Can you Say 7/7 Champs!?

We put on a show.

It was a crazy week, and I’m sorry (not really) – I just didn’t feel much like looking at a computer this past week. I just finished packing for my trip, and I’ll be in touch throughout my journey. I think some of my best stuff on this blog has had to do with my venture back north and east, and I’m sure my month in Madison will present even more wonderful, angsty, life opportunity.

Back to this weekend. Our first game, we were pretty jittery, but we had dominant talent on the field. Our QB was probably the best overall QB there. There was one kid who had a ridiculous arm, but he was weak when the rush pushed and had very little poise in the pocket. So. We played them first. He hit us a couple times getting outside of the pocket. Once on a backside post in which one of my buddies was way out of position, and then on their next possession when we had a blown coverage. So, they went up two scores, our coaches laid into us pretty good and that’s all it took.

We were relying pretty hard on some of our big guns, and obviously, these teams who knew who we and they were, were cuing on them. Fortunately, there was a zitty, first year senior who was ready to pick the slack. Much like a Mr. Early Doucet for the Arizona Cardinals… OK. If I had half his ability I’d be screaming it from the rooftops, but the little bit of advice my dad gave me (Clean routes, son…run clean routes), quickly got me into the mix. Once I snagged a few balls, everything opened up for us. I felt pretty special.

I was able to find holes in all of the skeleton zones, and on our second possession, I found the seam and almost took my first catch to the house. It was an easy score from there, and that put us down one. My buddy who got beat on one of the first plays of the game, picked one off on their next possession, we tied it up and never looked back.

We went on to dominate the tournament, and faced that same team in the championship after they worked their way up from the losers bracket. We blanked them in the championship. If our lines hold up as well as our position players, we might actually have a great season ahead of us. I’m sore as heck today, but ready to hit the tarmac! I’ll try and post from St. Louis, on my layover.

My face? It’s a mess. More on that tomorrow.

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