and I was taken to a waiting room, where there was all kinds of snacks and water and foods of the healthy variety. Then my esthetician came out to get me, and took me into a room where she said I could get undressed and get under the sheets on this table. I thought she was joking, so I just started giggling. Then she started to leave the room, and I just stood there. She left, and so I peeked out the door and grabbed her attention. “Were you serious?” She let me know that she was, and asked me if I was comfortable with that. I just remarked that I was a rookie, and wouldn’t have been surprised if my mom was scheming with her to pull a fast one. A really, creepy fast one.

So, I stripped it down, crawled under the sheets, and then experienced the closest thing to being of royalty in my life. Does that make any sense? Probably not. Either way, I highly recommend the experience. She proceeded to put all kinds of crap on my skin, “extract it” of the nastiness, and she also had a monster galvanic machine that was utilized.

My face actually looked worse right afterwards, like I had been slapped by every girl I have ever offended, but today, I don’t know that my skin has felt this good since I got my first string of pimples.


On Monday, we just worked routes, and other things, so we were all on the same page. I forget that there are other kids who are playing for the first time, and there’s another guy who will be a first year senior as well. We’ve known each other for years, but I have never really hung out or anything. It’s crazy, because we have all kinds of stuff in common. It was nice to have someone else there who could share some of the same nervousness and emotion. He actually just wants to play defense, so we decided we’d get together and workout on Saturdays as well.


Making an Illegal Cell Phone Call in the Bathroom…shhhh

I was more excited than anything this morning, but now I feel like I’m gonna puke. I thought I was a little nervous yesterday. It has been a roller coaster of mental anguish and elation, and now I can feel it physically. I forced myself to eat a big lunch. Every bite was effort, every swallow was seriously an exercise in will. I’ve got about an hour and a half, and every minute will bring more anticipation. I just need to get into the weight room and get rid of some of this energy. All that stuff I’m fine with, but the work on the field…

I have a terrible headache from a zit right at my hairline. The thing won’t surface, and these suckers are always the hardest to deal with and get rid of. It just hasn’t been the greatest day. I got an 89 percent on a Spanish test, and because of some stupid mistakes. Yes, I know, God forbid I get anything out of the “A,” range, but when you work hard, you want the results. I know I’ll get an A in the class, but that kind of get me on the negative swing today. Then the nerves have followed.

When Zits and Angst Arise

I could really go for a chat with Maggie. I wish I could say I had a faith that was bigger than the world around me, but who am I kidding? I think I may call her between classes. I’ve never done that before, and I’ll have to cut-out to the bathroom to pull it off, but I think just hearing her voice will help immensely. Actually, I’m gonna go to the bathroom and do it now. Be right back.


OK. That was totally helpful. She was just leaving school, and said enough to make me laugh. Her day has been worse than mine, and she just reminded me of watching football games from the stands, and how that has always made me feel. Now I’m ready to get out and do what I can do! If I look like an idiot, that’s fine by me. I’ll look like an idiot going as hard as I can possibly go!

11 Hours to GO!!

I’m nervous about tomorrow.

I really don’t know what to expect, or like…do… I’m probably worrying about nothing, but if you can’t tell, I like to excel in the things that I do. Not a fan of mediocrity. In fact, if I were to be honest, which is what I’m going to do right now, I would tell you that I want to start by the end of the season. One of my best buddies who started this past season as a Jr. told me that coach is no respecter of persons, and will play the best man for the job.

So. There’s reason to be nervous. I do have expectations. I’m trying to learn everything I can, so I might be eligible to play in the slot, WR, or even tight-end in some sets. I’m also game to play defense if they want me to try anything on that side of the ball.

Basically, what we start tomorrow are after school workouts, and then we’ll spend about an hour and a half working skeleton sets. Offense and defense, without interior line, and with just the linebackers and defensive backs on defense. A 7-on-7 set.

The first hour we’ll be working out, lifting, form running, agility and plyometric drills, and that will be my opportunity to let coaches see that I have the athletic ability necessary to contribute. It’s so weird. All these conversations I’ve heard a million times with my dad and other people, and now it’s a language that I’m starting to understand. I know what you’re thinking right now: Does Maggie like that I’m playing football? All was cool as was, but as it is, it’s gravy. She loves it. I finally get to be a nerdy jock!

My Zitty Update

I think my nerves have gotten the best of me the last few days. The galvanic spa has helped, but I’ve got a few zits that I feel comfortable saying are stress and nervous energy related. I’m seeing an Esthetician on Tuesday and she’s apparently going to clean up my face. I’ve never been before, so I’m kinda looking forward to my first “spa” experience. To see what all these reality TV people are harping and raving about.

The New Adventure Begins Monday

We start 7 on 7 workouts next week. I’m really excited. I’ve actually been working out with a friend who plays, and he seems to think I have a decent grasp of what’s necessary to compete. He keeps saying that it’ll come faster once we rep things in practice, and then everything will just click. Fortunately, our offense isn’t overly complicated from what I understand, but this is what I’m hearing from guys who have played since Jr. High School in the same type of a system. I may look like a penguin trying to fly.

I’m bored with school. I was reading back over some of my older posts yesterday, and I was pretty pumped about that zit bacteria project. Just goes to show that everything changes from day to day when you’re a teenager in love. Speaking of love, yes, I think I love Maggie, but I don’t know what being “in love” means. I’m sure it’s something that has been replaced in the 21st century. Something that isn’t really necessary, right? I dunno. Help a zitty kid out. Nobody has offered me a dad-gum bit of advice, regardless of how much I’m asking for it! I guess I’m still alive, so I shouldn’t be complaining.

Spring is definitely here. Temps are on the rise. My Dad and I are gonna check out some spring training games this weekend. I love living close to that, but in the same breath, I could care less about the Arizona Diamondbacks. I even remember when they won the world series. I didn’t care. Obviously, I was like 8.

Zits Have Taken a Hit

OK. I have to brag on this galvanic spa thing once more. The day after using it, I could feel something, and you’re supposed to use it a couple times a week, so I’ll do it again tomorrow. I swear my zits are already smaller. I haven’t had any severe breakage this week, either, and that’s rare. After I got back from Christmas, I really struggled. Anyway, my mom was telling me that if I continue to use it, she thinks it will really help limit my breakouts, and make them a lot less severe. You know that I’m game! So far, I’m more hopeful about this than I have been for anything else. And it doesn’t mean popping a pill.

Put the Contemporary Smack on my Zits!

Ah, to be home. Where the heart isn’t. Nah. All is good. School was of the nightmarish variety on Monday. Everyone stumbling around like zombies. All the people who decided to show up were pretty entertaining.

This one dude in my Spanish class, is always nodding off, or daydreaming, and when the teacher calls on him, he always says, “What!?” Literally. Every time. She told him long ago that if he did it again, she was making him sit in the hall. He did. Again. Sat in the hall. He did. Again. Sat in the hall. He did. Again yesterday…followed by a “Damn it!” As he stood up to exit, she said, “Office. Go!” Except in Espanol, of course. “La Oficina. Vas!” Or something like that. Is that right? I know it is. Right? I’m still exhausted.

My spring break was perfection from beginning to end. Except the leaving part. Maggie seemed a little bummed, but I could tell she was putting up the best front as possible. I’m glad she didn’t cry or anything, ’cause I’m a weepy bastard. Very emotional guy, sometimes. Isn’t that normal for a teenager? Subject change………………………………………………………………..

Galvanic Spa

So. While I was away, apparently my mom thought she’d spend some money on a new toy, and bought this portable galvanic spa. No, I didn’t know what it was until yesterday, or what it was called, but basically, it’s this little face-shocker thing from Nu Skin, and it makes you feel like you washed your face in Sprite, without the stickiness, of course.

She said she got it for both of us to use, because apparently, it should do wonders for my overall skin health. For me, clearly this wasn’t in my budget, but the Esthetician that I’m supposed to see next week, recommended it to my mom after a facial, when my mom said that she wished she could just have all that stuff at home.

All I know is that I went to bed last night with a face that felt alive, instead of ashamed. Like something was waging guerrilla warfare on my zits. While some of those zits are no doubt dug deep into the trenches, they won’t be able to hide from the rebel forces. Yes. Let me go deeper into nerd-speak. Or to bed. I’m going to bed. Night all.

My Bracket Busted Like a Monster Zit

I can boldly state that I would take this spring break over whatever the college peeps are doing in Florida, Cancun, South Padre…where else do they go? I don’t know. I recommend Wisconsin. To meet up with some great people, and not regret the decisions you make when you end up on Girls Gone Wild 27, or the butt of someone’s joke on an iPhone.

Seriously, my skin is better. Being here. I’m sure it’s a combination of things: Proper rest. Nutrition. Exercise. And according to my smart-a** cousin, the nookie. No. I don’t kiss and tell. Nothing good can result, but let me say that I’m a good boy. Have been a good boy. And will continue to be a good boy. Really, there would be nothing to tell, anyway. My dad took me aside a couple years ago:

“Son, I’m sure you’re well aware of your sexuality. I’m trying not to make this awkward. The only thing I want to say–when you’re considering anything, don’t forget that the girl is someone’s daughter, and probably someone’s sister. OK?”

That sealed the deal. Instead of looking at everything like a race, I’ve kind of looked at it like a reward. Sound stupid or make sense? Let’s change the subject. I’m inexperienced, and feel like an ass now.

March Madness

I have been making betcha bank off of Maggie and my cousin. My brackets aren’t looking good. Not looking good at all, but my game by game betchas have scored everything from shoulder massages, to making dinner, to a 12 pack of Coca-Cola. If Kentucky wins by 10 or more, my cousin has to take me to Buffalo Wild Wings for a twelver of boneless Honey B-B-Q. That’s on a double or nothing, so I can’t really lose.

Yes. I go home tomorrow. I know you’re thinking it. I’m trying not to, but I’m thinking we’re midway through March, and with summer comes opportunity. So. I gotta get back to the action. Normalcy resumes next week.

No Zit Can Compare to the Love That we Share

Can you tell I’ve been jammin’ to some ’80s power ballads? I went running with them today. It’s amazing that as cheesy as they are, when they hit that peak, you get a bust of adrenalin to kick up your pace. On that note:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Eve! You bunch of alcoholics! You’re drinking green beer already, aren’t you?

Man. It has been a whirlwind. To say the least, I’m elevated. I’m above the clouds. I’ve been hanging with the grandfolks for awhile today, and I’m about to meet up with Maggie. The few days here has been awesome so far, and I’m just as excited about the rest of the week. I’ve been lifting weights with my cousin everyday, so I’m sore, my body feels tight, and alive…and now, I technically have a girlfriend. So, here’s how it all happened.

Pause. One quick note. My skin does better here. Maybe I’m struggling with the dry climate I live in? I don’t know. I’m going to ask my doctor about that next time. But I’m less zitty after a couple/few days. Unpause.

So, my flight and everything went off without a hitch. Perfectly planned. Grandparents picked me up from the airport, then dropped me at the theater. My grams couldn’t stop smiling at me. I think I was like a novelty ice-cream or to her or something.

I grab some seats for a showing of Alice and Wonderland, and then waited – I was there SO… …EARLY. The good thing: I had the trivia memorized by the time the crew showed up, and was able to impress everyone until my cousin called me out. When they showed up, the plan went off just as we drew it in the dirt, and when I turned to see Maggie, I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head. I literally didn’t have time to get my “line” out that I had rehearsed, because the girl jumped on me and gave me the best welcome in the world.

After we settled, and grabbed some snacks, I leaned over to her and said, “I really want to call you my girlfriend.” And she replied, “Isn’t that what I am?” People. I melted. AGAIN! I’m serious. You best start believing that love conquers all! Even ZITS!