Exam Ace With Zits on His Face

Droppin’ answers.

Forget about it. Seriously. The two exams I took this week I smacked around like a cat with a cricket. I was the first one done in both my classes, and I love exam days because you get to bail from class early. These particular tests were in a history class and in a geography class. Studying a little bit everyday just makes the material stay fresh. So, I can set it aside for a few minutes and then dust it off again for finals.

I got a few annoyed looks as I stood up with 15 minutes left in the class period to turn in my test yesterday. One guy was sweating bullets, and just looked up like, “You bastard.” I’d be happy to study with him, but within the first few weeks of school, his attendance has been less than exemplary in the class. Hopefully it’s a wake up call. All the sudden I’m this guy’s dad?

I’m just jacked up on test awesomeness. The material isn’t difficult. Just don’t understand the mentality of some people in college. If you’re gonna screw around, then why not do it at a huge university where you can get the most bang for your buck! Stay in state. Save some money. Party hard. That’s my advice.

Or, you could take your education a little more seriously, study a little bit everyday, and pretty much do what you want when you want. What to do this weekend? Party? Yep. I think it’s time to head out and make a major purchase. Time to invest in a mountain bike. I know it’s getting late in the season. I’m gonna try to grab a used cycle that’s still in great shape, but about half the price.

My face is still looking good. When I say good, it means less zitty, but still zitty. I’m sure a mountain bike helmet is exactly what my zitty face needs.

How to Quit a Job

I had a rinky dink 5 hour shift last night, and when I got there I went straight to the manager and asked about the potential of more hours. I got the feedback that I was expecting to get. Nothing against the establishment, it’s really well run, but there are just a lot of people on staff. I’m sure if it were during the summer, it would be a different story.

So, I offered a written two weeks notice. I was then told that the schedule wasn’t made for next week yet, so I asked if I could finish out the week and move along. It was amicable. In fact, I was told that if I wanted to stay on as a “sub,” I could be called in a pinch. I agreed that I’d stay on. I may be offered more shifts in such a manner.

Now I gotta find another job. This helped me realize what I don’t want to do. Stand around. I’m not a stand arounder. I can stand, but then I need to move. Gonna check out that bar/restaurant I mentioned where I’ve been catching the Cardinals games on Sundays. I just have a feeling the hours won’t really agree with my studies, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Unless you want to fly by flapping your arms. That would never work, regardless of a strong will. But once upon a time I was wearing a very baggy jacket during track practice and the desert wind was ridiculous. I kept jumping into the wind, spreading the jacket out, and it would fly me momentarily like a kite. But by flapping the arms? Just don’t see it happening.

Face is alright. Still enjoying the benefits of last weekend.

Feelin’ Refreshed

Had a little spa treatment while in Ouray. My face feels better. My soul feels refreshed. Got a text from my brother on Friday that said Arizona clinched the NL West. It was a rather perfect weekend. There was a point when Maggie and I were just sitting on a bench for an hour and a half – just sitting. Neither of us asked what the other was thinking about. Just amazing, comfortable silence. I think you know you really love someone when you can sit in silence and not feel like something needs to be said.

Anyway. We did a “couples” thing at a spa there. It was a little pricey, but worth it. People think we’re older at most places we go. Not that they have a hard time believing we’re college students, but when we say that we’re both 18. Dunno. We’re gifted conversationalist? We probably don’t act like typical 18 year olds, either. Though I don’t know what that means.

Let’s talk about zits. I know what causes acne – biologically, I understand it. It’s all the variables that I think have made me a billboard for teen acne suffering. My face looks better after 2.5 days in Ouray. I just think it was nice to have nothing to study, nothing to think about and nothing or no one to dictate where I had to be and when. All those stresses probably make for a very acne prone complexion. This weekend I was having none of it.

This week, however? Gonna be a beast. A couple big tests on Thursday and Friday, so I’ll be studying daily and nightly. Also, I’ve got a couple shifts at the old workplace. Going to give them two weeks notice after working there for 2 weeks. If they don’t need it, I’ll bail after this one. Just can’t be competing for 10 hours a week. Yep. Just felt a zit starting to push on my chin.

A Little Weekend Jaunt to Cure Some Zits

Mags and I are gonna take a little weekend trip. Nothing like enjoying the first weekend of fall with a little jaunt into the mountains. There’s a little town north of here, north of Silverton called Ouray. We keep hearing about it, so we’re gonna check it out. It’s actually not far from the famed Telluride, but to get to Telluride, you gotta go over or around some ridiculously imposing mountains.

Anyway, this little town, which is pronounced U-Ray, is referred to as the Switzerland of America. We’re gonna head over, crash at a bed and breakfast and take in some hot spring action. If you’ve never been to a natural hot spring, I highly recommend it. The earth’s geothermal activity is quite fascinating, and it makes for a most perfectly lazy day. We’ve done the hot springs near Durango called Trimble Hot Springs, but I dunno, I just like the idea of being nestled in these mountains. So cool.

As is obvious, I’m not scheduled to work this weekend. Gonna have to remedy this situation when I get back. I’m sure the level of attrition at some of these local places is high due to the fact that they carry so many on staff. If they carried fewer, I think they’d have a more reliable workforce. It’s like my buddies who always worked at Abercrombie, Hollister, Old Navy…I remember one day I stopped by to see a friend at Abercrombie and his manager was telling him to go on break. While we were at lunch, he says, “My manager doesn’t even know my name…I keep waiting for her to address me by name, but she never does.”

Digressing. I’ve got a lead on this place I’ve been going to watch the Cardinals play on Sunday, that maybe they need a bar back. You only have to be 18, and you get a little cut of tips. Perhaps I need to stick to the automotives. Maggie even suggested I start my own detailing service in town. I dunno. What I do know is that right after class tomorrow, we’re hitting the road! And I know my zits are not going to appreciate me for it. Because I’m going to dismiss them from attendance come this weekend.

Peace out, playas and playettes. Some special sauce next week!

T-Zone Acne Attack

I just read my Monday post when I came to my corner of cyberspace. What a wuss. What was I so peeved about? Fair enough, a Geography professor said something after I made a comment. It was a very passive-aggressive comment kind of knocking my belief system. I wish people had the brass to just say, “I think what you believe in is bullsh**.” I really wish people did. I’d have so much more respect for them.

It’d be easier to believe in nothing, I suppose. I wanted to say that to him, but I do think he felt bad when he let fly. He quickly moved on to another topic. He could probably tell that I was pissed.

Anyway, the really bad news. My face. What the heck? I’m gonna cut my hair a bit shorter because I feel like it is irritating my skin. It’s probably of no effect whatsoever, but what is consider my T-Zone – across my forehead, down my nose, chin, etc. Shape of a T? The T zone? You feel me? This is kind of a new development for me. What I’ve realized is that I haven’t washed my sheets yet since moving into my room. That’s kind of gross. Probably has something to do with my facial issues. I just know in times past, my zits were completely random. Now, they’re pretty consistent and patterned.

So. Tonight. Laundry time. I’m sure Maggie needs to get some stuff done, too. You really that for granted living with a mom who does it all. I’d do it occasionally, but generally only when my folks were out of town. But then, the laundry place is good for studying. An hour-plus of focused time.

I really need to figure something for my zits. I’m exhausted with them. I’ve learned whatever patience they were going to teach me. It’s time to transition. It’s time to move forward.

If Only I Could Get Paid for my Zits

Isn’t there some kind of medical study I could do as a zit-haver? I’d hop on that in a heartbeat. I bring this up because I’m riding a zitty rollercoaster at present, and I don’t know that my current job is gonna work out. I don’t want to take on another part time job to juggle hours between the two, but working 8-10 hours a week isn’t gonna cut it. I’m thinking about checking out some of the local car lots and seeing if they need the help I can offer.

I didn’t think I’d be so frustrated about it, but honestly, I need a little bit of flow to keep the account balanced and the budget intact. I don’t wanna work retail, I don’t want to work overnight – I’ve got all the complaints that a seasoned professional would have after paying their dues. I don’t really have to work, and I’m blessed to say that if I needed money for anything my parents would pick up the bill, but you want your own flow, you know? That way nobody can say no when you want to spend money on something.

I was so irritated with the AZ loss yesterday. Albeit Washington is a much improved squad, but we should be 2-0. No question about it. Need to notch a few things up. Looks like San Francisco is going to be legitimate enough to compete for the division. St. Louis? I dunno. You really can’t say anything about their week one loss, because they lost their weapons early in the game. I’ll see what they do tonight.

School is fine. Do you really wanna hear about it? Probably not. Either you’re in school, and are buried in your classes, that hearing about mine would just add a slice of suck to your day. Man. I’m in a mood. I apologize. Maybe I’m hormonal. Or tired. Was a little miffed about a Geography professor today, but I don’t wanna get into it.

Granola Douche Strikes Again

I was recently told that my use of the term douche and douche bag are offensive. Only a douche would say such a thing.

Remember Mister Granola from last week? Sweet mercy, we can’t escape this guy. This douche. I would argue that he is the douchiest douche who has ever been referred to as a french feminine deodorant product. Mags and I were walking to one of our favorite eating joints we’ve found in Durango when this douche spotted us on the sidewalk. I could see him coming.

“You gotta be kidding me.”

Maggie found his glance, and it was obvious he recognized us. He totally sparked up a conversation…with Maggie. Again, this douche just ignored me. I quickly mentioned that we were on our way to dinner, when he asked where we were going. I told him any place that doesn’t serve vinegar and water. He just stared at me. Clueless. Smoke a little less weed, brah, and your squirrel’s nut might process such a statement a little bit faster.

I feel bad about saying anything bad about anyone. Silly, I know. But honestly. People like this rub me so, so wrong. Honestly, if he just said to me, “Your lady friend is beautiful, so you’ll have to forgive me for flirting with her,” I’d be much cooler with it. Anyway, after listening to him tell us about a bar that we should go to after we ate, I waited until he was well out of sight before we continued on our jaunt. Geez. What a douche.

Punched in the Face…By my Face

Ow. Oh. Ah. Ugh.

Ever get a ripe pimple of the cystic acne variety? These things hurt so bad. I’m so fortunate to have the Internet at my disposal. I remember the first time I got one of these I tried to squeeze it. Terrible decision. Terrible! You can’t pop them. Basically you can bruise the heck out of your skin, damage it and cause the zit-fection to get worse, but you can’t manually remove these suckers. This one is where mine always hit. Albeit, this is the third I’ve had. They have all showed up around my jawline.

I ice these puppies like they’re injuries. That seems to help bring the swelling down a bit. And I pump up my vitamin C intake. Good antioxidants. Icing also helps draw that fresh goodness toward the injury as the body responds to the cold. Isn’t it amazing how our blood possesses its own healing properties? People really don’t think about maintaining themselves in such a manner–that they are their own key to well being. You can thank my mom for this aspect of my personality. She’s a health nut. But in all fairness, my parents look like they’re maybe 15 years older than me, as opposed to 2o something.

I’m gonna babysit this zit. The others on my face stayed for a surprisingly short stay, and some of them forget their luggage, but they seem to have checked out. One good thing about having an embarrassing zit on your face is the fact that you’re far more inclined to stay in and study. That’s what I’m inclined to do…right…now.

Let me hash tag this sucka.


Who Says Mondays are Bad?

Other than a face that looks like I patchy beard made of zits, how can I complain about this day? Everyday is beautiful here. Yeah, I grew up in the desert, where everyday was pretty much sunny, but here… I always feel that way about my family who lives in L.A. too. When we went driving through Pasadena, over by the Rose Bowl and stuff. Anyway, that’s the only thing missing from here…the beach…but there’s plenty bodies of water to choose from.

I got up early yesterday and watched some of the 9/11 memorial stuff. I remember the day, but I wasn’t really affected by it. I was 8, you know? It was pretty sad to see that one kid who lost his father, while his mom was pregnant with him. Pretty haunting.

I couldn’t stay somber for long. Too much good football. In particular, there was a team from the great state of Arizona, battling vs. a dude that is just absurd. Carolina is gonna be just fine in the hands of Cam Newton, and I actually think they’ll finish better than they did a year ago…not that difficult of a prediction. Anyway, enough of the Panthers, let’s talk about some Cardinals. Remember a few weeks ago how I said Early Doucet was healthy and that I thought he could be quite a factor with Fitzgerald drawing so much attention? Well. If I didn’t actually write it, I was thinking it. His big play was the difference maker. Kolb looked good. And I thought our defense did a pretty darn good job against some odd sets, Cam Newton and Steve Smith.

I have to get up early on Monday for classes. I think that’s a good thing. It would be easy to get lazy through the week if my Monday mornings were lazy, so…I’m happy to do it. We talked a bit about 9/11 in my history class today, and there are still a lot of questions that people want answers to. I have a feeling the JFK conspiracy theorists are telling everyone to get in line.

I’m a Tired, Zitty Boy

But not too tired to watch some college football before I work this afternoon. I work a short shift today from 12 – 5. That gives me my Saturday night, which I’m going to use to crash out. Veg. I’m exhausted. My face is not looking so hot after this week. I did enjoy some of the Thursday night NFL match-up, but not before being completely stressed cheering for Arizona. We sucked. Clearly that sucker was over by the 3rd quarter. At least Arizona State saved some face for Arizonians vs. what’s left of the Big 12 taking down Missouri last night, but I’m a poser ASU fan. I’ve always cheered for the Cats.

School. Good. Week. Good. Had a slight issue with a persistent local who wouldn’t leave Maggie alone earlier in the week. We had gone roaming and window shopping, and when we separated for a few minutes I came back to find Senor Granola trying to impress her with his conversation skills. I kind of suggested he was Hispanic with my use of the word Senor. No. This dude was white, fresh granola. What are these people? Wannabe rasta? Anyway, this dude had no concept of personal space, and it was obvious Maggie was uncomfortable. I don’t know what it is but there are just those people who think because something is beautiful or intriguing they need to be as close to it as possible.

OK. Now I’m getting pissed as I remember it. I approached the scene, and she immediately grabbed my hand to greet me. He says to me: “Hey fella.I was just getting to know…I’m sorry I didn’t get your name?”

Maggie introduced herself. I was so irritated. Didn’t ask my name. Then the douche had the audacity to ask if we were brother and sister!?

Yeah, douchebag, we’re brother and sister who hold hands in public. Anyway, I stayed cool, but it’s just awkward seeing a goon like that laser your girl. I know Mags is gonna get hit on a lot, and she’s going to get asked out a lot, and with social grace, I’m completely cool with it – but these idiots who’ve never heard the word etiquette. No doubt. I wanted to pop him like a zit. I’m sure we’ll see him down the line. Though he seems like a total transient, so maybe not.