It’s Quiet

It has been one amazing summer. Still have a cool (really hot) three weeks until school starts, and I guess it’s time to start getting focused. I got hit with a wave of desire today. Right after camp this morning, I came home, showered and took Maggie to the airport. I drove home in silence, just thinking about a few things. As I sit here with my computer, I feel completely content with some alone time. I miss my gal, but I take comfort in just knowing that the feelings are mutual.

I’m going to run by the car lot later today that I’ll be working at beginning next week, and meet some more of the people and kind of see how they do what I’ll be doing. The good thing is that I’ll actually be making more here. Because I have absolutely no overhead (awesome parents), I’ll be able to just start putting stuff away. I’m actually looking into some good ways to invest my funds. I’m thinking I may start offering some of those micro-loans. Yeah, I’m 17. Yeah, the economic climate at present doesn’t make me want to invest in anything other than people. Yeah, I’m in a weird mood.


Let’s flip this b. Yep. I’m already starting to breakout a little bit from my helmet. Fortunately I have no issues from my shoulder pads, but I’ve only had them on for a couple of days. Beyond the new zits that have popped up on my forehead and chin, football is going really well. It’s hot, regardless of the fact that we’re out of there well before noon. My buddy was right, it was a little strange catching the ball the first time with helmets, and even stranger with the top pads on, but that’s why we’re out there right now.

What I have really enjoyed so far is getting physical with the guys on the other side of the ball. We bumped a bit in 7 on 7, but this is good stuff. I come to hurt ya if you’re gonna try and bump me at the line. Illegal hands to the face? I don’t see any referees in practice. And I love blocking for the running game. I guess being such a huge fan of Fitz and Boldin over the past several seasons I’ve learned from some of the best. Once we get full pads on for August practice, it’s ON!

Dang it. I just nailed an underground zit on my chin. I need some ice.

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