A Much Needed Break From Computing

So that I might allow my brain to compute, I set the computer aside and focused on the task at hand. So. What has happened in the last several days?

Last Thursday, Mags and I began the move in process. Not together, rather into our on campus, freshman housing…just to be abundantly clear. How do I put this? In regards to the roommate lottery, it seems that I’ve won big, and Maggie…well…the jury is still out. I feel for her. We actually had a huge argument about the roommate situation, and the fact that it’s not an exact science. She basically feels like she scored the polar opposite of herself, and that it’s destined for disaster. While I don’t think they’re polar opposites, I can’t quite vibe with the girl, either. She’s from a small Colorado town, home-schooled, and if you get more than a one word response from her, it’s a rarity.

Weekend was fine. There was a general buzz around campus, people plotting schedules, etc. And this was maybe the first time I wished I were at a really large state school, but then I really thought about that…Maggie actually convinced me that the last thing you want to deal with as an undergraduate is having to do a daily shuttle relay across an immense campus. She’s wise beyond her years. It’s not as if I’ll stop cheering for the University of Arizona, and she’ll stop cheering for the Badgers of Wisconsin.

Classes yesterday. Good stuff. Nothing so exciting. The delivery of class materials, syllabus chatter, etc. I’m locked into most general education stuff at present. Still waiting to see what rubs me right. College Algebra, English, an American History Course. I am taking a Creative Writing course, which I’m pretty excited about, and a 3 credit P.E. Course. So. 15 to start. I think that’s probably about average. Today’s classes were enjoyable. Like I said. Not a whole lot to write about.

Mags classes are good. She was seriously asked out twice on Monday. It’ll be interesting to see what she has to say about today. What I do know is that when we see each other, it is really fun and completely surreal. Knowing each other for as long as we have, and having never been in the same educational environment…it’s a trip. I’ll see her smile from 100 yards away, and my day just instantly gets better.

I’ll see you all in September. Don’t forget to cleanse your faces!


Mountain Thunderstorms Explode Like…

Something. You thought I was gonna say a zit, huh? The mind isn’t always on acne vulgaris. Consider broadening your horizons. These storms, they explode . You don’t see them developing. You know there’s a chance nearly everyday. It’s that season out here… Kind of strange.

Obviously, being a desert child, I see the vast majority of the rain during the winter months. When most people get the freezing, we get a variety of showers, flash floods, etc. I find it incredibly fascinating. Weather patterns.

These mountain thunderstorms are pretty majestic. The lightning here is incredibly dangerous. I suppose that makes sense, considering you’re basically living in the clouds at times. Durango is close to 7,000 feet in elevation, and during some of the storms, I swear you can feel the electricity in the air. Maggie and I just sit on the deck at our campground and watched the clouds form and roll. Pretty majestic.

Now. As much as a zitty fella loves thunderstorms, I’m not really the biggest fan of rain at night while you’re sleeping in a tent. I own a really nice tent, but when it rains and rains and rains…you aren’t staying dry. Even with your rain-fly doing its job, if you roll over and touch one of the sides of the tent, it’s like sleeping against a wet wash cloth. Hopefully it’ll hold off tonight.

I scored a job. A dream job of sorts. If you like movies. Just starting a couple nights a week right now, but we’ll see how that roles out. Obviously, I need to focus on college life first and foremost, so we’ll see how everything filters out.

I think Maggie is getting a bit anxious about this weekend. Actually, we can start the move in process on Thursday. It’ll be helpful that the university is rather small in terms of new students, so it won’t be a madhouse. I’m looking forward to everything except the fact that Mags is a magnet for the dude. She’s been approached like 4 times since we’ve been out here. Sure. It’s a compliment to both of us……………………

My Zitty Identity

Ask me nearly two years ago if I thought I’d still be blogging, and I think I would have said yes. Ask me if I would have been blogging about my zits in any way, shape or form, and I would have hoped no. Honestly, when I started this beast figured I’d toss a story out here or there, but it became instantly popular to me, and about much more than zits, but how zits can affect and effect, and how life does go on, even when you can boldly state: F My Zits.

Because my buddies have persevered in their comings and goings on my face – yes, I’m talking about my zits – it has allowed a significant amount of insight into my anonymity. That was certainly never something that I was hoping to offer…so now…God forbid…someone figures me out. A fellow student, or a 1 in a 1,000,000 long shot tourist to Durango who once upon a time came across this blog…? Yeah. I think my Clark Kent status is safe.

I think it’s hilarious that I have an aunt who still follows the blog, and hasn’t uttered a word to anyone. I told her that when the skin is clear, she can sell it to the masses. Props.

I’ve often thought, “What will I do if I ever have clear skin?” Other than stare into the mirror for a 24 hour continuous period, I think I may pass this off. I was thinking about introducing my brother to the world of F*** My Zits, but I think another year or two may need to pass… Perhaps if he comes to an understanding of my plight. My struggle. The mental anguish that has driven me to my own brand of absurdity.

In the words of the late Tupac: You can’t see me. I have no idea what that means.

My Zits Rival the Peaks of Silverton

I can’t believe I’m going to live in this area for the next four years. Who knows. Maybe longer!? Maggie and I went up to Silverton on Saturday, after our families left… did some more area exploration. We all (both clans) went up figuratively and literally (North and in elevation) on Monday…I have just failed to mention. There is just something about these mountain towns that sit at nearly 10,000 feet in elevation. Silverton is one of the most charming towns I have ever been to. I stole that description from my mom. I can’t hit the nail any harder on the head.

I was asking a girl that was our age how many people were in her graduating class, and she said that the numbers fluctuated, but that there were 6 people in the recent graduating class. I didn’t really understand the explanation, but that’s just crazy. Talk about old school education.

We had some food, shopped around town, then did a bit of natural exploration. All the while I was slightly obsessed with the fact that we essentially start “college” in a week. I know this next week will be incredibly enjoyable, and I know the week after that will be even more so. Really looking forward to meeting some cool folks, and getting active with something. I was in a bike shop recently, and I was told that the mountain biking in the area is incredible. So. I may have to take some of my hard-earned cash and invest in a quality ride.

So. Not desiring a tease without the play, my zits… oh yes. They’re glorious. I actually noticed an employee at one of the stores we were shopping at checking one of my shiners out. I wish I could just grow a nice, full beard.

I’m blaming my adrenalin explosion from the ride on the alligator, but I think it’s just because it’s strangely dry here. Different from the dry we have in Phoenix. I gotta get the situation figured though. I haven’t been exfoliating my skin because it is so dry, but I’m gonna have to. I’ll go to Wal-Mart – OH, the Wal-Mart here is like, the nicest Wal-Mart I’ve ever been to – anyway, I’ll go look for a nice facial moisturizer that won’t clog pores. Blah, blah, blah. I have zits. Blah, blah, blah.

I Rode an Alligator

OK. It was an inflatable alligator. But I rode him through Class III rapids. And then got a lecture from my mom and Maggie shortly thereafter. We got up early and floated the Animas River. The rivers in all the U.S. mountain regions this year are up. Flowing far more than in typical years due to all of the snowfall and incredible mountain melt-off. We grabbed some inflatables, tubes, a couple small rafts and my inflatable gator, and we put in and just lazily floated.

As we came upon Smelter rapids, a bend where the river drops, the pace increases and offers the best white water actually IN the town of Durango, everyone else kicked to the eddy to get out of the water, near to where we had parked one car. I should clarify, they pulled to the bank at least 100-200 meters before the rapid. I did with them, then kind of eyed my dad. He knew what I was thinking, but he was in a raft with two kids. No way. As they all pulled out, I kind of floated back into the middle of the river, then started praying.

They noticed my plan, and my mom started screaming. “What are you doing!?” Yes. I had on a life jacket, but I didn’t have on a helmet. It wasn’t my brightest idea. Everyone got out of the water and started sprinting to a better view of the rapids as I approached. I looked up and saw Maggie, and she looked half-excited and half-really pissed off. I just kind of gave a sheepish wave, then focused on hitting the right line. I white-knuckled the grips on that gator’s back, and took the plunge, my feet hanging off the sides, keeping me balanced and kicking like a surfer. I blasted right through, stayed on, came out the other side laughing and squealing like a 3 year old girl.

Maggie just looked at me: “You can’t do that sh*t. At least, you can’t do that sh*t when I’m around! Either do that sh*t with me or do it on your own time. I can’t watch and I can’t not watch!”

It was the first time I ever heard her use profanity. I must be special.

What are The Diamondbacks Doing?

I leave town and the Diamondbacks decide they’re going to make a charge for the playoffs. This is the biggest WTF of my year. My little brother was telling me in April, May, June, July… “They’re going to win the West or sneak in and grab the wild card.” This is rather unbelievable. Oh, no. Not because they’re playing good baseball, but that I’m going to have to start viewing my brother as a peer and a baseball pundit.

What is really exciting is that our rookie, first-round draft pick from this year, Trevor Bauer, is flying through the farm system and looks like he’ll be called up next month. He’s 20. Barely two years older than me. And he might even still have some zits. How big of a victory would that be for those of us who suffer? Suffer. Suffffer…… OK. Just looked at more pictures of the guy. He’s a clear-skinned phenom. Seems we have less in common that I initially thought.

Things in Durango are wonderful. It is so beautiful here. Allow me to repeat: So. Beautiful. I’ve got some interviews set up for potential jobs, one of which is at a movie theater. Remember how I tried to score a theater job in Phoenix? Yeah. Never got any play. I think movie theater jobs in cities have got to be pretty freakin’ political. You gotta know someone. I’m not complaining. I made so much more working cars. And sometimes when guys would make a good sale, they’d tip me a nice amount. Yeah. They’ll miss me there.

Zits. My skin seems to be adjusting to the environment here. The air here is just incredible. Being so used to a hot, dry, oppressive summer heat, everyday is so refreshing here in the mountains.

Maggie’s parents have fallen in love with it here. They’re taking off on Saturday, as are my parents and siblings. The dads are at a local microbrewery called Ska Brewing right now, while the moms are shopping and the siblings are upstairs at the camp commons watching TV and playing pool. Maggie. I have no idea what that girl is up to. Anyway, this microbrewery. My dad hasn’t shut up about since they got here, so I’m glad they’re getting it out of their system. There are a few places that sell it in the Phoenix area, and both my pops and Maggie’s are connoisseurs of sorts. My parents don’t allow alcohol in our house, if that tells you anything. So, the beer nerds are out drinking, excuse me, sampling, mid-morning.

OK. I have a zit on my jaw that needs some abuse, so…

I’m an Applicant

I’ve been hammering applications for locations all over town. Restaurants, hotels, a bookstore, a couple of movie theaters…definitely not interested in anything specific. I don’t know how many hours I’ll be able to handle, but I figure I can challenge myself, and then dial it back if and when it’s necessary.

So. Here’s a story for ya.

The combined families were having breakfast this morning. Maggie and her family got in after two days of driving, and everyone pretty much bummed around last night after they got in. The youngers hanging, Mags and I hanging, the olders hanging. It’s actually a pretty nice mix. I’m off track already. Gotta set the stage, you know? So. We were at this place called Oscar’s. A local breakfast joint that is well-known enough for many locals to suggest it when we said the word “omlette.”

The youngers (siblings) were sitting at the bar, while the other 6 of us were at a table. We were enjoying breakfast when my mom pipes up and asks, “So. Do you think you two will get married?” Obviously speaking about Maggie and myself. I just kept eating, making for a very humorous exchange. Then I looked at Maggie. Face-palming. Shaking her head. I looked at her dad who was just staring at me. This was a serious question!? I’m 18!!?? We can’t date for awhile longer?

So. I tried to speak. When I started, Maggie reached across the table and sweetly grabbed my hand.


Everyone at the table was staring at me. Maggie looked right in my eyes:


Then high-fives my mom.

The table burst into laughter, and I looked over at the bar to see all the kids were staring and in on it, too. Fun at zit boys expense. Just cruel.