Another Late One…

Something About Mary is on FX. Is anyone else watching it? Haha. What’s my deal? It’s like something big is on the horizon or something. I really don’t even feel that tired. So. I thought I’d write. I’m amped about the meet tomorrow. Don’t think a lack of sleep will help too much, but I’ll just leave a note for my mom that I’m going to sleep in, and then I’ll head into school mid-morning. Sounds terrible, huh? That’s the way it is when you’ve accomplished everything you need to graduate.

This is one reason why I’m looking forward to “real life.” There’s always that something on the horizon, you know? I don’t think I’ll ever retire. I think I get that from my Dad. I can’t ever see him completely retiring. He’ll probably start a new career at 70.

So. My face. Remember how I brought it up last night? Well, I woke up today/yesterday with a bright and shiny developing on my chin. Absolute zit gold. I can call ’em like no other. I know a lot of people decide to go into a professional field due to inspiration during their youth. You’d think I might go into dermatology, but I covet the day that I never see a zit on my face again. Covet. That’s an old fashioned word, huh? I pick out a word a day from the dictionary. Some stick and some don’t. Covet didn’t come from the dictionary, rather the bible…just remember asking as a kid, “What does covet mean?” And not really getting any answer – instead, a long discussion.

So. Tomorrow’s goal in the 800m. 2:00. Flat. Like I said, I’m gonna push dude at a pace that I think he’ll struggle to cook at, and then just see if I can hang on. I think I’m really falling in love with this running thing. If I had the skin of a Nutrogena model, I might be the happiest boy-man in the world.