I’m 18. Cool.

I didn’t tell you all it was my birthday, because I didn’t want you all worried about sending me gifts and presents and things like that. Do I feel differently as I did yesterday? Nah. Do I feel like I’m old enough to go and die for my country? Nah, not really. Personally I think the people who vote to go to war should have to actually GO to war, but that’s just me.

We’re havin’ a little shindig at my place tonight, my parents are hosting the gathering, but then they’re gonna bolt with the youngers, see a movie and stay at a motel. How cool are they? Seriously? Since they’re not drinkers, I don’t have to worry about anyone jackin’ the booze, and if anyone tries to bring any I’ll know it…so, they trust me. Now. In regards to burning the place down, I can’t promise that I don’t love playing with fire. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I wish Maggie was able to make it over, but I don’t think that’s in the stars this time around…

Have I done a birthday post before? Did I have a fake birthday when I was all paranoid about someone figuring out who I was with this blog? I was seriously paranoid when I first started writing, so I might have falsified a few things. Then I figured the zits were the dead giveaway, and then adding extra-curricular activities, so I just said screw it, and decided to open the book. Anyway, I don’t think I did, but legitimately, you can mark your calendars. January 28. And I love that it hit on a Friday. Lucky boy.

If I’m completely honest, I really hoped that my zits would be lesser by now, but what can I say? They’re certainly not at their peak, but I’m hardly looking newborn smooth. Don’t suppose I’ll ever enjoy that again…That’s kind of depressing. Then again, I guess your skin takes a serious beating through the years, so I’m just happy to have mine!

I’m out. I’m dreaming of cupcakes, cupcakes and cupcakes…



So. We’re actually have to do some work in my film class. But it’s work of the enjoyable variety. We have to compose a scene from a screenplay, and also have to summarize the entire story. I’ve decided my hero would be a boy with zits. I have no idea where I was inspired by such a main character, or storyline. I mean really, talk about a stroke of creative genius.

I have been listening to a ton of Led Zeppelin lately. I know I’ve said this before, but how spoiled are any of you reading this who actually got to enjoy this band during their day. Sure, I know I’ve got Ke$ha, but…

I say that because I’m lost in the “Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You,” and good holy goodness this song is just dripping in a roller coaster of emotion. Are you familiar? Plant just going…then Page takes over…gooooooodnessssssss. I think a zit just popped because the music flowing between my ears. Or perhaps the sound wave is so awesome that it actually cures acne. I think that’s what it is. And I think that’s why Justin Bieber has acne, and had to jump on the Proactiv train, because his music actually causes acne, or creates an environment where the bacteria can thrive and gain serious momentum in the skin. It actually dances to Justin Bieber. Seriously.

Should I continue with the absurdity?

Here’s one for you in the acne realm. My little sister suggested I use make-up to cover my “pimples.” I asked her if she’d oblige, by concealing them for me. She did. It’s the first time I’ve been tempted to post a personal photo on this blog.

She is so adorable, when she’s not being annoying, and her idea of make-up is that you have to do it all. Not only did she cover my zits for me, but she opted to offer a little color to my eyes, and glossed my lips. I look pretty close to this.

A least I could pass for a zitty rock star.



You ever see that movie? Accepted? Yeah. Pretty crappy. Justin Long cracks me up, but the movie was…heh. Anyway, in a twist of coincidence, I was accepted to Fort Lewis College in Durango. Quick processing, I guess? Maybe they could just see my potential through the application process. I’m already leaning on my parents to head over for a visit, the problem lies in the fact that we’ll probably need to drive. And it’s a bit of a hike – but it’s manageable in a day.

Now it’s time to start weighing my final three and make a freakin’ decision. A decision that will change my life and my zitty face forevermore. I feel that all three choices will be accepting of me as a zit-having fellow that I am, and that I’ll somehow figure out something to focus on in regards to academia. Wanna talk about not having a clue? I don’t have any clue what I want to major in. I wish I could major in being financially successful regardless of career path. That’s just not the way things work, though, is it?

Part of me is interested in technology, part of me maybe wants to teach and coach, part of me wants to make movies. And if I choose the latter, I’ll probably end up doing some summer filmmaking program, or some graduate program. I can get enough education at the other schools that will help with certain aspects of such a choice, but right now, I really…don’t…have a clue what I’d like to do.

I’m open to suggestions. That’s where you come in, spammers loyal readers, to help me out in moving forward with this funny little thing called life.

Oh yes. Life…

That’s Life!

The Sun Will Screw Your Skin

How crazy has the NFL season been?

How crazy? I can’t believe that my Cardinals were in the Super Bowl two seasons ago, and now they’re back to the drawing board. We’re gonna lose Fitzgerald in the off-season, I’m confident. Rumor has it, Kansas City, but I could see him in a multitude of places. Whatever happened to players sticking with a team. My dad was telling me that when John Elway was with the Broncos, they were embarrassed in a couple Super Bowls before they put it all together toward the end of his career, and they won back to back championships.

Anyway, I’m really excited for this weekend’s match-ups and to see who is going to push to the Super Bowl. Who do you like…readers who never comment?

Yeah, I know. You just come here to see what I’m complaining about in the realm of my zits. You’ll be happy to know that I’m fighting like a champ. I’ll never quit. Never. Ever. It is interesting to really see that my skin is changing. Thickening…getting stubbly and hairy.

Fortunately, unlike a lot of kids at my school, I’ve taken good care of my skin in relation to the sun. Too many people enjoy too much sun exposure. My economics teacher isn’t even 30 years old, and she’s an AZ native, and she has had too much sun. She complains about it all the time. Seriously. She literally has a Coppertone Sport poster in her room. If you come in with a sunburn (which I looked like I had after my snowboarding adventures), she makes you come up and sign it/autograph it. I talked my way out of it, as mine was clearly windburn.

Anyway, I can handle the zits, when compared to the damage the sun does to your skin. If you don’t realize it, or don’t think that your skin is damaged because you can’t see it, just ask your doctor or dermatologist what they think!

Deliverance. Now I Can’t Sleep

Have you seen Deliverance? I watched this one on my own… Now, I’m surfing the Internet, not really having anything to look at or accomplish, but I can’t sleep. The movie isn’t really scary, but it’s completely and totally terrifying. I’d like to think things like that don’t happen, but I’m confident that they do.

That movie really holds up well. It was made in 1972, and has four leading men who have had ridiculously successful careers. Burt Reynolds plays the lead with Jon Voight, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox. Anyway, I had heard enough jokes about the film to think, “This thing must offer quite an impression.” So, I Netflix’d it.

Do I recommend it? I do. I think it is quite a ride. It’ll make your skin crawl, and you’ll probably cheer for some vigilante violence. I know I did.

I’ll wake up with zits tomorrow. When my mind starts racing, it’s an inevitability. Not to mention the fact that I won’t be getting very much sleep tonight. Maybe I should put on something else. I’m sure that’ll put me out. Something nice and boring…hmmmm…when I think snooze fest, what…do…I…think…of?

Now I’m tired. Shuffling through the Netflix instant watch is quite relaxing, and exhausting. I’m going to go to bed and dream about squealing pigs, running rivers and adventures gone awry.

Ohp. I just felt one. A pimple press through the under layer of my inner layer. So exciting!

Cue banjo.


I Broked my Pinker

My righter-roo. I literally hit a tree. There wasn’t a whole lot of action at my level at this place we went to over the weekend. I decided to hit the hardest runs available. I was enjoying every second of it until my Mom decided she wanted to go with me. She’s a skier, and used to be pretty proficient on the long feet, but I was really worried about her on the black. So, I wasn’t paying attention to myself, and I was getting way closer to a line of trees than what I thought.

I tried to turn frontside at the last second, and my right hand kind of flew out behind me and whipped into a beautiful pine. It flipped me around for a pretty gnarly bite. My Mom didn’t even notice. She just kept truckin’ down the hill. Classic.

When I got to the bottom she says, “What happened to you? I looked over and didn’t see you anywhere.”

“I was stuck in a tree, ma!”

We thought that was a cue for some hot-cocoa. When I took off my glove, it was obvious my pinky wasn’t quite right. It’s all jacked up at the tip. I went to the doc this morning, and it’s an avulsion fracture. Basically, my tendon has been torn away from the bone. So I have to wear this little finger cast thing, or my finger will forever be crooked.

Nah, it didn’t stop my weekend when it happened. I just grabbed some tape from the car and taped the sucker to my right ring finger. Please. Miss precious minutes of thrill-seeking for a broken finger?

Hey! I also remembered to clean my helmet and my goggles this weekend. I’m hopeful that our family adventure won’t result in anymore f-able zits. I don’t feel anything below the surface, or see any signs on the surface, so whattaya know, dermatologists actually might know something about caring for the skin!? Who woulda thunk.

Another Weekend Ride

Whole fam damily is hitting the slopes this weekend! Hahaha. Yeeeeeehawwww! I believe they refer to that as a rebel yell?

I think my parents must have had some kind of conversation about us doing more as a family. I think it’s because I’m getting close to be out of the house. I’m sure, given the economic forecast, I’ll be moving back in after my collegiate run. That’d be funnier if my parents read this blog. I’m not planning to move back in–I can always wash and detail cars in any U.S. city.

So. This weekend, we’re going to try some new place north of us, in the Flagstaff area. I’ve never been there, but my parents used to go there years ago. It’s under new ownership, and is apparently great for families. We don’t wanna iso the youngers, so there’s tubing and stuff. I’m hopeful that we have a really, really fun time there together, so maybe I can talk my parents into doing a Colorado trip before the end of the season. I’m aching to get over there for a visit and some snow action.

So. I can’t believe it has slipped my mind, but while I’m speaking of snowboarding, I found it funny that I had two matching zits develop this past week on my cheekbones. Have to be from my goggles last weekend. It’s hard to know you’re sweating when it’s freakin’ freezing out. But add to that the chappage factor, and I didn’t stand a chance. I can put my fingers on both zits, one on each cheek, and it’s right where my goggles really press to my face. I didn’t really think about the fact that I didn’t clean them before riding last weekend. That’s kind of gross. That’s blatantly ignoring my dermatologists advice about sporting equipment.

Would love to stay and chat, but there’s a quick car ride calling my name.