Retrospect and Perspective

I’ve got some time before practice…just chillin’ in the library, and it’s nearly empty. Trying to breathe deeply. The air-conditioning is pumping and it’s quiet. It’s so nice…and quiet. I think that’s the one thing I’m not getting enough of these days…quiet. I can hear the hum of the computers, and a few people talking quietly about 100 feet away, but it’s so peaceful, and I absolutely love it.

Today at lunch I was chatting with a friend, who I really hadn’t spoken to since we’ve been back inside the school walls. I was getting caught up with him, and asked him about his girlfriend, who I hadn’t seen this year. That’s when he told me she was homeschooling, and that apparently, they were no longer together. I wasn’t trying to pry, but he let me know that not only was she homeschooling, but that they were kind of forced apart by her parents, and that she was freaking pregnant. And I started to get really pissed off, knowing that people are going to find out, but that her parents are trying to keep it a secret because of how people will react to them, and look at them. High school sucks.

I’m not saying it’s a good thing for anyone to get “knocked-up,” but it doesn’t have to be so damn scandalous. This girl was quite a leader in our school community, and I’m sure she still could be, except her parents are creating some bs image of who she was, and who she will be once the baby is here and they give it up for adoption. Oh yeah. That’s the plan. The fact that my friend wanted to keep the child, and raise him/her was the reason everything melted down between the parents in the first place.

I know some people don’t have any business trying to raise a child, but when two people who are incredibly loving are willing to give it a go, I don’t think there could be anything greater in this world. I could only imagine how awesome this kid would be if raised by both of them. Unfortunately, my buddy doesn’t really aspire to be a CEO or anything like that, though, so her parents don’t think that much of him. That fact that he treats their daughter like platinum, apparently isn’t worth personal investment. The fact that he would have happily worked while she went to school, or whatever…

I don’t get it. I know certain things make for more challenging life paths, but what can you really NOT do because of something like this? I hate those so-called, free-thinking a-holes who think you should and need to be of one cut to accomplish great things in life. You’d think that the recent proof of vulnerability in our unbreakable nation would let people see that maybe we believe in nothing more than ideals that can’t be personified. Who exactly are looking to for paradigm? F*cking SAT words.

Dang it! This blog is supposed to be about zits! Zits, people!


Trouble Sleeping

I think practices are punching me into the zone…the second wind. I come home around 7:00 and I’m amped. Ready to go again. Then, all of the sudden, it’s 10 p.m and I’m writing on this blog. Contemplating everything in life from what it will be like to be married and have kids some day, to my current children, my zits. Well, they’re not my children… they’re like neighbors’ children. Neighbors’ children who you never like it when they come over. They always break something, or suppose it’s cool to boss you around in your own house. My youngers have some friends like that who try and tell me what to do when they come over here…legitimately. I wish I had the nuts to tie them in a chair and put them outside with a sign that says, “FREE.”

School was a different world today. A lot of my old buddies who don’t play football were grinning from ear to ear when they saw me. Dude this and dude that, all impressed that I can catch a football, I guess. I have one friend who has always been like a rock of a supporter to me. He’s not that into sports, but kind of likes football, I guess. He said that he’s going to come to every game now that I’m on the team. I never planned to be an ambassador for organized violence, but I kind of dig the newfound glory.

I’m going back to the dermatologist this week to discuss the sports acne breakouts. After doing a little research it seems as if I’m in a large percentage who deal with helmet acne, chin-strap zits and the likes. Actually my chin strap pad has helped immensely. I ordered two more, so I never have a dirty one on my helmet. What I’m worried about is my shoulders and neck and stuff. I don’t want funky lesions on my skin that are annoyed, underground zits.

In other news, my gal started school today. She seems to be doing well. She’s laser focused on delivering academic excellence, and I think she’s raising the bar for me to be right there beside her. Her schedule is a little tougher than mine, but I worked through a lot of upper level classes last year. Yeah. I totally have two P.E. related classes and a film class this year, but I can already tell that film class is gonna be tough. Yes. We started Gone With the Wind today… and just saying that has made me sleepy.


Weekend Recovery

Wow! My buddies told me that I’d be really sore after the first game of the season, but this morning I was like a 90 year old arthritic trying to get out of bed and get to church. Saturday wasn’t so bad… so I thought they were yankin’ my chain. Anyway, we won big. 35-0. I started, had a couple catches–one that was for over 30 yards. I enjoyed poppin’ a few defensive backs, but by the 3rd quarter, we were shuffling in 2nd teamers, and by 4th, there were even a couple little stud freshmen who got some time.

Around kick off, I was nervous as all get out. I made it through pre-game warm-ups without a hitch, and thank God no real action came my way until late in the 1st quarter. I was so aware of everything that was going on. I made my first catch, and some kid shoe-stringed me with a lot of green in front of me. Well…our grass is kind of a brownish green mix this time of year. After the catch, I heard the announcer say my name, and I could hear my mom screaming…nobody else knew who I was.

Less to say – I had my second catch in the 2nd quarter, and took it off a quick slant on a 3rd and short, and I hit the seam perfectly. I stiff-armed a linebacker who was the first to arrive, and then it was open field with only a safety to beat. I didn’t beat him. Unfortunately, he was the best player on their team. When I realized he had the angle on me, I started working to the sideline, but I didn’t go out of bounds, I dropped the shoulder and went boom. The crowd went nuts. I went nuts. The team went nuts, and at that point it was like the momentum couldn’t have shifted. It didn’t.

We dominated with our running game, and continued to dominate with our running game. No use letting the cat out of the bag for some future opponents. And the best news about the game, my shoulder issue, whatever it was, wasn’t a zit. Well, it may have been, but I woke up on Saturday morning and it was gone. The skin was a little tender, but maybe the pound of benzoyl peroxide I massaged into my skin on Friday morning helped out?

Game Day! And a Zit Bonus!

I’m decked out in my jersey. #84. My dad suggested the number, and then shared with me a few clips of Sterling Sharpe. I was sold. That guy was a beast. He was really the first of the big, physical receivers and it seems that he helped bring Favre into his own. I don’t know. I was probably about 2 years old when he was making noise. Shame that a neck injury cut his career short. Obviously, I’ve had the number for quite some time, but I just realized I hadn’t mentioned it. That’s kind of a big deal, ya know? The jersey number you wear?

So……….I’m starting tonight! Life is so freakin’ crazy. Back when I started this blog I was just a zitty dude who was cruising through academia. It has been a great year. I don’t necessarily believe in karma, but I think putting my zitfulness out there has allowed me to take advantage of more opportunities…knowing I need good stuff to write about. I’m excited and nervous about tonight, but we’re heavily favored, so that lends itself to some confidence, I guess…I’m sure I’ll be stupid-nervous as we take the field, but more than anything, I’m just anxious.

To go with my first football game, I have another first. A freakin’ underground zit on my shoulder, like right on the bone, that hurts like heck, and is gonna be a pain when we do some poppin’ tonight. And by poppin’ I mean pads, not zits…then again, who knows what’ll happen to that thing under my pads. I’m going to be sure to put some gauze over it and tape it down good.

OK. I gotta go. Teach is pulling us from the library. Yeah. I’m supposed to be researching right now. I just don’t know what I want to do research on right now.

I’m so Ready for Some Zit-Free Football

I have been working out with the first team all week. We’ll get the depth chart tomorrow, but I think I may be starting on Friday night. I’m starting to obsess about it, and again, I’m happy to have the distraction from my complexion…which isn’t doing so well.

Fortunately, I’ve gotten a grip on my forehead zits. I’ve been sure to shower right after practice, and do my face care on the spot. I’m always the last one to leave the locker room, but its nice – it really offers me a chance to kind of reflect on the day, practice and get my stuff organized for the following day. It puts me home around 7:00 p.m., but that’s perfect timing for the good TV, and plenty of time to work on any homework that I might have, which I haven’t…yet.

So, I’m taking this film class this year, and so far, I’m loving it. It’s pretty surface level. Our book is called “Understanding Movies,” and I know it’s a book that they use in some college classes, but it doesn’t delve too deep into the world of film. It is insightful, though. Anyway, we’ll basically be watching movies in this class all year, and there is some good stuff on the list. We had to have parental permission to take the class, which probably means there will be some risqué stuff being shown – oh yeah. We’re starting Gone With the Wind on Monday, which I have seen before, and really don’t need to see again…it’ll basically take us until Friday to get it finished.

Is it obvious I’m a little restless?

I should be getting some college info from TCU soon. It’s a private school, and I probably won’t be going there, but I thought I would check it out and see what they have to offer. The thing that appeals to me is that it’s in Texas…the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to be exact, and it’s not far from other parts of the United States that I’ve never been to. I’m don’t know if I just felt I had a lot in common with their mascot, the Horned Frog, and his funky skin, or I just really love purple that much… I’m still gonna try and have my decision made ASAP. It’ll make the spring so much more enjoyable.

OK. Need some rest. If I get the nod, I’ll get most of the reps tomorrow in our pre-game workout and I need to be focused to bring the goodies.

Back to School

I forgot to mention that I started school this week. Yep. Officially a senior in high school, and I’ve got a lot to show for it. A pretty cushy schedule, but I’m still finding ways to challenge myself. I’ve still got my acne, and as long as I have my acne, I’ll never be alone. Even if I can’t decide on a college…which I’m no closer to.

It was a good first day. It was nice to finally be free of the class that was ahead of me. I don’t know it was, but they had a serious dick-to-nice guy ratio. A lot of dicks in that class. I apologize if that term offends you. I guess I could call them the ever-popular, overused “douche,” but they were worse than a wholesale sized box of douche bags and the nozzles. And even worse were the majority of the popular girls in their class. Not very attractive, completely full of themselves and totally into their dick classmates . Anyway, I vow to call out my class if they push in that direction. VOW.

I’m hopeful that my zitplexion (yep) will clear up now that I’m on a regular school and practice schedule for football. We go for about 3 – 3.5 hours after school, and today seemed to go by incredibly fast. Maybe because we’ve gotta be a lot more focused in the time that we have.

I’m rockin’ back into the active fight against the zitful intruders – exfoliation followed by the goods that my dermatologist prescribed/suggested.

Let’s see. Anything else interesting about the first day of school? I can’t really think of anything.

I haven’t mentioned Mags in a bit, but she’s doin’ well. She starts school next week, and is actually working a ton this week. This being the last week to really get in some good hours. It’s late…ish… I’m tired, and need to get to school a bit earlier tomorrow to enjoy social hour. I’m sure something stupid will go down before month’s end. Something always does.

I’m Beat…

I’m so tired. So sore. So exhausted. I literally dragged my computer over to my lap by the cord. I’m sure that’s not the proper way to retrieve it, but that’s all I got. I fell asleep after practice, in the middle of the floor, on hard tile, between the kitchen and living room…in my under armor and basketball shorts, after eating half a sandwich. My dad came in after work, and had he not laughed so hard, I don’t think I would have come to. How my younger siblings didn’t attempt to put shaving cream on my fingers and tickle my ears, I’ll never know. That’s totally their style. They must have pitied me.

I can say this. I have never had more respect for professional football players who do this year in and year out. And honestly, I can empathize with Brett Favre. They’re just really, really long days. And as fun as it is, when it becomes mentally taxing, that’s when you’re ready to check out. The physical never really gets to me – I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the mental exhaustion…telling yourself, “5 more reps,” or whatever – it’s tough.

I really felt for the defense today. They were doing a drill called “Pursuits.” And basically it’s a conditioning drill in which the coach will pass the ball to a wide out, we all take turns, and then we sprint straight up the field. Everyone on the defense, and I mean everyone, has to find the right pursuit angle, chase down the receiver and touch them, before returning to the defensive set at the line of scrimmage. He asked them after about 5 if they were enjoying the drill, and when everyone unanimously shouted, “No!” he said, “On Tuesdays, you will do a pursuit for every point you give up on Friday night!”

Sorry I’m consumed with football these days, zit lovers…but I gotta say, it’s a nice change for me. Not obsessing as much, though the big z’s are in full effect. And by big z’s, I don’t mean Carlos Zambrano. I’m talkin’ the whiteheads. The neighbors who I wish would move to North Carolina. I’m doing everything I set out to do in regards to my skin care regimen, but there’s only so much I can do. There’s one kid on our team who has zits like I’ve never seen before. I was thinking about telling him about the blog and see if he wanted to contribute, but I’d have to get to know him better before that would ever be a possibility.

Peace out, homeys.