Sleepless Nights Before Afternoon Flights

I can’t frickin’ sleep. I know this is gonna make me break out even worse tomorrow. SO. ANNOYING!!!! I’m tossing and turning, and thought that maybe if I stared at the computer screen for awhile, I’d doze off. After an hour of shopping around on Ebay for God-knows-what, I decided it was time to constructively use this temporary insomnia.

I’m so excited to see Maggie, but I’ve totally got a full day at school tomorrow, including an exam in Espanol. Yes. I’m prepared. No, I didn’t even need to study, but still, when you’re a dead-a during moments of importance, strange things happen. Yes. The test is the reason I’m going to school tomorrow, and no doubt, the reason the test is tomorrow is so people will actually come to school. A lot of friends have tests in the same class, as well as others. Teachers are smarter than I’ve ever given them credit for.

I just read what I wrote, and it doesn’t make any sense. Especially that first paragraph…and you know, I’m just too lazy to fix it. Good grief. Now I’m talking like my mom. The good grief, not the laziness. Moms is definitely not lazy.


I started lifting after school this week. I have failed to mention that. It’s just three days a week right now, but it’s kind of an off-season regimen to keep the non-basketball/baseball/tracksters moving in the right physical direction. If soreness is an indicator, I’m already started up the mountain to self-betterment.

I really dig the respect the football program commands here, and yes, it does get a fair amount of money from boosters, etc. Nothing crazy like the show Friday Night Lights, but our coach is very, very adamant about not drinking, or being stupid, and being respectful of the commitment you make to your teammates. That’s one of the reasons I think I might actually have a chance to get some PT when the season rolls around. I am a hard-worker.

So. My cousin and I are trying to figure out what movie-

HOLY CRAP! A towel on the back of my desk chair just slid off, and it sounded like something right out of a horror film. I almost jumped through the ceiling, and then went medieval on an evil spirit. For the love of all that is Good and Holy.

OK! That does it! Time for a blanket, the living room couch, and a movie I’ve seen a million times to lull me to sleep.

I’ll be in touch. In the meantime, wish me luck!

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