Hump Day

I really hate that phrase. Hump day. It’s completely misleading. You would possibly think it was overtly sexual, but nope, just a device created by some dude somewhere who hated his job, and had to refer to midweek as getting over the hump. I don’t dread Mondays. Sure, I look forward to that inevitable energy of the slide toward the weekend that seems to happen on Thursday, but referring to Wednesday as hump day? It’s too camel-y for me.

My feet have been cold lately. Is that metaphorical or literal? Both. Definitely both. A little nervous as to what’s around the corner. I haven’t committed to anything, and I’m a commitment type. I like to make a choice and go at it…but then, it has been freezing lately, and for some reason, when I have my shoes on, my feet get really cold. Maybe I need to have a talk with my parents about the insulation in our household. I don’t really have the problem at school. I find myself wishing we had carpet in our place instead of that wood laminate stuff. My floor is rug-covered. Shaggy. IKEA style.

It has been rather uneventful at school lately. I’m pretty much done with everything I need to do to graduate. I just need to punch the clock, log my hours, etc. My classes aren’t easy, per se, but they’re enjoyable, so it’s not a pain to do the work. Everyone says that’s the key to success in college.

In my film class, we’ve been discussing screenplays, and we’re going to watch some of the nominees for best screenplays from the past. Nominees from the Oscars, I should say. I’d prefer the Independent Spirit films, but they’re generally all rated-R, and every time we want to view a rated R movie in class, it’s a fiasco. Parental permission, etc. Most everyone is of age, but parents still have to be contacted. I’m sure you can understand why.

That’s all I got. And some soreness developing from some under grounders. I just don’t stand a chance. And I think I’m growing. Sleeping like crap lately.

3 Responses

  1. poop

  2. this was so wonderful it brought me to tears :’) thank you so much i leave this website a changed person


  3. the dog says moo
    the cat says ribbit
    the horse says bark
    the cow says meow

    ..its an endless cycle

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