John Hughes Week in Film Class

Man. If there was ever a guy who understood the plight of the zitty folks like myself–folks being teenagers struggling with the funkies–it was John Hughes. You’re probably familiar with John Hughes, then again, you’re probably not. This week in our film class, we’re offering a week to his work based on the fact that so many people in the class had no clue who he was. One chick hadn’t even heard of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Seriously. Hadn’t seen it, OK. Had never heard of it? What the heck is wrong with her parents?

So, our teach, who has easily become my favorite teacher this year, declared that this week would be John Hughes week. Yesterday we started Home Alone, which Hughes wrote and produced. It’s appropriate. I forgot how funny that movie was. We finished it today. Tomorrow we’re going to dip into a collection of scenes from films he either wrote, directed or both. Then on Thursday and Friday we’re going to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I think it’s going to re-start a few trends that were probably big back in the day. I’ve seen the movie like, 100 times, but it’s going to be fun to see the reaction of some classmates who have never seen it before.

We got our Christmas travel arrangements finalized last night. Whole family (all 5 of us) are heading to Madison from December 19th – Jan. 2nd. I’ve got a couple weeks to get the complexion clear of ugliness. A few connect the dots from place to place are OK, but you can roll to your girl who you haven’t seen in over two months and look like the before picture on a Proactiv commercial.

Speaking of. I’m about to try the stuff. If I’m completely honest, which I always am, I’m incredibly skeptical of everything, and I struggle to buy into what celebrities are trying to sell me, but I think that zits and acne are something that we can all come together on. I don’t think they’d lie about that. I think maybe, just maybe, it’s a pain that is universal to the sufferer.

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