New Year’s Eve 2.0

Wow. To think back a year? I can’t believe Maggie and I have been an item for a year. An item… have I just gone doof in the past month? We never really had a conversation about our status…it was just something that kind of came to be, but it has definitely been a year.

I hope your holidays have been spectacular. I have been eating Choxie’s like they’re going out of style, and have really enjoyed hanging out with family. Everyone has been really interested in my football season, wanting stories, videos – all that. And of course, the hot topic is where will I be going to school next fall.

I said I’d have my decision made by now, didn’t I? Well, let me check out a couple more campuses, and then see what happens with applications that are out. I think I’ve got it narrowed down to where I want to go. You’ll just have to be patient.

My skin? The source of fuel for these perfect words I’m impart (yeah, that was terrible)? My skin is still bad. Oh, I don’t know what to think. I let Maggie give me a relaxing facial, since we agreed not to spend much on Christmas presents. I got her something, but it’s personal, and unlike most stuff I spout like a fountain in this forum, it’s staying personal. Anyway, I finally asked her if she really disliked my zits, or if they ever grossed her out. She literally burst into laughter. I guess that’s a good thing. Apparently I seemed a little melodramatic in my line of questioning. Someone with more depth and understanding for my complexion than I have…that’s for certain.

We’re partying with their friends tonight, at the same place where we went last year. It’ll be interesting to see if her old dude shows up. It would be nice to actually have a conversation with him now that all hatchets have been buried and none landed in any flesh. Maggie was telling me that he’s actually changed considerably and has a really sweet girlfriend, so nothing like the New Year to be adventurous and try new things. Forgiveness is always a great thing.

I wish you fellow zit havers a wonderful 2011. I’ll see you in the future!


Sledding 2.0

Oh my gosh. Fair enough, they’re “you’re had to be there” moments… but man, are they awesome!

My cousin basically built a poor man’s version of a bobsled track. When all that snow nailed the northern states last week, and the week before, he went out and started molding track banks with curves and all kinds of stuff close to his place. He then took squirt bottles filled with hot water and started spraying down the surface, creating a flash melt, and then a freeze that made an ice surface.

The only catch to sliding this track is that you need some protective equipment. When you get bumped otherwise, it hurts. So, multiple layers of clothing, plus thick gloves and some knee pads did the trick.

We were trying to break speed records. One of our cousins plays baseball and has a radar gun. Our goal is to hit 40 mph before the end of the break. We haven’t broken 30 yet, and I gotta say, on a sled, it’s terrifying. I was mostly shocked that the girls were so into it. When we’d come up short of a top speed, they’d boo us, and then cheer loudly when we’d break our personal record. Then they’d hop in the sled and go putting down the track, all cute and stuff…

I don’t think I’ll ever get too old to enjoy this. My dad is actually gearing up to join us, since there was a little precip. that came through yesterday. He was hilarious when we went to the local sporting goods joint looking for knee pads. “I can’t hurt my knees, boy. What are the best ones?”

Once the sun has dropped, that’s when we hit it. It’s just more enjoyable. There’s nobody out, and you own the night. Yeah, that was dorky. Peace. I’m off!

Merry Christmas, btw. Happy Holidays to anyone that offends, but if it offends you, seriously, get over yourself.

All of the Sudden I’m a Hobo?

I love my Grandmother. I was just enjoying myself this morning doing nothing, and she asked if I wanted to go with her to the mall and look around for something. Now, I know this is code for, “What do you want for Christmas?” while still trying to make the gift something of a surprise.

I told her I would rather just chill out and watch some ESPN, and she got all huffy with me. “Come on. We’re going to the mall. I won’t take no for an answer, so quite lyin’ around like a hobo, get some clothes on and show me some of those football moves that I missed this year.”

After laughing at her, and having her throw a pillow at me, I hopped in the shower, went to the mall with grams and then we stopped by to see Maggie at work. If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that I’ll see that girl for every second I can while I’m here. I don’t care if she gets sick of me. I gotta take home some reserves, you know?

I got home, and after realizing that my face was not only spotted and speckled with its usual intruders, I noticed that it’s also getting chapped already. Then I got curious about the word hobo, so I looked it up.

It implies a “tramp” or “vagrant.” So, I confronted my Grandmother about this, and let her know that a person watching ESPN doesn’t qualify as a hobo. She asked me, “Do you live here?” I knew where she was going with it, so I just let it at that.


Have you ever been to DFW? This place is hopping with some interesting cats. I have to assume a lot of these people are changing planes, but I think that a lot of them have to be locals, considering “the look.” There’s like a certain “look” here of the people who have money. I’m actually more interested in watching my mom watch them, because she’s kind of a different breed. Haha. She just looked at me with eyes wide open and signaled a gal with boots and a skirt on that has no business wearing what she’s wearing.

The flight from Phoenix was quick and easy. The next leg will be nice, hopefully. It’s beautiful in Madison today – according to Maggie, “beautiful and cold.” I think they’re supposed to maybe get some snow tomorrow, but then it’s looking clear.

I’m going to admit to something now, that I’ve never admitted before. When it’s cold out, I like to use the hand dryers as a shirt warmer. If there is a bathroom with a lockable door, I’ll lock it, take my shirt off, hold it under the dryer for like 2 minutes, then put it back on… all nice and toasty… so nice and toasty. Why do I bring this up? Because I’m freezing right now, and I’m really considering doing it for the first time in a openly public restroom. Think anyone would think I’m weird? I’m gonna do it. I’ll be right back.


One older guy looked at me and said, “That’s a really good idea.” My only reply, “Oh yeah, man!” Of course, I have an undershirt on, but I put my coat in my suitcase, which is checked. I didn’t plan to deal with it until we got to the real cold.

Break is HERE!!! Well, Figuratively…

Have you ever seen the movie Clockwatchers? It was a selection for Sundance back in the late 90s. I really like it, had seen it before, and our film class teach thought it would be funny to put on today. Do you get the irony? Because we’re all watching the clock? Well, the movie has Toni Collette, Parker Posey, Lisa Kudrow and some other gal, and it’s basically about working as a temp. If you don’t know what a temp is, it’s like a substitute employee in the professional world.

Anyway, it is kind of funny, because we’re all watching the clock. This is one of those days in which nothing is accomplished, and everyone is just ready to kick back, catch a flight, hit the road, hop the rails or stand and stare at the absurdity of public places like the mall…or Wal-Mart. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That’s one place I reserve for very late at night.

So. Our plans. I haven’t shared them, have I?

I’ll be going home this afternoon. I will take a shower, which I didn’t have time for this morning. I will wash my face and then look in the mirror when I’ll say to myself, “Someday, brother. Someday you’ll have clear skin, and you’ll be loved for it.” I will smile, then furrow my brow and walk away. I will enjoy Saturday. I will pack Saturday night. We will fly out on Sunday! Sunday night I’ll be cuddled up in the warm embrace of kith and kin, enjoying another Gristhwold Family Christhmath. It’ll be stellar.

Once I’m there, it’ll be wherever the wind and sledding opportunities lead me. And oh, from what I’ve heard, there are some epic sledding opportunities around every corner. My cousin says he has a “surprise.” I’m sure it’s an injury waiting to happen.

The Legend Continues

I was walking down the hall this afternoon, and my English teacher from last year called out to me. Haha. That sounded weird, huh? Called out to me? She yelled my name. I swung by her door, and she let me know that she still follows my blog. I’m flattered. It would be awesome to share it with more people, but in the past year, I’ve gone from a known entity to a well known entity, especially with underclassmen, whom I’m very, very nice to, and because of our football season… maybe when I’m out of here she can pass it along to some students.

I would like to think that I’m a helpful voice, crying out for those who suffer from acne vulgaris. Seriously, that’s what it’s called. Look it up. I’m just happy that my issue is something that I can get pissy about, but I don’t really suffer from. I don’t have terrible cysts on a regular basis or anything, and I have all the use of my body, so there’s really nothing to complain about…except when Derek Anderson comes to town!

Speaking of Anderson, what did you think of Jay Feely on Sunday? What was he thinking? He single handedly outscored the Denver Broncos!? I think that it’s hilarious that at 4-9, and a good chance to go 5-9 after this weekend, we’re still not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I already pity some team who is going to finish with 9 wins and not make the playoffs because of the way the NFL Divisions work… oh well.

I can’t believe it’s Thursday. I’ve got one more test to take – about movies. I’m more than ready for it. We’re often offered the opportunity to write a few short essays, or answering a specific set of questions on these tests. But the essay has to kick butt. I have always opted to go this route. It’s better practice for writing, and then I don’t have to agonize about “Did I answer that one multiple choice question right?” He tests like this stating that we all learn differently, and that he’s only concerned about mastery of the elective material. How can you complain?

I Almost Forgot…

My apologies… how could I forget about you all?

I didn’t forget…are you kidding me? Never! 30 years from now, hopefully zit free, I’ll look back at this fondly. I should probably print all these entries out as proof to my kids that I once had zits. Who knows if the system will still be in place by then. Who knows if I’ll have kids. Who knows if I can have kids? I might be sterile… and they might just wipe the Interwebs clean of all this crap. Could you imagine?

I’ve been particularly social as of late. Attending holiday gatherings with my parents, hanging out with my youth group from church, spending time with school friends and just enjoying the season. Anyone who tries to say that this isn’t one of the most enjoyable times of year – I think they’ve missed the point. Or gotten stressed out by some unnecessary shivy. Btw, shivy is my new word for sh*t, yeah? I’m trying to clean the mouth. I never really had a problem with cursing until I saw a video of me dropping a few bombs. I sounded like an F’n idiot! I decided it was time to reinvest in vocabulary.

My zits. I find them particularly festive this time of year. I was reading my old post, from Chicago O’Hare International, and I actually made myself laugh. I’m sure I’ll deal with a similar situation this year, except for the fact that we fly through Dallas. And that’s a big deal, because it’s not only a flight through Dallas, but on the way back, a stop in the area for a look at TCU in Fort Worth. Mom and the sibs will head on through, but I’m gonna check out the school with Dad. Not a lot will be going down, but I just want to get a lay of the land.

Was I just talking about my zits? My brain is elsewhere. Thinking of fireplaces, snow, sledding, Mags and those dang Choxie truffles.

Talk soon.