Has it Been 4 Days Already?

I needed a break from the computer. Please forgive me and the zits you’ve missed. In all honesty, many of the zits have flown, and a few new ones are here for you to meet. However, and I don’t mean to disappoint you with this, but there’s a definite difference in my skin over the past 4 months. Like…a silver lining…some light at the end of the tunnel…pick it up, yo…I’m laying it down.

4th of July was wonderful. Madison has been wonderful. So good to see and spend time with family. My cousin is such a great friend. I know you don’t really get to choose your family, so I count it as a blessing over luck that I have such cool family. Maggie’s family has been in good spirits, and we actually spent a lot of the day on Sunday talking about college stuff. They’re as confused for Mags as she is. Her dad, paraphrased:

Let’s get down to brass tacks, here. Obviously, you guys have a really good thing going. I don’t want to dismiss that, or attribute it to puppy love or a first love. I’ve seen that many times, and I can see that you two have a very different dynamic. I guess I’m concerned about a couple of things. 1. That your dynamic could change when you’re around one another all the time. 2. That my oldest daughter is going to be miserable staying in Madison for another four years. It’s time for her to spread her wings a bit in more than by just going to college. 

I told Annie (Anne – Maggie’s Mom) as soon as Mags called me from Colorado, that even if her body wasn’t in Durango next fall, her heart and mind would be. That ain’t fair to her. I’m not trying to take the lead here, but I don’t want you two to think that we’re going to stand in the way of Maggie trying to enroll in school out there. 

This was a most exciting development. More on it, and on this trip full of shindigs a bit later!

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