Monday Madness

Watching the game right now. So exciting! I’ve got like…10 betchas on this one. 3 with dudes on the football team, one with Maggie, one with my Dad…OK, my math sucks. I have 5 betchas out on this one. Again, a betcha is something that could be classified of possessing monetary value, but generally, it doesn’t. A coke. Chores. Crap like that.

I hope Gordon Hayward kicks it into high gear in the second half. I look older than that guy. I heard him say that he hadn’t shaved in a week. Regardless, I just hope this thing goes down to the wire, and stays as tight as it has been in the first half.

Nose Zit

Wow. I am praying that I never have to deal with anything like that again. I mentioned that I was going to go at the thing with a Q-tip. I attempted that. I will never attempt that again. Do I need to offer the details? After I started crying/eyes watering, I figured I needed something sharper to pierce the skin. So. I put needle to flame, then needle to zit. Satan himself exploded onto the scene. I felt immediate relief, but I thought I was going to need an I.V. I was losing so much blood.

My nose was really sore on Saturday, but by the time Sunday rolled around it felt normal again. I don’t know what it is about noses, but they’re sensitive body parts. And not sensitive in a good, sexual way. Sensitive in a birthin’ babies kinda way. Just not as prolonged as labor, or passing a kidney stone. But I’m serious, I never want another one. Then again, I might take another over having to give birth or pass a stone.

Football was great today. I know my work ethic is appreciated. It’s one thing that is preached around my household. To focus on my character over my reputation, and that things will eventually fall into place. I’m really liking it. Still consider myself a nerd, but once I slap those pads on next year, I might opt for jock-nerd over nerd-jock. Second half. See ya soon.

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