Down He Goes

I did it. And I’m not going to lose focus. 1:57 and the win. He wasn’t as gracious this time. I won’t get into specifics, because that race strategy stuff probably bores you to death. You’re here to hear about my zits. About my shortcomings that I have no control over, right? OK. I’m lame. I’m writing on Friday night. It’s about 10p.m. and Mags and I are gonna go catch a movie, then come home and probably watch another movie and fall asleep on the couch.

BUT, let me brag for two seconds. I just ran on his hip the entire race, then as we were rounding the final corner, I literally said, “Let’s give ’em another show…” I have no idea why I said that. Perhaps unsportsmanlike, but I meant it sincerely. Then I took off, and it was total reversal of last time we raced. I pulled away slightly at the end when he knew he wasn’t going to out sprint me to the finish… Hang on…


Hey everyone, this is Maggie. Will you all please help me in convincing Mr. F*** My Zits that he needs to change the title of this blog post?


Nice. Tough rocks, chick. If you have a problem with it, you can get your mind out of the gutter.


Um, who was talking all evening about the back row of the movie theater?


OK. That’s enough of that…little harlot. We’re gonna get, but I need to allude to a “surprise” that my parents are taking us on in the morning. I have no idea what it is, but knowing my parents, it will strangely exceed my expectations and be nothing that I thought it would be. Yes. I’ll be along post-prom (at some point…probably Monday) to offer some love.


I’m not a harlot, but maybe someday I could be.

Hours Away

I don’t know if it has been my diligence in all aspects of life these days, but those two chin zits seemed to just stop by for an overnighter. They’re still kind of visible, but they’re gonna be gone by Saturday, easy. I’m excited about that. I won the 800m last night. Ran it in 1:59. There was a lot of wind, and I won it walking away. My sights are set on Friday, where awesome dude will be once again. And it’s time. I learned something this week that I didn’t know yet. He has never lost a race in the 800m. Friends who ran against him in AAU, said that they’ve never seen him lose, and know he hasn’t lost in high school. He ran a 1:55 to win state last year. So. I think it’s time to make a statement as we move into May.

OK. I’m about to explode I’m so excited to see Maggie. Going so long, I just wanna stare at her for awhile. I’m gonna pick her up and then I’m going to take her out for some dinner. She loves Mexican food. As you could probably guess, we’ve got that market on lock here when compared to Madison, WI.

So. I’ve been asked, and I figured I’d share a bit about how that works when Maggie comes to stay with us. No. We do not sleep in the same room. Yes, we do stay up late, but I’ll need to get some good rest both tonight and on Thursday night. Basically, my little sister is kicked to my little brother’s room and everyone is cool with it. My sibs love Maggie. LOVE her. They think she IS sliced bread. That she IS ice cream. I think my little bro has a crush on her, and I certainly know that the few friends she has met out here certainly wish she would bring a friend along. What can I say. I’m steady with girl who is much better looking than I am. In all fairness, I can’t imagine myself without zits. I might be good looking someday.

Take a Chill Pill

I was actually told to take a chill pill today. I’m on edge. I’m 18. My girl comes to town in two days, I’m gearing up for a huge track meet on Friday (after a smaller one tomorrow) and antsy about being as bored as kid from the future would be in the past – my dad said that to me the other day. So, today in my movie class, I kept harassing our teacher about watching some movies that are a little more challenging. It was the first time I’ve ever furrowed a teacher’s brow. He just looked at me and said it: “[My name], take a chill pill.” I just kind of shook my head…then asked to go to the bathroom, to which he replied: “Please. Take 5.”

I woke up with two zits on my chin. When I’m out doing road work, I always wipe my sweat off at my chin with my shirt. I wonder if maybe I should just let the stuff drip? So aggravating. In a perfect world, they’ll be spotty by Saturday night. If they don’t cooperate they’ll be scabby and annoying. This is why. This is why F*** My Zits, you know? So yeah. F ’em. Both of ’em. Didn’t even ask if my chin was available for access.

On to something positive. I’m so excited for Maggie to get here on Wednesday. She gets in about the time that I’m getting out of practice, so I’ll grab a shower and then head straight to the airport to pick her up. Haven’t seen her in months this time. First time ever…well, not ever…clearly had never seen her the first 16.5 years of my life. But the months have flown due to being so busy. Even still, we’re really excited. What can I say, I think school functions are cool. I’m really excited about prom, because they’re doing a big smorgasbord style dinner, which doesn’t lock you into a sit down, when you wanna mingle with your beauty.


No. Not the electronic appliance company. That meet on Friday. I didn’t win, but as I said I would, I went out at a pace that was too much for awesome dude. He’s just not as fast as me. I could tell he was laboring to stay with me for the first 200. And he tried. Played right into my hands. Then he got smart. And just laid back.

Something clicked in his head that said, “There’s no way this kid can roll at this pace…” I ran the first 400 in :55. For an 800m in high school, that was stupid flying. Literally, stupid. Had I dropped into a deep stride and slowed it by 3 seconds, I would have been in business.

I hit the wall about the 600m mark, and he found me between 650 and 700m. He pushed by me, and I offered everything I had down the home stretch. Stayed in his hip pocket. The people in the stands were going nuts! He held me off. When we finished the timers came running up to us like they had just witnessed the greatest race ever. Awesome dude grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and said, “That’s why I run. Thank you.” We hugged. It was really strange and completely awesome.

I was on such a high that I ran a :52 split in the 4×400, even though I felt like I had nothing left. Everyone kept coming up to me after the meet congratulating me. And I kept saying, “I didn’t win, but thanks.” People were eating that up. Saying stuff like, “Greatest race I have ever seen.” Oh. BTW. My time. 1:58. Which means I ran a 63 second lap to finish – weak sauce. If I had gone 59 and 59 I could have out kicked him. And he knows it. BUT. Then again, I wanna run 55 and 59 or 60. Or better. It’s a fitness and endurance issue. So. I ran a ton this weekend. Drank about a million gallons of water. Picked up some hours yesterday and enjoyed a great Easter service a church this morning. Actually went in and picked up some more hours this afternoon. Lot was closed, but I need some $$$ for this coming weekend.

My face? Who cares? Not me. Not right now. Gonna call Mags then call it a night.

Another Late One…

Something About Mary is on FX. Is anyone else watching it? Haha. What’s my deal? It’s like something big is on the horizon or something. I really don’t even feel that tired. So. I thought I’d write. I’m amped about the meet tomorrow. Don’t think a lack of sleep will help too much, but I’ll just leave a note for my mom that I’m going to sleep in, and then I’ll head into school mid-morning. Sounds terrible, huh? That’s the way it is when you’ve accomplished everything you need to graduate.

This is one reason why I’m looking forward to “real life.” There’s always that something on the horizon, you know? I don’t think I’ll ever retire. I think I get that from my Dad. I can’t ever see him completely retiring. He’ll probably start a new career at 70.

So. My face. Remember how I brought it up last night? Well, I woke up today/yesterday with a bright and shiny developing on my chin. Absolute zit gold. I can call ’em like no other. I know a lot of people decide to go into a professional field due to inspiration during their youth. You’d think I might go into dermatology, but I covet the day that I never see a zit on my face again. Covet. That’s an old fashioned word, huh? I pick out a word a day from the dictionary. Some stick and some don’t. Covet didn’t come from the dictionary, rather the bible…just remember asking as a kid, “What does covet mean?” And not really getting any answer – instead, a long discussion.

So. Tomorrow’s goal in the 800m. 2:00. Flat. Like I said, I’m gonna push dude at a pace that I think he’ll struggle to cook at, and then just see if I can hang on. I think I’m really falling in love with this running thing. If I had the skin of a Nutrogena model, I might be the happiest boy-man in the world.

Getting Older…

That must be why I’m forgetting you all in my daily activity. Nah. But I can’t sleep. And I thought: I haven’t blogged in awhile. And I should have, because my zits have been as quiet as I have. Do you think me writing about my zits is one of the reasons that I have zits? Could be. We’ll see if I’ve got some new arrivals tomorrow.

So. I can’t sleep. I’ve been watching “The Man With the Golden Gun” on Netflix. I love the Bond movies. What’s not to love about each and every one of them? But that’s not the reason why I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep because I’m extra introspective this evening. Or this morning, I suppose. Had a meet on Tuesday. It went well. I won the 800 again. Crazy. This Friday we’ve got a biggie. SuperDude will be there, and I’m ready to see if I can push him a bit more. I’m gonna force him to an outlandish pace (is outlandish the right word? Hang on……………………………….yeah, totally what I mean) and see what happens. I just don’t want to be predictable when I race him, ever, until I am in the shape that I want to be to attempt to take him down.

Introspection. I’m just hitting that stage of disbelief in terms of school almost being over…my girlfriend coming here for my “senior prom”…it’s all just a bit surreal. You think about this day, and you imagine what it will be like and then it’s nothing like what you imagined. It’s definitely not worse than what I imagined. I guess it’s better. It’s just strange. Just strange that it’s here, and then it’ll be gone and it’s on to the next thing.

Sorry if that sounds kind of depressing. Not so much. Like I said, it’s just introspection. This movie is hilarious. Have you seen it? The martial arts scene is like a Charlie Chaplin comedy. Wasn’t Bruce Lee still alive when this was made? They couldn’t get him involved?

Next week Maggie is flying in on Wednesday night, and it’ll be a fun few days. I have another big meet on Friday that she’ll be able to come to, and then we’ll do prom on Saturday night. We’re doing our own thing. I just wasn’t feeling the group thing for dinner, etc. I’m sure we’ll kick back with friends afterwards…one dude’s parents are hosting an alcohol free party, where they’ve said that anything goes so long as we don’t completely trash their house or do illegal drugs. Since that’s not my vibe anyway, we’ll probably check it out for awhile and then see where the night leads.

OK. I’m tired now. Night.

Sweet Victory

It has been a week. I’ve got a couple new zits from yesterday, but I’ve also got a couple gold medals to add to the silver from last week. I won’t speak of the Triple Jump. I love it, and I finished in the Top 6, but there is too much technique for me to tackle in a short amount of time. No, I’m not going to disclose how far I jumped, but I will say that a sophomore on our team actually won the event.

The 800. I ran out front, because I didn’t like the slow pace early. The sub 2:00 stud from the first meet wasn’t there, so I knew I could easily be a favorite. The other two guys who placed ahead of me in the last meet were there, and I felt it was time for me to send a message. I felt them start to push at me as we moved into the second lap, but I just increased my stride length while hitting the same turnover, and separated from the pack for the last 300 meters. It felt awesome coming down the home stretch to hear people cheering and hitting that line first…don’t know that I’ve ever experienced anything quite like it. I turned to see that I won by a decent margin and just took it in. I was breathing hard, but grinning from ear to ear. Ran a 2:04.

I’m confident I can go faster within the next 6 weeks. Just gonna train harder and do more endurance and road work on my own over the weekends and in the morning. Gonna start going twice a day. We’ve got this older fella who comes to work with us at school. I guess he used to coach track at a college, and he’s praising everything I’m doing. Telling me that I need to work on my sprint speed to get out early and feel like I’ve got plenty left at the end. He’s always saying, “Every race will come down to the best sprinter.”

Tomorrow I’m going to get my tux ordered for prom. I’m planning to go classic, or maybe a bit old school. I’ll see what Maggie is thinking in terms of her dress. Whatever she’s thinking, I can’t wait to see her in it.

A good week. Can’t believe I have a month of school left. That’s it. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. That’s Crazy to the 5th power…


Isn’t it funny that we say we’re “nervous?” As if we’re not nervous at other times. We’re always nervous. We couldn’t function without nerves. Anxious is a much better word, but yeah, my nerves are on overload. The mind body exchange is running on high octane. This is the reason why I’m ready to roll with the pre-race yoga. Actually, the first thing I do today will probably be the Triple Jump. I’ll need to get a couple jumps in quick, because I have a feeling I’ll have to run the 800 within the mix. That’s how it goes. I may just take a load back to back, depending on how I fare. I think this may be my first and only time with the hop, skip and jump into the sand.

I was fine earlier today, but after lunch, my stomach just felt twisted in knots. I hope I’m not getting sick. I think I’m just very aware that many friends, as well as the family, are coming to the meet today, and you know, I don’t want to disappoint. In fact, I want to impress, and I’d really like to win the open 8. So. I’m shooting for the same time I ran last time, see if I can come in just under and PR. At this meet, that should put me in the mix to take it.

Yes, I can feel the face tingling under the surface with physiologic activity reminiscent to the subduction zones that have been so active all over the world, causing quakes and volcano eruptions. I guess it’s a small price to pay if I’m able to take a little gold home today. I’ve got great hopes for our relay team, too. We know we are better than our last outing, and we’ve agreed to go out fast and hard and sustain it for the duration. We’ll see what happens…on the track and on my face. I guess I’m asking too much for clear skin at prom, or when Mags comes to town. It’s the life I know. The life I live.

*Audible sigh.

Time to kick some tail.

Sorry…One Track Mind

Pun intended.

My mind has been focused on competition. What can I say, I have an obsessive personality. We have another track meet tomorrow – it’s actually the meet that we’re hosting, so it’ll be nice to run at home, so to speak. A bunch of people are coming out to support, so I’m sure that’ll make it that much more enjoyable. I get to try my hand at the Triple Jump tomorrow, on top of the other two events I ran at the first meet. The 800m and the 1600/4x400m relay. I’m sure I’ll get the nod for the 3200/4x800m relay at some point, but I just don’t have the gas for all of them yet.

I have been so distracted by my new found focus that I haven’t really paid attention to my face lately. Well, I haven’t been as obsessed with it. I’ve been tending to it. Oh my… I just remembered back when I was giving myself ice massages on a daily basis? Remember that? I don’t know if that helped–maybe it’s time to bust out some oldies. Anyway, I’m looking OK at present. My hope is to have the clearest skin I’ve had since pre-puberty by the time prom rolls around at the end of the month. I’m cool with having Totinos Pepperoni face for graduation, but for prom, it’d be nice to look as close to good as I can possibly look. The event will be documented with many-a-photograph.

On another note. In an effort to increase my strength, endurance and flexibility, I’ve been taking Yoga. In all fairness my Yoga instructor is instant streaming on Netflix, but it’s really enjoyable. I have tried several of the different “classes,” but there’s one that is Yoga for Athletes or something…can’t really remember the title. I love the way I feel afterward. I’m going to fire up Netflix before the meet tomorrow and go through it as a nice warm up before my events begin. I have a feeling that there will be a few people joining me in this regimen once the season comes to a close.

Results Trigger My Competitive Spirit

I love to compete. It’s more about beating myself, and being my best. That sounded bad. How about competing against myself? Though sometimes I deserve a beating.

Tuesday’s track meet offered me a look at how enjoyable this track racing is. I always thought it was kind of fun to watch, but competing in a race was all I needed to inject some serious interest back into school life. No. I did not win the race. I actually finished 4th. That got our team some points, but I know where I made my mistakes, and I really just think that I have to increase my fitness level. I did what I said I would do, and got out fast with the rabbit, who led the whole race and won it. The guy is a stud. He ran a 1:58 which is freakin’ fast. I ran with him for the first quarter and our split was at 60 seconds. He increased the pace, and I tried to go with him. With about 200m left, I hit the wall, and fell way off his pace. Tried to hold a guy off for 3rd at the line, but just didn’t have it. Still, I ran a 2:06, and I’m very happy with that time for my first race. My teammates were certainly impressed, and I finished ahead of everyone from my school.

The relay team I ran on took 2nd, and we all agreed that we could have gotten out better at the beginning of the race. We ran with the team that won it, instead of just taking the lead and making them beat us. Either way, I gotta admit, it was really cool to get a silver medal on the bus ride home. Our team actually won the meet. See, I’m learning about all this team stuff, and how to work finishes for points, etc.

Another thing I learned about track meets is the fact that I’m going to have to shower, or at least wash my face after I’m done competing and then crash out on a bus ride home. My face is a little funkadelic today, after the rise of the zitty power on Wednesday and Thursday. The crap of it is where to clean up? Those bathrooms just make me feel dirtier.