I get to do taxes this year. And I get to claim full exemption. Full time student. Man, I’m gonna do my best to understand how this stuff works. I know it’s something that everyone complains about, because it just flat out sucks that we have to give up any of the money we earn. Then, it’s also nice to have roads and such. But, I’m really excited to get some tax return.

Because I worked in two states, I’ll have to file state returns in both Wisconsin and Arizona. I think if I get a good grasp on this crap now, it’ll make easy sense as I get older and have to start filing with deductions and things like that. My parents are allowed to claim me, as well, so I plan to let them keep doing that until they can’t. I think it’s up until 23? Random, I know. Considering we’re all living longer now, and that we’re not going to have any social security left by the time we “retire,” I think parents should be able to claim their children longer for tax allowance purposes.

That makes me sound smart, huh? I just read it in a magazine.

Anyway, I should get my return really soon, so I’ll be able to set it aside for some Spring Break activity, or just sit on it for awhile. I thought about taking whatever I get back, and putting it all on what I see as a guaranteed upset in some realm of sports. There’s just not really any good stuff to bet on these days. And that’s probably not a good habit to get into, huh? Would be fun though.

I don’t even know what I’m getting back yet, because I have yet to file. But I do know that I can do it all online. Come on! Big money, Uncle Sam!


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