Gotta get That Paper…Gotta get That Munny

I’ve been working my zits off this week. Yep. It’s only Tuesday night. But. I worked all weekend. Saturday. Sunday after church I went in. Monday. Today. A lot of crap to take care of. I’m really a neat freak, so I felt like some of the crap had been long neglected in the wash bay and within some of the storage areas of the dealership.

I’m gonna try to get another job. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m going to apply under the illusion that I’ll be around for a long time. Basically, I wanna get a job at a movie theater. That’ll help me save money on what I spend my money on, while also making money working around stuff that I really enjoy. You understand? I said…do you understand? I’m in rare form. I’m always amped after coming home from work. I haven’t been running lately…just wanted a little bit of a break, you know? I said…YOU KNOW?

I’ve decided that I’m just gonna stick around for the summer. Will hop over to Wisconsin for a bit, but for the most part, I’m gonna settle in, and spend time with friends and family. I’m sure that a lot of these friends I will see on occasion, but some people around here, I may never see again. Sounds kind of morbid, but that’s how I read it. Just the way life works.

Maggie is wigging – she still hasn’t pulled the trigger on a school choice. That’s kind of stressing me out, because it’s stressing her out. And you know what stress means. Zit city, baby. Yeah, I was naive enough to think that I would leave the zits behind with high school, but it just hasn’t been the case. I’m actually supposed to go see my dermatologist next Tuesday, so we’ll see what she says this time. If I were her, I’d refuse to see me, since I have basically refused every treatment option she has suggested.

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