Offering Zit Tutorials…?

Derek Anderson has left my face, but he’s still starting this weekend for the Cardinals. That’s just the way it goes sometimes.

I’m pushing into the morning, already looking forward to our pre-game practice this afternoon. I love it. T-shirts, shorts, helmet and getting the legs moving a little bit. It’s great stuff.

My face looks pretty good this week. Minimal zit pop-ups.

I had a look at my first academic progress report today, and I’m putting a better beat on the academics than I am on the football field…and I’m playing some good football. I was actually approached by our school counselor about tutoring some people who need some help in some other classes. They’re mostly Freshmen who seem to be having problems with the adjustment to high school. It’s kind of funny to think about how crucial that transition is. It seems that 8,9,10 grade are just as important as kindergarten and 1st grade. So, I’m considering it. It would actually be during my “free period/study hall” so it wouldn’t have any effect on my actual work. I might even be able to give them some advice on how to avoid zits.

So… how this month (October) plays out… Yes, I know it’s still September.

Game tomorrow. It’s gonna be a doozy. Well, it’s supposed to be on paper. So, I’ll be focused in to begin October, and the school is frickin’ pumped about the game. Not really an old rivalry, yet a more of one that has developed over the past few years. Then…the next weekend is homecoming and my sweet lady friend (she hates when I call her that) is coming out for the big game, big dance and weekend. I’m not going to work that Saturday, obviously, as we’re planning to throw down after the celebration…and yes, we will win the game.

It’s worth stating, and I think I have before. I’m not a drinker. I don’t do that stuff. Maybe when I’m 21, but probably not. I don’t understand the hurry. It drives me nuts to see kids my age drinking–honestly, we’re not mature enough to drink…sadly, most people, regardless of age, aren’t mature enough for alcohol. Anyway, there’s no need to think I’ll be doing something I shouldn’t–unless making out with a hottie from Wisconsin is a bad thing. (She hates when I say stuff like that, too…)


Derek Anderson is Here!

If you read my post from yesterday, you know Derek Anderson is a zit on my face, as well as the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, who I wish were still in Cleveland. Honestly, it kills me to think that our franchise is dumber than the Cleveland Browns, but I digress. I could bitch about that for an hour. Let’s talk about this zit named Derek.

As mentioned on Sunday, it’s on my neck. Probably round about where my beard line would be if I actually had a beard…or could grow one. So, it’s near some patchy hair that shows occasionally, and needs to be shaved off. Like Derek Anderson of the AZ Cardinals, this Derek Anderson is a colossal pain in my back side, and I want it gone. Out of the state of Arizona. In all fairness, we WON the game yesterday. The same reason the Falcons beat the Super Bowl champion Saints…a missed field goal. So, no, I’m not satisfied with Anderson’s play, and I don’t get how there are so many young QBs with loads of potential who we didn’t go get when we thought Leinart might not work out. The suck of it…there aren’t a lot of QBs to go after in the upcoming draft… Dang it. I’m supposed to be complaining about my zit and I’m complaining about a multi-million dollar business, which doesn’t know or care that I exist. It’s all your fault, Anderson…all…your…fault.

School is great, grand and wonderful. It’s still as hot as all get out… I’m looking forward to some 90 degree temperatures next week. I guess it’s not out of the ordinary, but I’ve never played organized football before. I certainly know it has forced me to finally drink as much water as I need to. I drink several liters of water per day. Physically, I’ve never been better, but then again, I have a zit named Derek Anderson on my face. It might as well be on my…well, I think you can pick up what I’m laying down.

Yes, fellow zit sufferers, I will be a good boy and shower right after practice tonight. I will fight the good fight.

I Think we Could Beat the Cardinals!

Crap. Man. I’m watching the Cardinals lose to the Raiders right now! How freakin’ bad do you have to be? Say what you want about Matt Leinart, we would have been a much better team with him as our quarterback. I really think coaches must be absolutely stupid to be duped by Derek Anderson on multiple occasions with multiple teams. To quote my dad today, “Talk about redundant ridiculousness!” He keeps saying it over and over.

So. My team…we won. I had 6 catches, and one monster block on a running play that lit the crowd up. It was just awesome. It was more awesome when I saw the dude get up and that he was OK, because I had never laid into anyone like that in my life! Our defense played out of their minds again, and picked their QB 3 times. He still managed to throw for a couple scores, one on a busted coverage, but we put up 40+.

DANG IT! For the love of it! We have Larry Fitzgerald and this dude has thrown for 92 freakin’ yards! He’ll be lucky to get over 100 for the game. This franchise is ridiculous. I can literally feel a zit on my neck, just festering. Just wanting to build like the hot mantle below the crust. It’s gonna be a gnarly beast. I’m gonna name this zit Derek Anderson Jr. Oh. You know what? I can’t call it Derek Anderson, because this zit is actually going to produce some results.

And it’s killing me to see them keep flashing up highlights of Michael Vick just tearing it up today vs. Jacksonville. Just making the Jags look silly. I don’t dislike the guy. I can’t. Sure, what he did was awful, but he was one of the first football stars I ever knew of when I was a kid-kid. You know…before the zits attacked. Like I was saying, with Matt Leinart we were actually moved the ball in a few games in the past. I’m just glad I’m playing, because I don’t care as much as I would have or used to.

I’m changing to the Rams game. Seriously. The Rams and Redskins. I want to cheer on the former zit sufferer and future superstar, Sam Bradford and see him get his first win! Long live the Zits!

Is it Really Friday Again?

Dudes and Dudettes. Brothers and Sisters. I play on a football team that has the chance to go 5-0 this evening. And I’m quite confident we can get the job done. We had a really, really great week of practice, and it was very business like. Maybe that had something to do with the weather. It has stayed really hot through September, and I think everyone just wanted to get work done, and go home.

I feel like my zits are cooperating late this week, not interfering with the task at hand. I’m starting again tonight, and I’m feeling like my game knowledge is starting to sink in…like I’m getting a bit more physical and significantly more aggressive in our offensive sets.

Remember my buddy who’s a defensive back, that I was working out with last school year? He’s having a ridiculous year. He’s got 3 INTs in 4 games, and I know it wasn’t really part of the gameplan, but he has become a devil of a corner blitzer. Just nasty. He even got a personal foul for obliterating a QB on a questionable call. But since that “little mistake” he has taken serious advantage of some average QB play. That should change tonight – pretty good QB we’re facing, but this QB doesn’t have many weapons to use, so he’s prone to throw some interceptions. I only mention this because my buddy is about three bodies away from me right now, and he’s already in his ear buds getting his mojo rolling for the game…in 8 hours. I have to chuckle.

What else? Can you believe it’s almost October? Remember how I said I wanted to make my college decision by the time Christmas rolled around? Fat, freakin’ chance… I’m sure things will hit a serious lull after this season is over, but I haven’t given life after high school one real thought. Well, I s’pose I do dream of acne free skin by my sophomore year in college…or less zits by then, at least? Trying to choose a college during college football season is stupid anyway. It makes schools like Boise State seem appealing. I’m kidding. No Bronco backlash, please. I’m sure it’s an amazing school.

Oh. In my film class, we’re watching “It Happened One Night.” If you’ve never seen this classic, I highly recommend it.

Helmet Acne – Full Effect


My helmet acne is literally in the shape of a helmet. You can see like a distinct line where the acne is caused by my football helmet. If I’m completely honest, sometimes I only rinse off my face after practice, and then it’ll be 3 or 4 hours later before I hop in the shower before bed. I really need to stop doing that. I noticed a difference when I was showering right after practice, but when you’re hungry, you’re hungry. Last time I checked, which was yesterday, there weren’t a lot of homemade food options in the field house or locker room. I generally find those great deals at home. And so I don’t shower. It’s gross. I know. I’m 17. Do I care? Nobody’s around. Nope. Just me. After sweating. Putting on a t-shirt and some gym shorts, hopping in the ride and heading home.

Anyway, these zits are a real pain in the bass. I seriously have to prop my helmet back a little bit, which is a serious no-no in our system. When you’re on the field, your helmet is on. Never know when you might be called into battle. My coach got onto me once, and I told him that my “freakin’ zits are killin’ me!” He laughed and said, “Gotta have it on.” Later he came up and quietly said, “If you tilt it back just a bit, it won’t rub on your forehead so badly.” I like that guy.

I had an interesting discussion with our librarian today. Apparently her college-aged daughter, who we all know and knew when she went to school here, got busted for DUI over the weekend. That’s something I don’t understand. And unlike most people, I don’t just fault the driver…the decision maker. That choice/decision is skewed. But what about all the people around? I remember being at a trendy restaurant with my folks, and this one guy at the bar was hammered. Completely wasted. And then he gets up and leaves, gets in his car and drives off. My dad asked to see the manager, who you could tell was “acting” like he was concerned, but not concerned enough to cut the guy off, I guess.

Whew. That was a little heavy for a Wednesday. I’ll lighten it up tomorrow or Friday. It’s been awhile since I’ve done any rapping, huh?

Justin Bieber has Acne?

What’s with this dude? See, to all of you, he’s “that kid.” I have to look at the little hipster as a freakin’ peer. He’s of my generation. Do you know how bad that sucks? I’m not in my late 30s. I’m not in my early 30s. I don’t get to be part of the irreverent, yet well-accomplished Gen-X… You know how much cooler it is to be of Chris Cornell’s generation than Justin Bieber’s? Eddie Vedder. The Jonas Brothers. Fiona Apple. Taylor Swift. You understand what I’m saying?

Then I see tonight that Justin Bieber is now using Proactiv. What the heck?? He has zits? Have you ever seen one? You can’t escape his face, and I’ve never seen one! That kid is such a punk-a. When I read the other day on this blog that he got away with hitting a cop with a water balloon, I seriously wanted to hunt the kid down and smack him around. I have the feeling I’m not the only one who feels that way. Now he’s jacking my claim to fame–acne. Next thing I know he’ll be enrolling in some high school to play football. Punk-a.

How’s Mags, you ask? She’s doing well. Really enjoying her senior year as well. I just found out that she’s gonna come out for Homecoming. I obviously can’t go to hers because we’ll have a game that night… You know, it may seem nuts, but this “long distance” relationship has really worked out for us. I think you can really rock the overkill in young relationships, but we’re both completely chill about being apart, and can just set everything aside when we get to hang out. Don’t get me wrong, it sucks at times, and I was a little worried when I was going to be in Wisconsin for the summer, but the dynamic didn’t get funky. So. Like I said. She’s good. We’re good.

Peace out, homeys… I gotta get to bed. Oh. And that monster zit on the bridge of my nose. It peaked, and it exploded sometime while I was asleep last night. Nasty…I know.

Sunday – New Week = New Zit

Church is always an interesting place when you suffer from acne. Everyone there is obviously on their “best” behavior. Fortunately, we go to a smaller congregation where everyone is pretty down to earth, and last week one fella got up into my ear and said, “Nice win on Friday. That was a good, old-fashioned ass kickin’.” I took about 9 steps back, and like, died laughing.

Anyway, today was painful for me…literally. I have a zit on the bridge of my nose where there just isn’t a lot of skin to stretch. It’s so obvious I almost went with the band-aid and claimed that I got scratched during the game on Friday night, but then I thought that starting my week by lying in church probably wasn’t the way I was wanting to go.

Every conversation I had it was like people were talking to my gnarly red bump. They’d look at my eyes, and then the eyes would wander, and I just wanted to say, “Yeah, it hurts as bad as it looks.” I finally know what it’s like for girls with big boobs or putting their cleavage on display – it’s impossible not to look. You hear that ladies? That’s just how it works. It’s like a cat chasing a laser pointer or a dog investigating a strange sound.

So, I talked to probably 20 people in casual conversation, and then I started chatting with our preacher. He’s a younger guy, still in his 20s, and not far removed from grad school. He patted me on the shoulder and said, “Great game on Friday–Geez, that thing’s a beast…does it hurt?”

Who says preacher’s aren’t honest?