Weekend Recovery

Wow! My buddies told me that I’d be really sore after the first game of the season, but this morning I was like a 90 year old arthritic trying to get out of bed and get to church. Saturday wasn’t so bad… so I thought they were yankin’ my chain. Anyway, we won big. 35-0. I started, had a couple catches–one that was for over 30 yards. I enjoyed poppin’ a few defensive backs, but by the 3rd quarter, we were shuffling in 2nd teamers, and by 4th, there were even a couple little stud freshmen who got some time.

Around kick off, I was nervous as all get out. I made it through pre-game warm-ups without a hitch, and thank God no real action came my way until late in the 1st quarter. I was so aware of everything that was going on. I made my first catch, and some kid shoe-stringed me with a lot of green in front of me. Well…our grass is kind of a brownish green mix this time of year. After the catch, I heard the announcer say my name, and I could hear my mom screaming…nobody else knew who I was.

Less to say – I had my second catch in the 2nd quarter, and took it off a quick slant on a 3rd and short, and I hit the seam perfectly. I stiff-armed a linebacker who was the first to arrive, and then it was open field with only a safety to beat. I didn’t beat him. Unfortunately, he was the best player on their team. When I realized he had the angle on me, I started working to the sideline, but I didn’t go out of bounds, I dropped the shoulder and went boom. The crowd went nuts. I went nuts. The team went nuts, and at that point it was like the momentum couldn’t have shifted. It didn’t.

We dominated with our running game, and continued to dominate with our running game. No use letting the cat out of the bag for some future opponents. And the best news about the game, my shoulder issue, whatever it was, wasn’t a zit. Well, it may have been, but I woke up on Saturday morning and it was gone. The skin was a little tender, but maybe the pound of benzoyl peroxide I massaged into my skin on Friday morning helped out?

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