Zits With Accompaniment

I could have sworn that I said something about the gift I got for my birthday…? But I didn’t. I checked the archives. I got a new guitar. It’s nice. A sweet little Takamine acoustic-electric. I can strum a few chords, but I really don’t have a clue how to play the thing. I’ll just put on music and try and slide some sort of something that works into the mix.

But, I’ve got my first guitar lesson today. I’m seriously very nervous. I have no idea why? I guess I’d like to be good at it, and there’s always a chance with music that you just won’t be. I think a simple viewing of American Idol, and you know this to be true. Anyway, I don’t need to be Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page, but then, we do have stuff in common… we’re all human beings.

Ultimately, I’m really excited to be able to sing to my zits once I can play a few songs on la guitarra, and who knows what will come of that? If I’m bad enough, they might even go away. Or if I’m good enough, they might honor my wishes and piss off. Well. That probably pissed them off, suggesting they piss-off. Especially the one that is presently hidden by my right eyebrow. Beast.

When I say hidden, I mean it’s in there somewhere. I can touch it, feel it when blink or breathe heavily and know it’s speaking to me. But look in the mirror, and you wouldn’t know it exists. Yo. These are the ones I don’t mind. It’ll be gone in a couple of days either naturally or by execution. Should have asked permission to hunt in my eyebrows. It didn’t. So, I’ll give it a day to leave the premises peacefully.


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