College Time, and the Livin is Easy

Oh man. I’m loving this. I honestly miss having a daily extracurricular activity, but I’ve decided I’m buying a mountain bike for the non-snow months. I’ve been very disciplined through basically what amounts to a week of real classes, and have created a daily review time, and time for reading and homework. It helps to have a study-buddy/amazing girlfriend like Maggie, because we can lock-in and get our stuff done together. We have no classes together, which also reduces the opportunity for any class-related discussions. Some people call those arguments.

The weather here is crazy. Sunny during the day, with monster clouds rolling in during the late afternoon giving way to storms and stuff. I love it. I start work tomorrow, and will basically be working a couple weekday nights and weekends during the days. They said they’d be cool about time off, but it’s nice for them to have all hands on deck during the busiest time of the week.

So far, it seems my face is loving the weather here. I’ve started using a good, all-natural moisturizer which has helped with that dry feeling my skin sometimes offers. Or has… Anyway, the old skin is probably also enjoying my diet, which has been highly concentrated with fruits and vegetables. I’ve only been having one serving of meat daily, and that has generally been at breakfast.

I’ve been supplementing protein through a powder mix. In the past I have eaten way too much meat. All I needed was a quick discussion in a biology class about the breakdown of red meat, and its putrification process…there are a lot of Vegans out here, and I love meat waaaaaaaay too much to stop eating it. But, I can see some immediate benefits of cutting back. This is one of those things I kind of wish I knew a few months back during my foray into track and field.

All over the map, and now I need to study, so excuse me and my few zits.

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