I’m Taking my Zits…

…to the mountains of Durango, Colorado.

I think it became obvious when I was there that I kind of fell in love with everything about the city. I don’t know whether to consider it a city or town. Technically, I know it’s the city of Durango, but you know, I’m thrilled to become a resident of said city or town for the bulk of my yearly livin’.

I’m so happy to have this decision out of the way. I’m a full two months behind on making it, but I think it’s pretty incredible that had I made my decision before Christmas like I had been saying I would, I wouldn’t have really even considered my final choice. I’m thrilled to be going to a smaller, lesser known school. No, I won’t be able to claim true alumni fan-ship of a super power, but I’ve got a lot of options for work and play in this new community.

I had a chat with my zits before I declared my final decision, and they were really excited about seeing some new territory and exploring more of the old west. They’ve been a little antsy lately, and I’m thinking that their problem may be rooted in the SOS of everydayedness. You like that word, huh? Yeah. You can use it. In fact, I’ve noticed a real depressed nature to my zits – like, if they’re stuck on my face everyday, they need a change.

I was chatting with Mags about it, and she still hasn’t made a decision as to where she’s going. I think she wants to check out Fort Lewis now, but for some reason doesn’t want to say it–nothing like a public “outing” to get someone to open their mouth. I tried to wait to spout until she had pulled the trigger, but I just need this aspect of the process to be over and done with. And now it is. And I couldn’t be more excited.

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