Cystic Acne Sucks

I have never had an acne cyst. Until now. It’s on the bottom of my jaw, kind of where the hinge in the bone is if that makes sense? Just when I thought I was making progress with these freaking zits, and I get nailed with the grand daddy of them all. I’ve had some serious undergrounders that have taken a few days to develop an explosive warhead, but nothing like this. This thing feels like it is growing out of my jawbone.

I really don’t know what brought this thing on, but it’s a source of stress. I can’t be developing this crap. This type of acne I know is what causes those awful face craters. I know they’re scars, but let’s be honest, these look like craters. They’re maybe not as bad as burn scars, but they’re certainly not cool like an Indiana Jones scar or something.

I’m not overly concerned that I’m going to experience a bunch of acne scars or anything like that, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s annoying as all the annoyances in the world. In the world, I say. It hurts so bad. That’s the real problem. The pain. When I chew something that is beyond tender, it hurts. Hurts. Aches. So, I’ve been drinking a lot of water and avoiding things that go crunch. What I know about these suckers is that there’s nothing you can do from the outside that is going to help. If you squeeze, you’re in danger of making them even worse, and bigger. You gotta drink a ton of water and eat stuff that helps the body heal itself.

Beyond the bastard that has set up shop on my jaw, things are pretty sweet these days. I’m a little restless, but just filling my boredom by heading into work and logging a few hours. Track is going well. We’re having an intrasquad meet today. I’m running the 800 today, and I think that’s gonna gauge what I could do in the 400, or even in the mile. I have good sprinting speed, but I’m not gonna run under 11 seconds in the 100 meter dash ever. So, maybe stick me in a relay or something…? I don’t know. I’m still just learning what some of these events are. And I’m also Triple Jumping today.

Have a great weekend, and send me some anti-cystzit vibes, would ya?


Shouldn’t we be in School Right now?

Yes. We should.

Ever been at school and been released due to someone pulling a fire alarm? What are people thinking. If I were a school administrator at this school, it would be so hard to take such a threat or claim seriously, even still, it has to be taken seriously. Anyway, they asked us to stick around while authorities looked into it. I didn’t realize how often this crap happens. I was just looking into it online. Guess it has/had been a prank for years, and had kind of lost its mojo post-Columbine, and post 9/11. I don’t really remember any of that stuff. I mean, I remember it, but I was young, so it just kind of went in one ear and out the other.

What most people have forgotten is that the stupidity started in Arkansas. A year before what happened in Columbine. I guess I’m lucky that I go to a school that isn’t that large, nor are there isolated individuals who – you know – I dunno. I guess they’re always out there. People who just snap, or lose it. A Freshman was expelled recently for screwing around with a pocket knife and accidentally cutting one of his friends. Off to alternative school he went. Huh. Did I just figure something? I don’t think so. Just the way my mind works.

Anyway. I just came home. Popped that zit on my chin. Again. I think the funk is out of it now… They wanted us to hang out until the fire department came to reset the system, and check everything out, but I’ll just head back to campus for track practice. I don’t have time to sit around and not do anything, so I came home to take a nap. I’m still tired from the weekend runaround. It was good stuff. But I’m ready to rack for a few minutes.

Can you believe I have less than 8 weeks of high school left? I can’t believe it. That’s why I was asking you, the Internetters. To see if perhaps I have miscalculated my future. I’m dozing as I write this, so I’ll holler again soon. Plenty to talk about. Plenty to tal……………………………………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sticking Around SoCal

How awesome was that game? Did you watch? If you weren’t watching, you missed one of the greatest Duke beatdowns of all time, and unless you’re a Duke fan, you love that. You just love it. It’s been rainy over here, so we’ve just kind of been chillin’ today. Went to The Farmers Market and Grove in Hollywood this morning. I screwed around in the Mac store for awhile, and now we’re back at my cousins to watch tonight’s action.

Tomorrow we’ll head back down to Anaheim for the Elite 8 contest, and hopefully see Arizona make it to the Final Four. If Derrick Williams stays even warm, he’s going to be near impossible to contain. I’ve honestly never seen anything like what he did last night. I remember one night we went to see the Suns play a couple years ago, and Steve Nash was in the zone like that, but the NBA environment just isn’t as exciting as college basketball – especially the NCAA Tournament.

My big red bump, as I’ve affectionately named it, I’m allowing to stick around for Saturday’s match-up vs. Connecticut and Kemba Flopper. Man that was some crap. I felt awful for San Diego State fans. Up until that point, I wanted UConn to win, but then I quickly changed my tune. I just want to beat UConn and be a part of dismissing the Big LEast from the tourney. Though Marquette is looking tough, tough, tough against UNC right now. I take that back. Eh. Basketball is a game of runs. Duke certainly looked like they were going to dispatch us last night.

It’s always nice to have a zit of honor to take into battle. I think back to some really special ones that I’ll always remember. Remember my zit, Derek Anderson, back during football season? Yeah. He was a bit of an SOB, but I have only fond memories surrounding him. Ah. Zits. The worst best thing that can ever happen to you. Such a rite of passage. I just hope there’s an end to this passage. By 22? I hope. If not, I might look into one of those face transplants.

Bring on the Blue Devils!

I’ve got a red monster that is about to unleash the fury on the Honda Center. I hope those stupid Duke fans are ready for my majesty. It’s right on the chin, and it’s a force that could take down Coach Kryzeczhy, or however you spell his name. Seriously, how do you get Sheshevsky from that gobbledy-goop that starts with a K? Have you ever noticed he looks kind of like a particular German personality without the iconic mustache? I’m going to hell for saying that, aren’t I?

I’m supposed to hate him today, right? It’s a healthy hate. A love to hate. Yes, I know he’s about to become the winningest coach in NCAA history, and the guy is my BOY when he’s coaching the USA! USA! But today, I’m looking to be as rowdy as those Duke fans, and more vicious.

If AZ wins, we’re gonna stick around. If they lose, we may just head back to Phoenix after the game. Or we might stick around and go to Disneyland. We’ve agreed to make no plans. Eat when we’re hungry, drink when we’re thirsty, cheer at all times and do what we feel like doing. It’s a pretty sweet life philosophy. And I plan to be kind to every person I meet along the way…except for Duke fans. If you’re a Duke fan, you can suck on my chin zit. It’s ripe, and full of the fool-aid that you’re all are so used to drinking.

Is it just ingrained in the DNA to hate Duke. Who cheers for Duke other than alumni, current students and those who want to go there or wish they went there. So many questions about Duke. Yes, Duke fans, you’re favored by 8.5, and yes you should expect to win, which is why it’ll be so sweet to gaze around the arena to see your disappointment when you don’t. Don’t sleep on the Wildcats. Especially when I’ve offered the power of my zits to the task.

We’re Off to L.A.naheim

I’ve been spending a ton of time with my dad lately. We get along probably too well, when considering that I’m an 18 year old seeker of all things independent. But. What can I say. We understand one another well. That we enjoy our space, know how to work hard and play even harder.

After Arizona beat Texas on Sunday, my dad looked at me and said, “Wanna head over for the Sweet 16?”

Technically, it’s in Anaheim, which people will argue… …it is part of L.A. it isn’t part of L.A. I have some cousins who live in L.A. and they get pissed when people refer to Anaheim as L.A. “It’s not even in L.A. County.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that. Anyway, we’re staying with them, and then we’ll head down tomorrow to see Arizona take on Duke. Do I think the Cats can down the Devils? Not really. But if they do, I’ll be there to see it, and then we’ll stick around to see what happens in the Elite 8.

All in all, it has been a good week. It has been a quick one. I’ve been busting it on assignments, so I could get them finished before leaving and missing Thursday and Friday. I’ve also been into school early, and working out twice a day to make up for practices I’ll miss with the track team. I’ve been working more technical stuff in the morning, and then getting the real work in during afternoon practices with the team.

My face. Geez. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s not really very zitty right now. You can see where some zits were, but there’s not a lot to speak of or anything promising on the horizon. I’m sure after sweating profusely at the Honda Center, and stressing about things that are out of my control, I’ll have some dandies to report on as we return from CA to AZ.

OK. I’ll toss out an update tomorrow. We gotta hit the road!

Saturday = Sweet Pig

Correction: Um. Apparently I’m more exhausted than I thought… UofA doesn’t play until tomorrow. But to answer what you want to know about what you’re about to read – It. Is. Amazing. And so is that Butler v. Pitt right now…

We got one.

A big ‘uhn. Isn’t that how you’re supposed to say it?

We hit a male yesterday morning. I actually was the trigger man, and it was a clean kill. 70 pounds. We bailed on the processing bit. I get squeamish squeezing larger zits, so I didn’t think that I’d do so well surgically removing the innards of a pig-type creature–which I also learned may somehow be related to the¬†hippopotamus!?¬†I’m confident that the guilt would have ensued had Buster (that’s his name) and I become so intimate, and I could tell that none of my buddies were gonna help by more than watching. I felt kind of like the Little Red Hen.

That’s all in the past. The present is delicious (I hope), earthy meat, smoking on the grill. Hickory chips on Mesquite coals. C’mon. I’m taking one heck of a skill set with me to Colorado later this year! I’m gonna have lots of friends.

The fellas are coming over later, and my Dad’s best friend is manning the grill. He’s a total pit master–originally from Kansas City. He always brings rubs that he gets when he’s home visiting with his family. And some of the most amazing BBQ sauces. It should be a feast of feasts. Everything you don’t associate with the Lenten season. I guess I’m glad I’m not Catholic in that regard.

The tournament has been pretty exciting. Arizona about gave me a heart attack. I’m sure it won’t be an easier a task this evening against Texas, but we’ll have food. So much food that we might have to nap at halftime.

Correction: Um. Apparently I’m more exhausted than I thought… UofA doesn’t play until tomorrow. But to answer what you want to know about what you’ve just read – It. Is. Amazing. And so is the Butler v. Pitt right now…

All in all, this has been the best spring break I have ever enjoyed. I guess I have finally taken the time to enjoy it. No assignments to worry about – didn’t pick up any hours. I have just enjoyed this personal holiday. I just don’t think people do this enough. My face has never looked better than it does now. Well, not since the advent of my zitten season. I think a combo of the sun, no stress, exercise and good-timin’ has been just what the doctor should have ordered, but didn’t.

March Madness

Oh. It begins a bit early this year.

I wish I were good at basketball. I love watching it. It looks like playing it at that level would be so fun. I see it with pretty refined eyes, and understand some of the continuities of offenses from playing in parks and rec. as a kid, but this tournament is artistry. My Dad took off work for the rest of the week to just hang out with me and watch games, so we’ve been jammin’ on our brackets all morning and are stoked about this play-in action.

Arizona played really well in the PAC-10 tournament, so I’m excited to see how the Cats fare in the real deal. Maggie and I have several bets laid on our bracket this year. And I’m entered in a pool with some school buddies, so there’s a chance to win some money there. I like my picks…really don’t need to have the bracket done until Thursday, so if I may, I’ll hold off on disclosing my picks until then.

Javelina update. I have more zits than javelinas. How’s that sound? Makes some of you sweet ones happy, I’m sure. We’re gonna go at it again in the morning. I’m confident we’ll get one. We’re gonna try a place that has been popular in the past. My Dad asked if we had hit it, and we had never heard of it. Maybe people hunt it so much anymore, so this could be the jackpot. C’mon. How sweet would it be to enjoy all that Thursday and/or Friday basketball action with tastiness out of the smoker? And just sit, and eat, and eat and drink tasty beverages…you know…cold drinks of the non-alcoholic variety.

I can see my zits explode with pleasure after all that sugar, rich animal protein, etcetera etcetera. But first. We’ve got to snag us a javelina. No, Maggie’s not thrilled about my hunting expedition. I told her if there were anyway to catch one and just have him donate his meat to a BBQ, we’d go about it in that manner, but just hasn’t happened as of yet. I guess there’s still a chance. Maybe one will take notice of me, spot my zits, take a little pity and just lay down his life for my ideal Spring Break party.