I’m Taking my Zits…

…to the mountains of Durango, Colorado.

I think it became obvious when I was there that I kind of fell in love with everything about the city. I don’t know whether to consider it a city or town. Technically, I know it’s the city of Durango, but you know, I’m thrilled to become a resident of said city or town for the bulk of my yearly livin’.

I’m so happy to have this decision out of the way. I’m a full two months behind on making it, but I think it’s pretty incredible that had I made my decision before Christmas like I had been saying I would, I wouldn’t have really even considered my final choice. I’m thrilled to be going to a smaller, lesser known school. No, I won’t be able to claim true alumni fan-ship of a super power, but I’ve got a lot of options for work and play in this new community.

I had a chat with my zits before I declared my final decision, and they were really excited about seeing some new territory and exploring more of the old west. They’ve been a little antsy lately, and I’m thinking that their problem may be rooted in the SOS of everydayedness. You like that word, huh? Yeah. You can use it. In fact, I’ve noticed a real depressed nature to my zits – like, if they’re stuck on my face everyday, they need a change.

I was chatting with Mags about it, and she still hasn’t made a decision as to where she’s going. I think she wants to check out Fort Lewis now, but for some reason doesn’t want to say it–nothing like a public “outing” to get someone to open their mouth. I tried to wait to spout until she had pulled the trigger, but I just need this aspect of the process to be over and done with. And now it is. And I couldn’t be more excited.


Where Will I Go…

Are you dying to know? Well, as of now there are just a few people who know where I’ll be attending college beginning this fall. Even though I won’t enroll until fall, I’m considering a move there over the summer to settle in, maybe snag some employment or enjoy some…stuff…

I’ve still got to tell a few family members what I have decided and take and final feedback, but if you’re half as intrigued about my formal education as you are about the pustules that form on my face regularly, you’ll be excited to tune into F My Zits, the official home of yours truly, before the end of the month–could be tomorrow, could be Monday–to find out where I’ll go.

Will I continue to struggle with my zits in this new locale? Are my zits as excited to venture outside the confines of the nest? Learn the answers to all of these questions and more…

Speaking of ventures, I’m thinking about running track. I know I’ve mentioned that a few times, and I’ve actually been doing some after school workouts. There’s a March deadline for becoming a member and needing to be out there training on a daily basis with the team. I really have no idea what events I might try, but I’ve got the green light from the coach (one of our football assistant coaches) to try whatever I might enjoy. He has suggested that I attempt to find something on the track and in the field, and that they’ll do their best to put me where I’ll have a lot of individual success, which will also help in team standings.

My plan is to do some serious road work over the next couple of weeks to try and really increase my endurance. I think that is going to let me know what I might be more geared towards. I think maybe 400m or 800m, and I think I might like to try the triple jump and high jump.

I figure it’s my last opportunity to try something new like this so I might as well, you know?

Back to the Epi(c)dermis

A lot on my mind. Yep. Tune in later this week for my declaration of a collegiate destination. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not in Arizona.

Heading back to the dermatologist this afternoon. I’m honestly going to be more open minded about the options on the table. I’m going to attempt to beg into a good over-the-counter acne treatment, because I really don’t want to take oral drugs to dry out my follicles or kill the bacteria which is all over my face irregardless of what I take. I don’t know. I’m just a “body is my temple” type, and while I’m game to put a little funk on my face to get rid of the bio-funk, I don’t wanna funk up my insides.

Oh. I almost forgot to make mention. There was an epic fight in the hallway today… …between TWO CHIX! And it was over a dude. I’m not talking open-hand slap fight like kittens, I’m talking balled-up fists of fury. They didn’t bother pulling hair or anything of the sort. Just went at it like a couple of pros. It didn’t last long, because a teacher got in there after about 20 seconds, but I gotta say, it was quite impressive. There was even a little bloodshed.

I know the guy they were fighting over, and apparently he digs both chix, but is really good friends with only one of the girls, and the other girl decided to put down some smack. They used to be really good friends. Seriously. Two 18 year old girls acting like they were 6. Not a lot of words. Not that I heard, at least. My timing was perfect today–I don’t even venture down the hall in that direction, but really needed a quick bathroom break and the next thing I knew, hair everywhere. It’s going to be cute to see them both on ISS tomorrow.

Thank You, Dead Presidents

I love a day off. I didn’t realize we were getting today off until last Thursday. I thought I’d jumble some words together before hopping in the shower and heading out for the day. I could run into the lot and get a few hours logged, but I think it’s important to take these holidays off, and do a little introspective thinking. Don’t you think so?

Today I’m going to drive over to Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdale. A fairly easy hike, but it is so beautiful up there. I’ve heard many people complain about Phoenix being a desert wasteland, but I think that’s because they get stuck here in the summer, and don’t really have any direction as to where to go or what to do. This time of year, it’s actually quite chilly on some days, and downright cold at night, but it’s beautiful. Clear. Sunny. The mountains – I just never tire of them.

I can’t hang out at the house when the siblings are home and off from school. It’s great fun being around them on most days, but for some reason, they tend to be out of control on the final day of a 3 day weekend. It’s so much better to have the Friday off…then everyone still seems to be in normal mode.

Oh. You’ll love this. I certainly do. My younger brother has now gone to asking about my zits. The other day he asked, “Is that a zit by your lip, or a pimple?” I just stared at him, then smacked him in the head. So annoying. I mean, really? Really? I told him to look it up. Which he promptly did. “Ohhhhh. Zits and pimples are the same thing.”

So. Getting out of the house today. They’ve got extra-curricular activities as the afternoon rolls around, so I can reclaim my territory then.

Durango, See…Ohhhh

It is so beautiful here. The mountains are blanketed in white in the distance, and around town. It’s such a cool, small American town. I gotta say, I think I’m in love with this place. My face was a mess coming here. The anxiety-based anticipation…but now that we’re here? Wow. Wow. Wow. I can already feel it clearing up. No. No, I can’t, but I could see myself here with clear skin.

I really wish Maggie were here. She’d love it here. It’s so beautiful here. I was chatting with the desk clerk at our motel, and he said that it’s arguably just as beautiful during every season. It kind of sounds like I’m leaning in a direction, doesn’t it? I’m not making any statements…yet. I’m still glazed over from the emotional response of my surroundings, and I’ll have to let my brain back into this decision making process at some point.

We’re going to the closest ski resort tomorrow. It used to be called┬áPurgatory, but it’s now the Durango Mountain Resort. We’re gonna stay the night there on Saturday, then come back and bum around town on Sunday afternoon after we hit the slopes on the morning. Then we head out on Monday.

We’re going up to the campus here in just a few minutes, and I’m really excited to have a walk around while classes are going on. I’m gonna sit in on a class, and kind of get a feel for the classroom environment. I’m thinking that’s probably an important aspect to a college education.

When we got into town last night we ate at this great pizza joint. I can’t remember the name of it, but I’m already craving another visit. Gonna have to do that again tonight, then we’ll probably catch a movie or something. I gotta find the places where I’ll spend a lot of time, you know?

More later.


I get to do taxes this year. And I get to claim full exemption. Full time student. Man, I’m gonna do my best to understand how this stuff works. I know it’s something that everyone complains about, because it just flat out sucks that we have to give up any of the money we earn. Then, it’s also nice to have roads and such. But, I’m really excited to get some tax return.

Because I worked in two states, I’ll have to file state returns in both Wisconsin and Arizona. I think if I get a good grasp on this crap now, it’ll make easy sense as I get older and have to start filing with deductions and things like that. My parents are allowed to claim me, as well, so I plan to let them keep doing that until they can’t. I think it’s up until 23? Random, I know. Considering we’re all living longer now, and that we’re not going to have any social security left by the time we “retire,” I think parents should be able to claim their children longer for tax allowance purposes.

That makes me sound smart, huh? I just read it in a magazine.

Anyway, I should get my return really soon, so I’ll be able to set it aside for some Spring Break activity, or just sit on it for awhile. I thought about taking whatever I get back, and putting it all on what I see as a guaranteed upset in some realm of sports. There’s just not really any good stuff to bet on these days. And that’s probably not a good habit to get into, huh? Would be fun though.

I don’t even know what I’m getting back yet, because I have yet to file. But I do know that I can do it all online. Come on! Big money, Uncle Sam!


Valentine’s Day…Or is it Valentime’s?

It’s the worst. I’m not the grammar police, but I get the biggest kick out of words that are misunderstood, either in mishearing or speaking. Valentine’s vs. Valentime’s is an all time favorite. I’m also a big fan of especially vs. exspecially. Gotta love the Regional/Cultural Americanization of words.

So. For Valentine’s Day, it kinda sucks to not have your Valentine around. But I have to agree with many of my male counterparts. It’s the worst holiday. Just the worst. It blows my mind how hard niche-businesses push their crap for February 14th. I wish I had a friend who had a birthday on Valentine’s Day, because then I could make good excuses from avoiding Valentine’s Day parties and stuff to go to a birthday party. Maybe I’m just bitter, 1.) because my lady is so far away… and 2.) because I’m heartless.

Seriously. I survive without a single heart. I’m like a worm. I have multiple hearts. They’re my zits. It’s time to let the secret out. I’ve only been slow playing you for quite some time, because I didn’t want to seem so “out of the norm.” I mean really, how do you explain to someone that it’s not acne on your face, rather many small hearts, working in harmony with the brain to pump the liters of blood that course through my body.

This is why Valentine’s Day doesn’t really make sense to me. I apologize. It’s just the way I was made. I’m trying to make the most of it. I’m just happy that I eventually learned to love with so many fleeting hearts. I can love in a way that holds true, even as some hearts dissipate and others develop. That’s pretty impressive. Pretty. Impressive.

Yep. I hate my zits.

*Taking a bow. Throwing a peace sign.*