Isn’t it funny that we say we’re “nervous?” As if we’re not nervous at other times. We’re always nervous. We couldn’t function without nerves. Anxious is a much better word, but yeah, my nerves are on overload. The mind body exchange is running on high octane. This is the reason why I’m ready to roll with the pre-race yoga. Actually, the first thing I do today will probably be the Triple Jump. I’ll need to get a couple jumps in quick, because I have a feeling I’ll have to run the 800 within the mix. That’s how it goes. I may just take a load back to back, depending on how I fare. I think this may be my first and only time with the hop, skip and jump into the sand.

I was fine earlier today, but after lunch, my stomach just felt twisted in knots. I hope I’m not getting sick. I think I’m just very aware that many friends, as well as the family, are coming to the meet today, and you know, I don’t want to disappoint. In fact, I want to impress, and I’d really like to win the open 8. So. I’m shooting for the same time I ran last time, see if I can come in just under and PR. At this meet, that should put me in the mix to take it.

Yes, I can feel the face tingling under the surface with physiologic activity reminiscent to the subduction zones that have been so active all over the world, causing quakes and volcano eruptions. I guess it’s a small price to pay if I’m able to take a little gold home today. I’ve got great hopes for our relay team, too. We know we are better than our last outing, and we’ve agreed to go out fast and hard and sustain it for the duration. We’ll see what happens…on the track and on my face. I guess I’m asking too much for clear skin at prom, or when Mags comes to town. It’s the life I know. The life I live.

*Audible sigh.

Time to kick some tail.

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