For All Intents and Purposes…

My summer is over – this chapter is over. I’m getting geared up, and also getting a bit wistful. I’m kind of sad to leave the siblings. My little bro and sister are growing up, and now I feel like I’m gonna miss a lot of stuff. I guess that means I may need to trade my auto for something a little more gas mileage friendly to make some trips, or become buddies with someone who likes to fly and owns a plane.

OK. In all fairness, my family is taking a week to Lake Powell, but when we’re done there, I’m rolling on up to Durango to get ready for school. I’m gonna camp until I’m allowed into student housing. Maggie is coming out about 5 days before school starts. We’re both going with the “bring nothing” method. Actually, she’s bring a couple boxes of stuff, but she’s driving out with her mom and dad, then they’re gonna fly back. They’ve never been to Colorado, so we’re offering them the chance at a little adventure.

A little face update. I don’t care? Does that suffice for now. I’m sure I will as I meet new people and they scan the contours of my complexion to find the funkies here and there, but for now, it is what it is. Like so many others, I’m a zit-haver, nothing new to see…keep it moving folks. Speaking of things that go boom…

I’m thinking of taking a rifle to Durango, but the catch is that I’ll have to find somewhere to store it. I thought it might be fun to do some hunting while there. Actually, I think I will take it. I can keep it in my car until I meet someone who is responsible…maybe I’ll meet someone at a church who has a case or safe that wouldn’t mind me storing it.

My mind is on one track that is in the middle of a switching station. A move here, an exchange there, an attachment here, and drop off there… Sheesh. See you in August!


Minimizing for the Collegiate Push

Our youth minister at church gave me the best advice I’ve gotten so far about college. “Take what you can fit in a suitcase–nothing more.” Yep, it’s a large, or very large suitcase, but I’m literally taking nothing that is part of a “set-up.” Just mobile devices. I can make friends quickly with people who have cable, etc. and honestly, I plan to be outdoors as often as I can be. I wanna try to get a job, so I’m going to head up early and camp for a week, and do some job hunting during the day. My parents are going to come up for “move-in” weekend.

I think I need a change from working at a car lot. So. Maybe a carwash? I kid. I kid. I don’t really care what I find, but I’m sure there’s something there to be had. Waiting tables, working at Wal-Mart (the enemy)…I’d really love to get a job at a cycling store, because I’d like to get into some mountain biking. I’ve done a bit here, but only on loaners and I know very little about the sport. So, I can’t imagine why a store wouldn’t want me – me being such an immediate sales asset.

I guess there are some jobs on campus, too. Might apply for those. But I’d like to be involved with the community. It’ll be the smallest town I have ever lived in. I’m romanticizing it, I know.

My face. Geez. I dunno. Remember crazy NBA basketball player mom who I met in the airport in Chicago? I tried the apple cider vinegar on my face. Didn’t really do anything for my acne. It certainly made me smell like vinegar and had a nice little sting, but nothing more. However, I have been drinking two apple cider vinegar cocktails daily, and I gotta tell ya…that’s the stuff!!!! Love it. I put a healthy splash of apple cider vinegar and about a tablespoon of honey in 12 or so ounces of very warm water. Coffee could never hold a candle to the charge this natural beverage offers.

But my face? Geez. I dunno.

What of Comet Elenin?

What do you all think about this comet that is rapidly approaching planet earth. How is it that nobody has heard of the thing. I was sitting with some friends and talking about the conspiracy theories tied to the cosmic visitor and nobody knew what I was talking about.

Yeah, the real crackpots think the ELEnin stands for Extinction Level Event – they jacked that from the film “Deep Impact.” And then all the FEMA TV ads lately that I’ve seen in both Arizona and Wisconsin about being prepared for the “next” disaster…?

OK, OK. The biggest conspiracy theory is that Comet Elenin, discovered by amateur Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin, is actually not a comet at all, but a planet or a brown dwarf star, possessing so much more mass than the earth, yet existing at a fraction of the size. There’s all kinds of weird stuff about this space body, regardless of whether it’s a comet or not. All this talk about the end of the age in 2012, and this comet rolling by the old globe (the earth, not the theatre in England) on 9/11/11… the fact that the Japanese earthquake happened on a day in which the “comet” lined up with the earth and sun.

Just find it all interesting. And I’ve always wanted to see a comet close, since I didn’t exist when the one came by in 80s by the name of Haley. And technically, if you’re a science nerd, you say Comet then the name of the Comet: Comet Haley. Comet Elenin.

I suppose it’s a very interesting time to be alive. I’ll be in Durango, so at least I’ll have a clear sky to look up and admire whatever it is that’s passing by. Not really overly concerned, I guess.

Taking Stock

A few people have asked lately if I’m still running. I am. I don’t run everyday at present, but I do something athletic everyday. Golf excluded. When I work, I generally run to work. It forces me to get up and get out before it’s just too hot to run through the air. If I’m feeling it, I’ll leg it back home, too, or just catch a ride with one of the guys who is heading out for a break or done for the day. I do usually run back as well, though. It’s about 7 miles round-trip, so not too terribly bad.

My face. Geez. Hasn’t been a very friendly summer. It’s strange to kind of journal the progress of your skin. Beyond knowing that I suffer from the common disease known medically as acne vulgaris, I also know that my face is pumping out some pretty awesome facial hair. Filling in the gaps, as I like to say. Certainly enough to play with, and enjoy a true experiment of styles, but as you would suspect, the longer you go without shaving, the worse the complexion gets. Shaving is a nice exfoliation…it just sucks shaving over zits. Sucks.

I’m hopeful this stuff is gone within the next couple of years. I keep saying that, don’t I? I said it when I first started this blog, and I’m sure I”ll be repeating it at 27 if the little sons-a-bishes are still around then. But then I think, “You know, I’ve driven a Corvette ZR-1. I have an amazing girl. I have an angsty head on my shoulders that gets that I’m angsty–would I trade it all for clear skin?” Probably so. All of it. No. No, I wouldn’t. Not a chance.

All those people who walked around morose in high school, I just never understood. I’m sure they had their own stuff going on, and I always tried to make their day a better, more pleasant experience, but I just couldn’t vibe on the life travesty train.

Blue Valentine…With the Parents

Oh my. What a gorgeous film. If you have seen it, I don’t know how you felt, but I could so easily identify with the “beginning” of the relationship between Dean and Cindy. The marriage stuff in the “present day,” clearly, nothing to draw on, but just incredible. So well written. So well acted. Classic indie look. And hey, nothing compares to watching pretty hot sex scenes with your parents in the room.

I had to cut the tension at one point when Ryan Gosling’s character was visiting Michelle Williams’s lower half with the classic, “What is he doing?” I kid you not, both parents just slowly turned their heads with their mouths gaping as if to say, “Don’t be a dumbass.” They must have had their own stuff going on, reminiscing about having sex and it not being middle-aged and gross. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the movie, I most definitely recommend it, and if you are middle aged, I’m just kidding, your relations are as beautiful as you are!!!

The one thing the movie really made me want is a ukulele.  In fact, I’ve been watching non-stop videos of ukulele playing on YouTube. There’s one dude…actually, you know what, I’m just gonna put it into the post.

Kind of unreal, huh? I’m more of a Zeppelin guy than a Beatles guy, but in all fairness, the Beatles have much more for me to explore – though either way, you can’t go wrong with this.

Two thumbs up for this dude. And two emphatic thumbs up for Blue Valentine. Do yourself a favor and watch it with your parents!

Christmas in July?

Anyone else notice the Comedy Central lineup this July? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Really? July?

Sure. Possibly one of the greatest Christmas comedies ever made, and it certainly grabs the spotlight within the Griswold family vacations. I just showed my brother the original “Vacation” a few weeks ago. I think he appreciated it, but won’t really get a lot of it until he’s still a bit older.

Anyway, back to Comedy Central. You ever try to watch a movie on Comedy Central? It’s clear that their advertising department is doing their job – it’s like there’s 5 minutes of movie, then 20 minutes of commercial. I can’t watch movies on the channel anymore. Especially since most of what they show you can hop over to Netflix instant and enjoy the same feature with no interruption. Oh yeah, Comedy Central, I’m one step ahead of you.

Speaking of films…I’m thinking about moving in that direction educationally. I don’t think I need to be the next great director, or anything like that, but I think a career having to do with that medium of entertainment and education would lead me down a path to a pretty satisfying life. I just know I need to be in a social environment, so maybe even teaching or coaching or something like that. I’m sure I’ll have as many ideas about declared majors as I’ve had zits in the past two years. That’s the way it’s supposed to be………………….right?

I wish I could major in doing somersaults down grassy hills. I would have gone to any school offering such an option in the realm of formal, post-secondary education.

I Wasn’t Here For the Dust Storm–Please Stop Asking

I feel like I missed the event of the century or something… I was in Madison on the 5th of July, obviously, and that’s when the dust storm pushed through Phoenix. It was a beast. I’m sure you’ve seen video. My parents called afterward and told me to check out the weather channel. I guess I didn’t realize how interested people were in it, because I’ve been asked about 5 times since I’ve been back “what I was doing in the dust storm.”

Sorry. Wasn’t around. But if I’d been around, I suppose I probably would have been indoors as soon as I saw the mess coming. There were probably some Harold Camping lovers who thought they were finally being raptured. I might have run outside briefly to see if the sand and dust would offer a nice exfoliation to my zitty face, but more than likely, I would have been playing video games.

Now. I have been “cleaning up” from the storm since I’ve been back. When you have hundreds of cars on a huge car lot, there’s a lot to clean after messes like this. So, yes, I suppose I’ve enjoyed the residual dust. It’s really not that big of a deal…they happen more often than are covered by the national news media, and technically, every time you vacuum your house – same deal – much smaller scale.

Have I said anything about Maggie coming to Fort Lewis College yet? Well, her parents are talking to the admissions department up there to figure some options. This is very exciting – as long as she doesn’t ditch me within the first week of school. 2nd week, okay. 3rd, fine. But not the first.

It’ll be nice to have a friend there who appreciates their independence, but who also offers a very strong shoulder to lean on if necessary. And yes. Yes. Vice versa.