Appy Anoweem

You remember when you were a kid, and you probably said Appy Anoweem instead of Happy Halloween? I’m still pretty much a kid…relatively…respectively…I can vote, but my opinions are gonna get pushed to the back of the pile in most circles of social conversation. BUT. I think, regardless of your age, and how you came across this post. Whether you’re a religious reader, or a stumble upon…get dressed up today or tonight. Go do something as someone else. You’ll appreciate who you are more after the fact. If you don’t, then perhaps there are a few things about your life that you should be changin’!

That’s my big Halloween philosophy. That and don’t eat too many of those candy corns. They’ll make your face break out. I’m sure of it!

The party was amazing. I was a stellar Ninja. People were cheering when I started throwing candy and plastic wrapped cookies instead of throwing stars.

Maggie. Oh my. So amazingly hot. I was expecting little clothing, but she rented a full on, Victorian era gown, and did herself up, carried a parasol… my, my…my… Sometimes when you’re stressed, you just need to set everything aside and have some fun. Cut loose, get the heart rate up, sweat a little bit and be around others who are dedicated to a common task.

Ninja Zits

I’ve got my Ninja gi, and I’m ready to have a stellar time at this party. I’m gonna go full Ninja mode at this beast. The student whose hosting it is from here, and apparently his parents have a pretty large place and they’re in Europe. That sounds like a bad movie plot, doesn’t it? Seriously, this house is immense, I’ve driven by it. Gonna be crazy.

Oh. Sorry about the other day. No, I’m not any happier about my zits, but right now, they’re ninja zits, so as long as they can be used as a weapon, I’m gonna live with it. I still don’t know what gives. I was just having a bad beginning to the week, but after a late night run to Wal-Mart last night, I was cured of my woes with a little bit of chocolate milk…ok…a pint of chocolate milk and some tasty cookies from the bakery. I was thinking it might be funny for me to throw cookies (wrapped of course) or candy instead of throwing stars and throwing jacks when I go to this party. I have no idea what Maggie is dressing up as…she says it’s a surprise. I’m sure it’s something “cute” that is also somehow slightly slutty?

Girls are allowed to do that, you know? Dress like they’re at the beach in late October. Anyway, I’m sure it’ll be quite enjoyable. I have no issue with whatever she’s wearing, so long as she leaves with a ninja at the end of the night…and the ninja is me…let’s be honest, there may be additional ninja warriors at this shin-dig. I’ll report back.


F*** my Zits!

You know? F*** it all. This has not been a good week. In fact, there has been nothing enjoyable about this week at all. I’ve made agreements with those who know about this blog that I have absolute artistic freedom and creative control to write about whatever I choose whenever I choose. You know what I’m sayin’? Picking up what I’m laying down? I know no one is exempt from fighting with their significant other, but honestly, my complexion has me very frustrated…just irritated with everything.

I’ve had some flare ups or bad breakouts in the past, but this is ridiculous. I really can’t pin it. And everyday I have to see some guy, who in my opinion is notable, hitting on Maggie. That’s just the way it is. That’s status quo. Usually, I push myself toward seeing it as a compliment, but lately… I just know that I’d rather look at some of these other people than myself, so, I really would like to f*** some zits up, you know? Just slap ’em around. Really give them the good cop, bad cop. “What do you want with me?” “Why can’t you just bug out? Piss off?”

So, I brood. Because if there is anything more unattractive than pitching a fit, it’s insecurity, right?

We’re supposed to go to this monster Halloween bash on Saturday night. I have no idea what I’m going to be, but I will pretty much guarantee you that it will involve wearing a mask. I’m going to look as imposing and scary as possible. Dude deterrent. Or perhaps I’ll go as a Ninja. That’s always intriguing, mysterious and just creepy enough to avoid.

What are the Worst Zits?

I’ve never really done a breakdown of the worst zits imaginable. Well, not imaginable, but which zits would suck the most. Let’s break it down.

Chin Acne – Chin acne sucks. What makes it so bad? Well, if you’re a football player, you know why it sucks. It’s also an eye sore, and man, it’s out there. No real hiding a monster juicer on the chin. If you put a band-aid on it, you might get away with it for a few days, but when you take the band-aid off, it’s going to be rather obvious what was going on under there, and that makes it even nastier in some way.

Ear Acne – I’m talking zits in your ear. When a zit forms inside the ear. You ever have one of these? The ears are so highly sensitive that the growth of a zit in the ear is incredibly painful. Add to it some poppage, or attempted poppage and you might need a prescription for Vicodin.

The Tweener AKA Between the Eye Zit AKA The Third Eye – Did I tell the story how I had a beast between my eyes once upon a time and I was asked if I had been bitten by a mosquito? Yeah. That really worked to build my self-esteem. These zits don’t hurt so bad if the peak quickly, but if they’re underground, it’s Trouble with a capital t. Just like I wrote it back there, you know?

Witches Zit – We all know this one, right? The zit right on the tip of the nose? Is there anything worse to look at? Not only do you have to see it in the mirror, but you have to see it with your own eyes. Don’t even try popping one of these. Let it be. It’s just not worth it.

Got others? Comment it up.

The Colorado Trail

Always learning new stuff.

Was having a conversation with a classmate about our trek to Denver, and he brought up the Colorado trail. I’d heard of the Colorado trail, but never really knew much about it. I didn’t know that it is the most direct route from Denver to Durango and vice versa. Well, maybe not most direct, but most direct, single stretch of trail/road that leads from one place to the other. It’s just over 480 miles long, and most thru hikers will hit it during the late spring to late summer. It’s like a big deal to see how fast you can do it, I guess. There are groups of trail runners who do 40 plus miles per day. I run, but not like that. I guess the average is somewhere between 30-40 days. Talk about an epic vacation.

If you’re curious about my employment situation. I haven’t been called in to temp once at the first Durango job. I’d probably still be getting about 8-10 hours a week, so I’m just continuing to keep my ears open for other opportunities.

My skin is still looking pretty good. But I can feel the hurt coming on. That means the AZ Cardinals are getting ready to take the field again. I know at 1-4 and the 49ers at 5-1 that the division is pretty much sealed this early, but I can’t buy their hype. We haven’t played them yet, and I think this bye week has been huge for our team development. I probably shouldn’t care, or get frustrated, but that’s just the way I am.

I’m cutting every beverage out of my diet other than water. I’m hoping that’ll help with the prevention of zits. I don’t know if such a small change is actually quite significant, or if I’ll feel better and have the same facial intruders that I’m already so used to. Guess I’m about to find out.

What a Weekend Part 2 (Saturday)

Welcome back to the Denver trek. I left you on Friday night.

Saturday morning we got up early, and drove a few miles to Morrison, which is where Red Rocks is. I’ve always wanted to see a concert at this venue, and I know for sure that I’ll be back at some point to do it. We just had a nice hike, before going back to the hotel, grabbing some breakfast and a shower. We checked out, and then just got in the car and started driving. I had Maggie close her eyes, and choose which direction we were going. Somehow we ended up in little shopping center with some quaint shops and restaurants. Walked around there, window shopped, had lunch, then we bolted for Colorado Springs.

We decided we’d go down there because it’s on the way back to Durango, and we both really wanted to check out what it had to offer. We got a few hours of daylight in Old Colorado City, which was amazing – Garden of the Gods and stuff like that…shops…cool people. Crashed out a bed and breakfast. All these people thought we were older than we were. Very funny conversations everywhere we went, then we’d inevitably say, “We’re college Freshman.” And they’d say, “What!? You’re kidding. I/We thought you were much older.” I don’t think we look older, but I guess we do.

After the breakfast we wandered around for a bit, then hopped in the car to enjoy the drive back during the day. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend. The drive back was one of the most beautiful – scratch that – the most beautiful drive I’ve ever been on. I believe I failed to mention that we got out later than we hoped on Thursday, so it was dark for most of the drive. Mountains, valleys, waterfalls, the Continental Divide… all great stuff. And the Cardinals (Arizona) didn’t even lose…because they weren’t playing. Ugh.

My face? It’s Wednesday and my face is reflecting the weekend. Very good stuff. Very. Good. Stuff.

What a Weekend Part 1 (Friday)

Congrats to the Rangers and Cardinals. I haven’t really spoken much of baseball, though my little bro and I have had some wagers going. After Arizona was eliminated by the Brewers, he jumped on the Brewers bandwagon, and I happily took St. Louis in a little betcha. We don’t bet. We betcha. No money is exchanged, rather favors or little things like the last piece of pie or dessert on Thanksgiving. You vibe? So. That is an example of the way we threw down this time around, and I was the victor. I get first and last dibs on the pumpkin pie when it rolls out this Thanksgiving.

Anyway, Denver. You wanna know about Denver. What did we do? Well, we grabbed a cheap place to stay on the south side of town. Not far from Littleton. On Friday we met up for breakfast with the peeps from our caravan, then we went to a mall at Cherry Creek. We asked what we should do, and they suggested the Downtown Aquarium. So we did that. It was awesome. I have been to one other place like that in Long Beach, CA.

While at the aquarium, we asked someone else what we should do, or where they recommended to go eat. They suggested the Cork House. I think they thought we were older than we were. We went, and we were both totally bummed that we couldn’t partake in any of the wines. Neither of us drink, but this place made me want to try wine. Even without the ability to pop a cork, the food was incredible. I was so impressed. And the little place was a converted house. We caught a movie after that, then went back to the room.

Stay tuned for Part 2. I’m gonna have to divide this adventure up.

Cuttin’ Class

I haven’t missed a class yet. How impressive is that? I’m justifying my trip to Denver. Cause I’m cutting out a bit early. I’ve already talked to my professor, and he kind of giggled when I told him that I’d be missing class, and that I didn’t intend to miss another one. ¬†We’re actually going to head out in a couple of hours. I don’t know which way we’re going, but we’re rolling in a two vehicle caravan, so I’ll just trust who I’m following.

My face is doing a little better. But it is still a mess… I suppose it’s better than leprosy. Though sometimes you feel like people look at you like you’re a leper when you’ve got some unfriendlies on the facial complexion.

Anyway. I can’t be troubled by the zits now. I’m far more interested in pushing through the Rockies to Denver. I don’t know what we’re gonna do when we get there. I don’t know what there is to do when we get there. Maggie and I have decided we’ll find a fairly well populated area, then ask a few people what they recommend doing. The first thing we hear twice, we’re gonna try and we’re going to repeat the process from there.

I can’t explain how excited I am to cruise through the changing trees. I imagine this will be one of the fastest drive times of my life based on visual stimulation. The colors are nuts, and I know the aspens will be majestic. This will be good. A good reason to cut class for a day. My professor said the same thing. It’s supposed to be in the 70s and 80s this weekend, so… here’s to a good one!

OK. Need to throw some stuff in a bag. I’ll holler at you voyeurs soon.


The USPS is Annoying as my Zits

So. I sent a large envelope to my parents. It was returned to me today for insufficient postage. 3 cents. Seriously. 3 cents. My envelope needed three more cents. So goes everything that is run by the government – everything is falling apart. I know I got an email from my Congressman in Arizona – I subscribe to all the updates – basically about the failure of the USPS. How they figured raising the price of stamps would afford retirement funds and salaries of inflated wages, I’ll never know. I don’t know jack about economics, but I am pretty full of common sense.

Anyway, I’ll put the dang 3 cents on there and try it again. If I didn’t already have a dollar of postage on there, I’d just open a UPS or FedEx account and not deal with the governmental written communication depart ever again.

So. Today. The Post Office annoys me more than my zits. And my zits are a real pain in the face. Thank God I don’t have the freaking bumps anywhere else. But I hate ’em, hate ’em. Sometimes I’m patient with them…? But I’m rapidly losing the prolonged nature of my patience. I’m ready to send them packing. I’m ready to get drastic. Like…have you seen the movie Face Off?

I hate that I get bent out of shape because of 3 cents, but that has pretty much pooped on my day. I was telling my parents to expect the envelope, and now…no dice. And it was somewhat time sensitive. But, I’m sure I’ll have a new zit tomorrow that I’m going to name USPS. I’ll long for Derek Anderson’s return. You guys remember Derek? I think that was about a year ago. I might have to go postal on the USPS. Wah-wah.


A Weekend for New Zits

Just enjoying some collegiate football action in the old dormitory.

Still on the hunt for a quality, used Mt. Bike. I was really hoping to have some income before I spent a chunk of former earnings on a cycle. I’m trying to talk Mags into getting one, too. We can kind of get to know the sport during the fall, and as it gets cold and winter really rolls around, we’ll be able to “sleep” on the new skill set and then hit it again in the spring when the melt begins. I just know this is like a mountain biker’s paradise out here.

I’m struggling to wanna do anything today. I have been running around on the weekends, but this weekend, I kind of just want to hang out, watch a bit of that Florida v. LSU game in awhile, then maybe go watch a couple movies. Tomorrow I’m going to find a local church. I love meeting new people in college, but it’s also nice to meet others who aren’t in college. And I need some balance. I’ve met 100-plus people between the ages of 18-25 over the past few weeks, but very few of the other social demographics. I miss my sibs. Kind of lonely when considering the very active household I came from. Of course, the ability to do whatever I want whenever I want is quite enjoyable, but I kind of had that freedom for the past couple years anyway.

Next weekend, Maggie and I are going to head up to Denver with a new friend who is from there. We’re both missing a few things about city life. Or maybe suburban life. I know that if we’re gonna go, we need to do it before it gets too late in the season, because the roads can become quite impassable when the snows come. At that point, I’ll be back and forth to Purgatory to enjoy the slopes.

My face, you ask? What’s the point? I’m not in the mood to hope for better today. Just want to enjoy a nice bottle of Coca-Cola while I enjoy this wonderful American football. In few words I suppose I could say about my face…F*** My Zits.