One More Day…

Maggie gets here tomorrow. She’s coming in early evening, and will stay until Sunday late afternoon. Going to be a crazy time, considering I need to stay focused on Friday…but let’s be honest, you don’t schedule formidable foes for Homecoming. I have to escort this chick at half-time for the ceremony. I really just prefer to be in the locker room. There are a few of us who have to do this, and we all feel the same way.

Anyway, after the game, a bunch of dudes are coming to my place to get ready for the dance, and Maggie is going to a friend-girl’s house to get ready. Then we’ll go there and grab the girls and hit the festivities. We’ve all decided that swank-cas is the way to go. So it’s easy to toss stuff aside when we go to shorts and sweatshirt mode after the dance for the after party. I mean, we’ll be puttin’ down juice boxes at an alarming rate once the midnight hour roles around.

Saturday, we’re going to sleep in and do whatever we feel like doing. Probably watch some serious football action. Some great games to choose from. Maybe go on a hike or something…who knows…whatever she wants to do while she’s here.

I’m working overtime on my face this week. Trying to look as good as possible for the event. It’s great that we live in the digital age where doctoring photos is as common as Derek Anderson losing football games, but I don’t want to be the reason Photoshop is needed.

Speaking of zits. I’m really in the mood for some pizza right now. Probably not the best snack less than 30 minutes before a football practice is to begin, though we will watch film for the first hour. Hmmm… my dilemma.

In my film class today, we were discussing “What makes a great movie?” Man, I’ve got some ridiculous people in that class. People went on and on about everything except the writing. I’ve got your back, writers. I chimed in – “It’s kind of tough to have any of that crap without having a story first.”

Yep. I’m callin’ in a pizza.

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