Take a Chill Pill

I was actually told to take a chill pill today. I’m on edge. I’m 18. My girl comes to town in two days, I’m gearing up for a huge track meet on Friday (after a smaller one tomorrow) and antsy about being as bored as kid from the future would be in the past – my dad said that to me the other day. So, today in my movie class, I kept harassing our teacher about watching some movies that are a little more challenging. It was the first time I’ve ever furrowed a teacher’s brow. He just looked at me and said it: “[My name], take a chill pill.” I just kind of shook my head…then asked to go to the bathroom, to which he replied: “Please. Take 5.”

I woke up with two zits on my chin. When I’m out doing road work, I always wipe my sweat off at my chin with my shirt. I wonder if maybe I should just let the stuff drip? So aggravating. In a perfect world, they’ll be spotty by Saturday night. If they don’t cooperate they’ll be scabby and annoying. This is why. This is why F*** My Zits, you know? So yeah. F ’em. Both of ’em. Didn’t even ask if my chin was available for access.

On to something positive. I’m so excited for Maggie to get here on Wednesday. She gets in about the time that I’m getting out of practice, so I’ll grab a shower and then head straight to the airport to pick her up. Haven’t seen her in months this time. First time ever…well, not ever…clearly had never seen her the first 16.5 years of my life. But the months have flown due to being so busy. Even still, we’re really excited. What can I say, I think school functions are cool. I’m really excited about prom, because they’re doing a big smorgasbord style dinner, which doesn’t lock you into a sit down, when you wanna mingle with your beauty.