Deliverance. Now I Can’t Sleep

Have you seen Deliverance? I watched this one on my own… Now, I’m surfing the Internet, not really having anything to look at or accomplish, but I can’t sleep. The movie isn’t really scary, but it’s completely and totally terrifying. I’d like to think things like that don’t happen, but I’m confident that they do.

That movie really holds up well. It was made in 1972, and has four leading men who have had ridiculously successful careers. Burt Reynolds plays the lead with Jon Voight, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox. Anyway, I had heard enough jokes about the film to think, “This thing must offer quite an impression.” So, I Netflix’d it.

Do I recommend it? I do. I think it is quite a ride. It’ll make your skin crawl, and you’ll probably cheer for some vigilante violence. I know I did.

I’ll wake up with zits tomorrow. When my mind starts racing, it’s an inevitability. Not to mention the fact that I won’t be getting very much sleep tonight. Maybe I should put on something else. I’m sure that’ll put me out. Something nice and boring…hmmmm…when I think snooze fest, what…do…I…think…of?

Now I’m tired. Shuffling through the Netflix instant watch is quite relaxing, and exhausting. I’m going to go to bed and dream about squealing pigs, running rivers and adventures gone awry.

Ohp. I just felt one. A pimple press through the under layer of my inner layer. So exciting!

Cue banjo.


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