I Forgot to Complain!

I completely forgot to complain about Derek Anderson yesterday.

Again, I don’t care what you say about Matt Leinart. Had he started, and been the guy, and not have been in a position to compete within the squad, I think the Cardinals would be much better off at present. I love Max Hall, but he’s been busted up…even still, guy gets the nod late in the game on Sunday afternoon, tosses a TD, then in comes Derek Anderson again. You didn’t have to imagine that he might put the Cards up for good – you knew exactly what he was going to do. Exactly. Interception…Game over. I won a steak dinner from my Dad due to that INT drive.

It has been awesome to have Early Doucet back in the mix – man, I think that guy is completely underrated, but he’s gotta stay healthy. Still. Derek Anderson. What do I want for Christmas? Clear skin? No. A trade, or releasing Anderson to the waiver wire? Yes.

I want to punch Ken Wisenhunt in the face sometimes. I don’t get some of these guys. But then I look at the teams like Minnesota and Dallas, who were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders, and they’re worse than we are. Dallas seriously sucks. Romo or no Romo, they would have lost to the Jaguars yesterday. They suck.

You know who I wish we could trade for? Tim Tebow. Yeah, it’ll never happen. He’ll probably be starting for Denver by the end of the season, but that’s the kind of guy we need leading the flock. I’ll take his inexperience over Derek Anderson’s experience at sucking.

My zits are priming for arrival. I’m a nervous wreck about the game tomorrow. Other games in the season come without so much emotional investment. At this point – you lose, and that’s that. So, we’ve gotta go in with only one perspective. Win.

Even though we have the better record, we have to go to their house to play. I suspect it’ll be a hostile environment.

Did you hear that? A zit just pressed through to the surface. F it. F ’em all!

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