It was Magical.

You might have thought Criss Angel planned and executed our prom. It was that magical. Oh. OK. No. It was pretty standard, but my time with Mags was amazing. I’m still tired. I think I’ve slept maybe a total of 15 hours over the past 4 days. So. Where did I leave you? Friday night heading to the movies. We went to the movies. We double featured. AKA, paid for one, and enjoyed FAST FIVE (best one of the franchise–quality cheese as opposed to whipped oil cheese product), then jumped into the last of the late-late showing of PROM. Geez. What a piece that thing is. But we certainly got our money’s worth.

My prom. Maggie’s dress. How to explain? She can’t make anything look bad…but this dress…aside from being this greenish-blueish color…she was a vision. Breath-taking. All things considered, I held my own. I clean up nicely, as they say. My face actually cooperated as best as I could have hoped for. So. The dance was average. The DJ was the call and order type. Nothing special. Pre-recorded music with nothing special. My buddy that I told you about back in the day? Remember the guy and gal who caught the preggers? They were voted prom King and Queen. I’m sure her parents were THRILLED when they found out about that one. Yeah, they’re still treating him like dirt even though he has really stepped to the plate – Kid offers every penny he makes to that child. But it was very sweet to see them dance together. They’re totally in love with each other, but it’s like buried…

Anyway, maybe more on that some other time. It was my highlight of the dancey part of the evening. The smorgasbord spread of food was pretty legit. Clearly the money went to that aspect of Prom and not to the DJ. Maggie and I did a lot of people watching, making bets on which couple wished they weren’t there together…I found that to be very entertaining.

The after party, as I mentioned, was a non-alcohol, pretty straight-edged or “strong moral fiber” crowd. Not to say people wanting to drink aren’t fine people…we just weren’t interested in baby-sitting people who might try to do something stupid because of it. So. This house. Epic. They had this huge tennis court, a pool, basketball going full court on dunk goals. This wasn’t a surprise to me. It’s my best buddy’s house, but never have I seen SO. MANY. PEOPLE. It was epic. Maggie and I just crashed out in a hammock for awhile, then I got yanked into some basketball. Maggie really liked hanging with some of the other girls…so they did the hot-tub until we finished our game, then all met in the pool.

A few of us crashed out at his place. Sometime just before the sun came up I kept hearing a strange rustling around. Maggie and I were trying to figure what it was, then it would stop. Around dawn it started again. Like plastic crinkling. I dozed off again, and when I woke up, Maggie was gone. In fact, all the girls were gone. I lifted up my head to see my best buddy holding a finger up to his lips – shhhh – so I just froze. He pointed over to a dark room in the corner where the door was cracked.

Next thing we (6 dudes) know, we’re being bombarded with some hard-thrown Oreos. I seriously got one right in the head. I have a bruise. From an Oreo. So, we dudes, quickly grabbed everything we can coming our way, and waged a counter-attack that sent the girls screaming. They were so intelligent to corner themselves in a laundry room and all.

About 10 minutes into the attack we hear someone barreling across the upstairs floor and down the stairs. A hush fell over the room. All the guys dropped back to the sleeping position. Acted asleep. The girls silent in the room. It was my buddy’s dad. All we hear is, “What the hell!?” Cookies everywhere. “Please clean this up.” Then he went back upstairs. As the door to the stairway shut, giggles to the 12th power. Great night.

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