No. Not the electronic appliance company. That meet on Friday. I didn’t win, but as I said I would, I went out at a pace that was too much for awesome dude. He’s just not as fast as me. I could tell he was laboring to stay with me for the first 200. And he tried. Played right into my hands. Then he got smart. And just laid back.

Something clicked in his head that said, “There’s no way this kid can roll at this pace…” I ran the first 400 in :55. For an 800m in high school, that was stupid flying. Literally, stupid. Had I dropped into a deep stride and slowed it by 3 seconds, I would have been in business.

I hit the wall about the 600m mark, and he found me between 650 and 700m. He pushed by me, and I offered everything I had down the home stretch. Stayed in his hip pocket. The people in the stands were going nuts! He held me off. When we finished the timers came running up to us like they had just witnessed the greatest race ever. Awesome dude grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and said, “That’s why I run. Thank you.” We hugged. It was really strange and completely awesome.

I was on such a high that I ran a :52 split in the 4×400, even though I felt like I had nothing left. Everyone kept coming up to me after the meet congratulating me. And I kept saying, “I didn’t win, but thanks.” People were eating that up. Saying stuff like, “Greatest race I have ever seen.” Oh. BTW. My time. 1:58. Which means I ran a 63 second lap to finish – weak sauce. If I had gone 59 and 59 I could have out kicked him. And he knows it. BUT. Then again, I wanna run 55 and 59 or 60. Or better. It’s a fitness and endurance issue. So. I ran a ton this weekend. Drank about a million gallons of water. Picked up some hours yesterday and enjoyed a great Easter service a church this morning. Actually went in and picked up some more hours this afternoon. Lot was closed, but I need some $$$ for this coming weekend.

My face? Who cares? Not me. Not right now. Gonna call Mags then call it a night.