I’m Awesome…Sometimes

For multiple reasons. Today for example, I did, I was home “sick” from school. I really can’t handle being attacked on the face. It hurts, and I know that if I can’t just sit with my eyes closed for a few minutes/hour, I’ll have a headache that I won’t be able to deal with.

So, I stayed home from school today, but I’ve cleaned the entire house. No, I’m not kissin’ up to the parents. I just needed to do some thinking, and I feel like when you’re cleaning, or working physical tasks, it’s the easiest time in the world to think. Thought about a lot of stuff. Thought about accidentally falling off a bridge, because the wind was blowing so hard, thought about Christmas vacation, thought about the various pros and cons of different college choices. Thought about what I might eventually do professionally. I’m not really driven in a direction right now. I’d be happy working with my hands in building houses or punching figures into a computer. I guess I’ve got time to decide. I think I might even be interested in teaching, or coaching. I thought about all that stuff, and apparently it’s really good for getting a bathroom nice and shiny.

Working tomorrow. Gonna try and put in a lot of hours between now and Christmas break. Have a few bucks to spend on stuff while I’m in Madison. I don’t like to have to use other people’s money to see movies and stuff like that. Call me a weirdo, but I’m sure people take you more seriously and view you as more independent based on such silly scenarios. They do in this country at least. I’m sure in other countries you command respect by size and strength, or your ability to transport cattle on a cart pulled by a bicycle or something.

Did I mention that I’ve been invited to the BCS National Championship Game on Jan. 10th? I think Auburn will beat the crap out of the representative from the PAC-10. I’m banking on Auburn coming in focused. If they’re focused, I really think they’re unbeatable. I’m REALLY excited to be there. I’m sure it’ll cleanse the palate of the stadium after the Cardinals have played there this year…and then that Fiesta Bowl is going to be a joke.

OK. I’m gonna take a shower, and then rub some stuff on this zit. It’s screaming at me for bending over so much today. Then I’ll probably have a nap.

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