A Trip Down Memory Lane

I know I shared the worst popping story of my life, but I’ve never shared the zit-poppage which upset me the most. Well, that nose zit a couple weeks ago was death wrapped in an infected pore, but I’m talking “pissed me off.” That kind of upset.

Cardinals game. Arizona Cardinals football. My Dad and I went to University of Phoenix stadium to see the Cardinals and 49ers (2008), and I was decked out like a super fan. I threw on the entire track suit in team colors, over the Larry Fitzgerald jersey, and bought a brand new white Cardinals hat with the team logo. It was a huge game, the place was rockin’, and we were basically playing for the division title.

After a huge play, this guy sitting in front of us somehow hit me in the side of the head while we were all celebrating. He didn’t hit me that hard, but it hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out. In an effort to save face, I did nothing, adjusted nothing, accepted his apology, sat down and just watched the game. After a couple minutes, the throbbing subsided, and I was back in the action. Every time I would yell, though, I could feel it where the guy made contact.

After the game, we push through the crowd, got into the car and I had a look in the vanity mirror, I tried to take my hat off. It wouldn’t easily come off my head. It was stuck where I got hit. The dude had popped a zit, which bled out like a stuck pig, and completely ruined my hat. So, the nastiness from the zit literally glued my hat to my face. Just slightly. I pulled it off, which hurt even worse and complained about it while my dad laughed himself silly.

I still have the hat, which has a big orange dot just above the bill on the right side. I rarely wear it, because I get mad every time I see it. I think maybe I’ll make it a workout hat, even though it’s from the Super Bowl season.

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