Bring on the Game, Bring on the Weekend

I’m ready for it all! Ready. For. It. All.

This is pretty much the culmination of events for the fall. Isn’t that screwy? Isn’t it screwy that I used the word screwy? I’m anxious, excited, pumped, amped, and somehow totally relaxed about it all. I love it. We’re pushing for the first perfect regular season in school history. School history. Is it because of this zitty guy? Absolutely…not. But I certainly haven’t hurt the cause. You know?

I have opted to rock the motif of “A Clockwork Orange” for Halloween, and three of my buddies are joining me as the droogs. One of them is a boxer–his dad actually owns a bunch of equipment and runs a gym, so we’re going to have the protective gear the guys wear in the movie and everything. If you’re wondering, no, the movie has nothing to do with boxing.

We’ll have to do some work to get the groin guards white with athletic tape while not getting the tape stickiness all over them, but I’ve got some good ideas. Rumor has it we’re going to go down to Tempe on Saturday and crash a college Halloween party. At worst people will think we’re Freshmen. It should offer some much needed excitement.

Maggie sent me a picture of herself, all dressed up in her costume. Geez. I wish I were in Madison. She’s got a smokin’ bod if I may say so, and she’s modestly showing off some body line as a female corrections/police officer. Where she got the idea…? Yeah, I did. I asked. Her response, “I don’t know…I just thought it was cute. The model on the package was built the same as me.” Ah, girls. Can’t live without them…can’t live without them.

The team we play tonight is trying to play spoiler. They’re completely out of it. No chance to advance to the playoffs. Our coach also made mention that their coach isn’t the greatest admirer of our program, so we should be prepared for them to leave it all on the field, and toss out every gadget play in their play book. Their team is about as undisciplined and unpredictable as my face, so they could put up something nice, or it could be a big ole mess and us scoring 70-plus points. That’s why you play the game, huh?

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


If Every day Could Start With a Massage

Dontcha know I’d do it in a heart beat?

Or maybe every day should END with a massage. I would honestly be thrilled to wake up every morning, even on the days that really lended themselves to staying under the covers, if I knew I’d get the deluxe treatment of royalty in the evening.

I told my mom she made the biggest mistake in the world by treating me to a massage. And she just said, “Now you understand why your Dad and I work overtime.” Yeah, they both go every two weeks. And I will say this, neither of my parents have had serious health issues, ever! I think there’s a lot to be said of preventative medicine, and looking at massage in that regard, it really does clean out some funk! I drank a gallon of water afterwards…well, maybe a couple liters, and my pee was grotey to the max. And my therapist told me that the massage was going to release a whole lot of nastiness (she said toxins) that were hanging onto my muscles, etc.

I’m actually more sore today from the massage than I was when I went in, which means my muscles must be responding to being put back in place. My face actually looks better than it has in awhile, too!

In all fairness I was a little weirded out when I was told to get naked, but after having to the same thing for the acne facial, I knew I’d be under sheets and a blanket, so what the heck. It’s like going to the doctor, but being happy about being there…

I actually asked if facial massage was good for acne. She said, “Absolutely, it’s going to stimulate the skin, break up levels of toxicity in all tissues…” and about then I fell asleep.

OK. Today. Back to the day. I’ve got to focus in on some potential college stuff. I’ve kind of got things narrowed down to 10 schools, and I’m probably eligible for scholarship through all of them…but if I were to stay in state, I’m pretty much going to be able to go to school for next to nothing. My parents said that’s the one thing that I should be focused on: How to finish college without ANY debt. Yeah, they’re totally speaking a different language. I’m sure I’ll learn all about that crap soon enough.

Corpse Bride in Class…A Good Week

I feel like the most interesting thing about me these days are my zits. Allow me to explain. School is boring the heck out of me. Honestly, the only challenge I feel is on the football field. It has been an amazing season, and I feel special to be part of something special, but I thought my senior year was going to have more…stuff in it.

So, in terms of daily activity, changes, and those types of things, my zits are offering the most excitement in the realm of the unexpected. Today for example, the highlight of my day has been starting “Corpse Bride” in our class. We’re studying different types of animation, and discussing which and why certain styles attract different age groups.

Other than that, open books, close books, read books, write stuff, turn in assignments, take tests and do it all again the next day. The thought of doing this for several more years…? I might need to look into something outrageous at the college level just to keep myself interested.

I’m really only interested in the social aspect of it all, but I have a feeling I’m gonna be a nerd in college – I don’t drink, and don’t plan on it. Then again, maybe I can become the greatest designated driver ever.

So. I tweaked my back in Friday night’s game, and I’m actually going to see a massage therapist after practice today – at the same place where I got that amazing work done on my face back in the day. I’ve never had a massage before, so I’m really, really excited about getting some kinks worked out. No. I don’t think I’m injured. Yes, I’m sore after every game, pretty much. But this one is lingering in my back. Kind of next to, but deep inside my right shoulder blade area. I believe the scientific types call that a scapula.

Speaking of backs, can I just reiterate how thrilled I am that I haven’t had bad back acne…aka bacne? Of course I’ll get the loner, which is easy to deal with, but there are a couple guys on the team who are rockin’ pretty severe cases of back and shoulder zits, and they say that it really does hurt sometimes when they pop the pads.


I do love the week of Halloween. If you’re curious, we won fairly easily on Friday night. 33-9. We’re sitting pretty to move forward.

What should I be for Halloween? Suggestions? Any time I’ve asked for suggestions I’ve never gotten any, so I don’t know why you readers would start offering the love now. I’m thinking of going as the character Alex from “A Clockwork Orange…” This guy:

I think this is a look I can pull off even with a few zits. Of course, Halloween being on a Sunday night, there’ll be tomfoolery going down all weekend long…It should…be pretty awesome. I know that I’ve already heard word around town that the coppers will be looking to make up a little state cash by ticketing individuals who are up to any illegal¬†shenanigans. And they’re really discouraging teenagers from trick or treating. Now that–annoys the heck out of me. I actually caught another blog on it as I signed in today to share. I suppose myself and my droogs will have to turn it out with a bit of the old ultra violence.

Who’s to say someone is too old to trick or treat? I think it would be a much better world if more adults were like kids, out trick or treating without any desire to go to a bar dressed like a d-bag or classy ho and get drunk to get behind a wheel. But then, who am I to share such an opinion. A teen who will most definitely go trick or treating, and will get compliments on my costume, just like I do every year. Yeah. That’s right.

I’ve got a little extra action on my chin today. I think it’s because I was listening to Mags go on and on about beating Minnesota last night. Yeah, of course she’s a Packer-Backer. I tried to explain that being 4-3 wasn’t really something to get entirely excited about, when Brett Favre basically handed them the game, and then she dissed the Cardinals, and rightly so – though we are 3-4. Honestly, this season, I’ll take it.


The Home Stretch

So. This is my first, and in all probability, last competitive football season. We’re squared off against two remaining opponents… our win last week was the beginning of how our playoff system works. Well, basically it was the first game that really mattered.

We’ve won all of these games, and now we really can’t afford to lose one. If we were to lose tomorrow or the next week, we’d basically need a lot of help to play on. Ask me if I’m concerned about the outcome of the next two games, and the answer is no. The weather is starting to swing in our favor, and we’ve been going at it like maniacs in practice this week. Today will be a nice and focused afternoon, and then a good night’s rest. We’ve already finished the season better than the team has in over a decade. And no team has ever gone undefeated for the 10 scheduled games – but right now, it’s all about tomorrow.

How are my zits you ask? They’re doing well. I think Derek Anderson the zit, got the clue that he wasn’t welcome on my face, and he has shown no signs of coming back into my personal field of play. What else?

Oh. We got to see this documentary today called Dive! It was great because the thing was only about 45 minutes long, so we were able to see the whole thing in class. It was funny and quite disturbing. This guy in L.A. did an investigative “dive” into food waste in America, and it’s truly staggering how much excess we have in this country. Like…totally embarrassing. So, what he did was decide to live off the “waste” or the food that is thrown out. Perfectly packaged, maybe cans are dinged up, or meat will expire in a day or something… but it was crazy. He was pulling gourmet food from the dumpster that these places were just throwing away. They won’t donate it to homeless shelters, they dump it and write it off as a loss.

Don’t tell on me, but I think I’m going to head out to my car and take a little snooze before school’s out. I’ve got nothing to study for, nor any homework to focus on, so… I’ll catch a few Zzzzz’s…

A Week of the Unexpected

If you had asked me something I thought I would have never done or that would have never happened before this week, I can honestly say that there are multiple things that I could list. In fact, I believe I shall…

First of all, and I haven’t mentioned this, but I was AT the Saints v. Cardinals game. I was honestly kind of pissed that we won. I don’t know, it’s weird. The fact that Anderson got benched for the rookie Max Hall is awesome for us in terms of the rest of the season. People from these parts KNOW who Max Hall is, and know what he did at BYU, but I felt like last Sunday was a fluke…like we got really lucky against New Orleans B team with Drew Brees still at QB. And I wanted to see the SHOW. No Reggie Bush, no Pierre Thomas – their receivers were non-factors, and honestly, they looked a little lazy off the line.

Monday. The office visit. The judgment of ISS.

This Tuesday. In School Suspension. I did finally tell my parents the whole story. More on that later. Because of the ISS, seriously, my face exploded with F-able zits. The remnants of my day in a hair net are still readily available for visitors to see and enjoy.

As you’re well aware, I followed up my ISS with a confrontation of a teacher, which I had never done before. I’ve had tiffs with authority, but only when I had been in a sour mood, or felt that a teacher was trying to “call me out.” Never their job to do so…but sometimes it is necessary. What I didn’t mention is that when you are issued a suspension, you’re supposed to loose a game. Basically you can dress, but you can’t play. This is something that I was unfamiliar with until after my suspension, so I went straight back to the principal’s office.

I was sitting and waiting, looking like a frickin’ pepperoni pizza, when he walked in.

“I know what you’re here for. Don’t worry–it’s not going to be a further issue. We would have let you know already.”


“Whatever you said to Ms. (yes, her) must have resonated.”

“Really? What happened?”

“I’m not at liberty to discuss it, but let’s just say that you struck a nerve.”

Friday night. Another win. The season is really becoming quite magical. During the game, a ball meant for me was picked off, I quickly chased the Safety down, punched the ball from his grasp, and recovered the fumble. We “lost” about 20 yards, and got a 1st down.

AFTER the game Ms. (yes, her) was waiting for me outside the field house. Huge smile on her face – decked out in school colors. She asked if she could walk me to my car. I agreed. She apologized, said some other really nice things, and I apologized too for “offending you at the assembly…if I really did…” She just laughed, and we left it at that.

Now. I’m off to wash and detail some cars. Enjoy your Saturday.

The Confontation…

You know that feeling you get when you’re going to confront someone about something hard to say? It may not be bad news…it may be good news, or sad news. You still get that feeling.

My ISS was greeted by more oil and grease on my face than I had ever experienced. I think my adrenal glands were working overtime, and my testosterone was off the charts in a silent rage. My face has broken out since Tuesday worse than I can ever remember it. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that I just said screw everything and tossed my skin care aside. You see, these are the moments I keep this blog for. The rage.

Rewind. I’m a lot more calm now. But thinking about it still gets me fired up.

I waited until after school yesterday. I told my coach that I might be a few minutes late for practice, and to please tell my position coach it was for a school activity. When he asked me what I was doing, I came straight out and said it. He just looked at me and nodded. “Any advice?” I asked. “I have no idea what you’re talking about…” he replied. It was on. I knew she had a planning period during the last hour of school, but that she was also overseeing some extra curricular activities post-school day. Once school ended, I went into her classroom and sat at a desk in her front row. Alone. I knew she’d be along shortly.

When she walked in, I didn’t look at her. I could feel her nerve strike its match.

“How can I help you, Mr. (Me)”

“I’ve got a bone to pick.”

“Oh really? I have to assume that it’s not related to academics, being that I’ve never had you in class.”

“You’re as sharp as a tack Ms. (so and so). What’s your problem with athletes? More specifically, why did you feel the need to ride my slip of the tongue into a day of In School Suspension?”

“I don’t really have anything to say to that. What kind of response are you hoping for? An apology?”

“Did I ask for an apology? Seriously, what’s your problem with athletes? —

“You need to leave my classroom. I have activities that I need to prepare for.”

I got up and moved toward the door.

“It’s like you’re always out to make an example of someone. I’ve heard stories of how you talk about the ‘silly nature’ of football in class. I’m a scholar, too, ya know? I take my academic career very seriously. I chose not to tell my parents about the ISS, but maybe I should change my tune. ¬†See if we couldn’t get someone else into this classroom who can teach and support students in things they love to do.”

I stormed out. I felt the underhanded threat was just childish enough to leave the situation. And I wasn’t even late for practice. Awesome.