Scrimmage = We’re in Business

Our scrimmage on Friday was awesome. Basically, it was what is considered a Jamboree. Like a mixed practice, but with all of us in uniform… Pre-season football, but without special teams being at 100%. No kick-offs. No rushing the punter or returning punts, or pushing hard to block FG or PAT attempts. That’s where most injuries occur during the course of play, and it’s just an easy way to keep people healthy.

During the regular season we don’t play either one of the teams that came to this Jamboree. We rotated at each quarter. My school hosted the shindig. The two visiting teams played the first quarter, then we played the team in the lead at the 2nd quarter (which it was tied 7-7), so they flipped a coin. Then we played the other team for the next quarter, then they finished up the final quarter while we watched and cheered them on. Then we all ate BBQ and watermelon.

I didn’t get the start, but after couple decent running plays, I was put into the first 3rd down situation. It was really crazy to look across the line and see dudes who I had never seen before in my life. We ran the ball again on 3rd down, and it was nice to get that first bit of contact in. We wrestled around a bit, I rode him down-field several yards and enjoyed having quite a size advantage on who was actually their smallest corner.

We pretty much dominated the quarter, the other team only had one 1st down. We scored 3 times. Two TDs and a FG. I didn’t have any catches in that particular session, but I did find myself on the field more and more as we continued our drives. We didn’t really open up the passing game, and why would you if you’re dominating a team on the ground with two capable running backs?

In the 3rd quarter, the other team took the field with us, and it was obvious they were planning to stop the run. I don’t know why they didn’t just stick to the schemes that they had prepared, or had been working on… I don’t think you gain a lot from winning a quarter, but maybe they needed to work on stopping the run and defending the pass. They didn’t defend the pass so well.

As I’ve said numerous times, our QB is a little stud. Well, he’s not small, but he’s younger. I had three catches, one on a crucial 3rd down, and I almost busted one for a monster. It ended up going for 20-plus, but their safety shoe-stringed me. Regardless, my coaches were thrilled with my effort, but more importantly our effort as a team.

Don’t worry, zit haters, it’s back to normal life this week, so I’ll have plenty of skin-porous activity to write of.

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