We’ve got a Saturday meet this weekend. I’m excited for it. A little tune up for a big meet that is hosted at UofA next week! That one will be the first time I’ve seen awesome dude since I gave him his first career defeat. Think he’ll be gunning to remove me from the platform? Do you think I’ll be ready to offer more resistance than he can handle?

So. A little tune-up practice this evening. I ran this morning. Got my work in. I’m really excited to see how tomorrow goes. One of my friends and teammates who also runs the 800 recommended a really good night’s sleep. God knows I need it. I do. Still exhausted from last weekend a little bit. So. I’m gonna crash out really early tonight and get up as early as my body gets up. The bus leaves at 9:00, and the meet will be in full effect by 11:00. This means I’m racing in the afternoon, for the first time. All things considered, I’m used to being up for 10-12 hours before I race. This is why I’ve been running in the mornings. I’m so happy I have been. My body should say yes to whatever I demand.






Oh yeah. Full effect. Like the blooms on a cactus. When they hit, they hit, and they’re unmissable.┬áSo. Tomorrow, I guess I’ll be the zitty kid who is really good at the 800m. Oh. Also. I’ll be running the 4×800 tomorrow. So, we’re gonna see how I recover from running the first event of the day, hard, and have to turn around and run the open 800, hard…and cap the day with the 4×400. At one of the meets next week, I’m running the open 400, so that’ll be interesting, too. Our relay teams are OK, and improving, and hopefully I’ll help tomorrow, but in the grand scheme, we’re not going to compete at the bigger meets. No criticism to teammates, but we’re 3 strong and then running with some youngins who are still learning, so, it’s kind of guess as to what happens from meet to meet.

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