June 26 – F My Zit

I didn’t head into the lot today. Obviously. It’s Saturday and a big sales day, so I like to stay out of the way. And I’ll be honest, I wanted to watch this World Cup match vs. Ghana. No, I wasn’t surprised to see the U.S. give up the early goal, and I’m always quite entertained to see how the rest of the world hates us. Where do they think their snazzy soccer uniforms are coming from? OK, sure, probably European sport-fashion manufacturers, but I see a lot of dudes wearing Nike shoes. Which are designed in the U.S. and made in China, of course.

I know there have been a lot of complaints about the Jubalani Adidas ball in the tournament – it’s apparently “unpredictable.” Well, it has made the tourney more enjoyable for me.

Maggie is working this afternoon, and not thrilled about it. She really wanted to see the match, but I’m gonna take her to dinner tonight, so I’m sure she’ll get over it.

I’ve got a few other friends who showed up a couple days ago. They’ve taken up a residence on my face, and the one who is bedding down just beneath my nose is quite aggravating. These are the zits that I hate. I know you can feel me if you experience them often. The zits that get into the creases, or attachments…basically anywhere you’d put a part on a Mister Potato Head. Maggie suggested that I exfoliate my face more often, so I figure I’ll give it a shot. A daily exfoliation.

And speaking of Mr. Potato Head, did I mention that I saw Toy Story 3? It’s crazy that I can identify with this movie to THE extreme. I’m about to be Andy in the movie. Yeah, I loved it. The 3-D was OK. It’s just not my thing I don’t suppose. The third dimension is really more like a 2.5 dimension. The depth is there, but it’s not, by any stretch of the imagination, very impressive.

Do I sound bored? I’m a little bored. I’m a little angsty about what I’m seeing on the Television, I guess. Distracted. I can feel more zits–OH! Did I mention my cousin’s buddy who had to have a “minimally invasive” procedure on a cystic zit that just wouldn’t go away? It was apparently a deeply rooted, in-grown hair that just kept getting worse and worse and worse along his jawline. The hair just kept growing, and they had to go in and cut it out. Talk about an F’able Zit.

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