Softball King

What can a zitty guy say. When you got it, you got it. Maybe I’ll have to tryout for the baseball team this year, too. I’m being facetious. BUT, I did play really well. I was 4 for 4 with a double and three singles. I scored every time, too. When I got there my grandparents pastor was already there warming up. He was asking me where I thought I’d be strongest in the line up, and I quickly stated “LAST!” He obliged. I told him I did have some wheels, and that if I could get on, I could really get around the bases.

He replied. “If there’s one thing I know more than preaching, it’s diamond sports. I can promise you that when you step up to the plate, their infielders will play you back, just based on what you look like. If you’ve got wheels, just slap that thing and run.”

I did. Infield single. My next at-bat I blasted a double off the fence. I thought I hit it out, so I wasn’t running very hard. I couldn’t believe it either. I looked up into the stands and Maggie, my cousin and grandfolks were going nuts, and looked half in disbelief! I know I was. I know I am!

Anyway, we won BIG! Like 16 – 6 or something like that. I didn’t see much action in the outfield, playing in Right-Center, but my presence was appreciated.

My play didn’t stop the arrival of new zits, unfortunately. They’re here. On the nose again. Those annoying not quite blackhead, not quite whitehead bumps. Kind of gross. Not really that noticeable unless you get really close, but I’ve just singled myself out for a lovely lady, that’s for sure. I have been exfoliating like skin care specialist. I’m kind of missing my mom’s little galvanic spa thing. Regardless, I’m going to keep this up for a bit, because my face is feeling much cleaner by the time I get to my night washing.

Worked today. It was good stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary, you know. Just hustle and flow, makin’ that dough – just workin’ my patch as to earn that scratch. It’s the end of June. Who else is blown away by the fact?

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