Family is a Great Thing

I didn’t really mention a whole lot about my family while enjoying Christmas vacation. I don’t know if I’m bragging on them, or just commenting on their coolness factor. I love being in high school, and not really having a curfew. When I was in Madison for break, my aunt, who you may remember discovered this blog last year during the holiday season…? Anyway, she let me know that she has followed it religiously for the past year, and she said that this blog makes her “swell with pride.”

After laughing, I asked her why. I guess she sees me as exemplary. I don’t. Just normal. But then I started thinking about it, and I can understand that it is a little different for me to be in high school and not really have a whole lot of interest in the things of so many of my peers. I don’t drink. Don’t smoke. I party harder than those people, but keep it legal…generally speaking. No damage that can’t be undone. Anyway, I think it’s because my family is so cool. My parents have always trusted me, and have kept those lines of communication open since I was a pre-teen. Letting me know that if I made the right decisions that I would enjoy more freedom than any other teenager I knew. At first it kind of went in one ear and out the other, but wow, I now realize how good I have it.

That being said, let’s drastically shift the focus of my written assault on your eyes to zits. It’s been awhile since I’ve complained of a biggie. ‘Member that one behind my ear that I was talking about the other day? I popped that sucker today in a class, and it was awful. I never knew so much blood flowed to that region of the body. Sorry. That’s gross, I know…but I couldn’t get that thing to stop bleeding. Before lunch, I went to my old science teacher, and asked him which foods are best for coagulation… “Vitamin K foods, ” he said… “What’s the problem?” he asked. “I’ve got a bleeder,” my reply. He suggested a spinach salad, and suggested more of that food type in my diet on a permanent basis.

See there. I bet you just learned something!


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