Farewell, November

Farewell, November.

Doesn’t that sound like song from like the golden era of cinema? I Googled it just to see what I could find. A total mix of stuff. Another month in, another month out. It has been an adventurous month…November always just seems to fly. Believe it or not, my face is still doing pretty darn good. A couple extras in the mix, but nothing so major. Still rolling in the minor key of the zitty symphony.

Busy-ness right now. Trying to figure my semester beginning in January. Still don’t know really want I want to concentrate on in terms of academic focus. I might push toward business just so I have a good skill set to use in whatever I wanna do. If I do anything arts related, like film or something, obviously I’m going to have to do some grad work, so… I’ve always thought of myself a bit of an entrepreneur – well, ever since I’ve known the word…entrepreneur. Such a cool word.

I figure I should take a class or two in the winter semester. Anyway, in addition to flip-flopping on which classes I want to take combined with what I need to take, I’ve got a nice load of finals to prep for, a few papers to write and more than a few Christmas parties to attend. Also working a little more steady. It kind of works out that I’m leaving about the time a dude comes back from DU (Denver University) who has also worked there and is looking to pick up a few hours. Win-win.

Getting out of here. Oh, man. That’s another chore. Gotta score some tix from Durango to Madison. I didn’t think I’d miss my friends from home so much, but several I missed at Thanksgiving have been pinging me lately about coming home for Christmas. Will just have to see if we can hook up next summer.


Where, Oh Where Have my Little Zits Gone?

Where are they? My zits. I was very confident that upon my indulgence in pie, my zits would push their way back to the surface in full effect. I thought for sure I’d go back to school with a face comparable to an entire activity book full of connect the dots puzzles. This may be the longest my face has ever stayed mildly zitty. Seriously, it’s been several days since it has been what I would consider moderately zitty. I feel like this is such a biological tease – biology being such a b*tch and all. Yeah. I’m on to you, biology. Just like I was on to Derek Anderson last year.

I think my skin is maybe just relieved to be at a little less of an altitude. What is really pretty awesome is the fact that I have been running while I’ve been here, and there really is something to altitude training. I feel like I can fly. Absolutely fly. Those cats who I was neck and neck with last year on the track–I bet I could leave them in the dust at present. Have to continue to enjoy that benefit…though the body becomes accustomed to the consistency of living at high altitudes. Regardless, with steady back and forth, it should be an interesting experiment over the next few years.

I wonder if that’s helping my face. Something to do with my red blood cell count? Crap. Now I’ve triggered an interest to research. That’s something that I’ll have to toss on to Mags. What else is crazy? I’m not asking. I’m gonna tell. We’ve been an item for nearly two years. Honestly, it’s crazy to think about the past two years. And one sweet thing has been there through it all. My sweet, f-able zits.

OH! CRAP! Remember WAY back in the day when I blogged about an ex-girlfriend? Well, we totally bumped into her the other night at a movie theater. She. Um. Has put on a few pounds. I’m not saying she looked bad, but I spotted her after she spotted me, and she tried to act like she didn’t see me. I thought about it for a second, then had to approach her. Cordial. She’s still got it for me. Maggie says so. I asked her if she enjoyed rubbing it in. Yep. So mean spirited. That’s life.

No Zits = Extra Pie

Ah yes. Fellow zit havers. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day. I talked my parents into a Turducken. I guess this one has crawfish jambalaya stuffing, between each layer, and in the small chicken cavity. Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy…gonna be crazy delicious!!!!

Got my work in this week. They were thrilled to have my help. A lot of stuff to be done to prep for their weekend, so, now that all of that is done, I’ll just be chilling from now until Sunday, when we head back to Durango for that final push of the semester. Some good football this weekend. I guess I’ll have to put my money on LSU in that Arkansas game tomorrow, and then the following week in the SEC Championship. That’s a very impressive football team. You can look at nearly every football team and say, “Here is where they’re weak.” They really don’t have any weaknesses. I don’t get the two quarterback thing, but when I’ve watched them play, both have played well. They have a stable of running backs. Just ridiculous. I’m shocked they have been underdogs twice this year – vs. Oregon and Alabama. Enough football, time to talk pie.

My face. No pissin’ and moanin’, my face actually looks pretty darn good. Like, if you saw me from a distance, you wouldn’t notice my zits. That to me, is a monster victory. A victory worthy of an entire pie during the course of this day. Oh yes, I have already eaten two pieces of pumpkin spice pie. My very favorite. Pumkin pie, heavy on the fall spices. I’ve also run today. Don’t think me a total glutton! I’m just do my very best to call upon the return of my zits. You know. Overindulgence of sugar…and stuff like that.

A Zitty Quail Hunt

I have the zits. Not the quail. They have the feathers. You can bag 8/day, according to AZ law. There are a lot of these suckers. Even the young ones carry a significant amount of meat, and they’re very lean…very, very tasty birds. Anyway, my dad, brother and I went. I couldn’t get Maggie out and about. She said she once shot a bird with a BB gun and has never forgiven herself for it.

My brother, kid you not, was slinging and trowing rocks at the quail, trying for the good old-fashioned kill. He hit one. Didn’t kill it. Stunned it. He walked over to grab it, thinking it was dead and then it came to, wigged out and so did he. It was a most excellent laugh.

We did take 8, total. I got three and my Dad got 5. They’re very easy to clean, because the skin is relatively pointless to leave on the bird. So, you just skin it as you clip it, that way you don’t have to pluck them, which is dang near impossible. Though I did tell my brother that you have to pluck them. After letting him attempt to do it with a general lack of effort, I grabbed the bird from him and snipped its head off with some shears. Clip the head off, the wings off, the feet off, snip the skin, undress the bird, make a tiny little incision at the base of the breast, pull out the guts, a little snip here, little snip there, wash and prep. AND, remove any buckshot if you peppered them pretty good.

I don’t know if it’s the charge in testosterone and adrenalin that I get during a hunt that causes my face to become awful, or the fact that I’m usually wind burnt by the end of it, but come tomorrow, they’ll be there.

How to get a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep in your own bed. That’s how it’s done.

I’m home. Mags and I decided we’d skip the Canyon of the Grandiose nature and just zip straight home to Phoenix. Well. My home. Kind of her second home maybe? If I might be so bold. Anyway, last night was the best night of sleep that I have had in quite some time. My room is comfortable in Durango, but there’s just something about your own bed that can’t be duplicated. You can score a better mattress, but I’m willing to bet that you can’t score a better sleep.

I feel like my face is already enjoying the home environment as well. It’s really interesting going from similar climate to similar climate, but a different climate if that makes any sense. Yeah, I guess it doesn’t. For example, you get in a car for a long car trip, and don’t really get out except to grab gas…it just feels different when you get to where you’re going. Maybe that makes sense.

I’m actually about to head into the lot and see if I can pick up a few hours this afternoon. I need some scratch, because I want to afford some Christmas presents for the family this year. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you get older? Go away to college? You have to bring back memorabilia for your family. Like those shirts that say “SuchnSuch University DAD #1.” Everyone loves those. Needs those. Wants those.

Please. I’m actually saving to try and score my brother an air soft rifle. My parents aren’t going to get him one, so I figure I can bear the burden of getting in trouble from the parents if they’re that against him having one. In order to soften the blow, I’ll need to afford all the safety measures as well…so…I need to work more. On that note, I’m out the door.

Turkey Day Anticipation

Man. I’m gettin’ stoked for Turkey Day. It is definitely a time to give thanks. Great midterms, rolling with a stellar GPA, but most importantly, I feel like I’m learning a lot. A lot about life, a lot about new things and a lot about myself.

This message has been brought to you by the Fort Lewis College booster program.

But seriously. I’m really enjoying it here. It is crazy that I have gotten to see my girlfriend for what, like, over 60 straight days. I have truly…oh, it’s been over 70 days. Wow! 80…almost 90… mid-August, mid-September, mid-October, mid-November… digressing. I have truly grown accustomed to her face. It is a wonderful thing. I’m a nerd. A nerd in love.

So. We’re heading out on Friday…as in two days after today…we’re gonna crash out at the Grand Canyon on Friday night, then head on to my house on Saturday morning. I know my parents are really excited to see us, as are the siblings…well, more excited to Maggie, probably. I’ve mentioned, and am now solid on working Monday, Tuesday and probably Wednesday for a few hours, breaking out on one of those days, no doubt. It would be a Thanksgiving the zits on my face didn’t match the cranberry sauce. Geez.

Friday. Shopping. Hunting. Probably hunting. Maybe a little trail running, or something like that. Just chillin’. Gonna watch some football, take some naps, eat some pie. Pumpkin pie. Remember, I won that bet with my bro about the MLB playoffs? Yep. Pumpkin pie. Then I’ll eat left over turkey, and probably some more pumpkin pie…with lowfat whipped cream. Breakout worse…slip into a food coma…wake to hallucinations of a post-Thanksgiving nirvana…it should be pretty, freakin’ awesome.

Oh, My Zits. How I’ve Neglected Thee

It has been too long since I’ve offered appropriate props to the disease so known and hated as Acne Vulgaris. It is vulgar. Just nasty.

You ever think about other people with zits? I do. I wonder about the worst case of acne that has ever existed. It’s almost hard to imagine. Just when you think you’ve seen bad acne, you’ll come across something that is ever worse. I’m not going to play the bridge to the links and photos of some of the worst acne ever, but some poor people are literally so infected with acne – and that’s what it is, an infection – that they just won’t go out in public. Instead of skin that is fighting acne it is like the skin has become completely overwhelmed with acne sores. Like, cystic acne sores. It’s really sad. I don’t know what you would do about such a severe problem.

While I’ve become exhausted with my acne at times, I can say that it comes and goes. It’s mild to moderate. It just never really, fully goes away. I can admit that I haven’t really ever offered anything consistent in terms of treatment. I’ll get two weeks in and still be experiencing the same here today, gone tomorrow, back the next day acne that I’ve had for a few years now. Ugh. So annoying that I can really say “a few years now.”

I was talking one of my cousins in L.A. back during March Madness when we went over to catch Arizona…anyway, he was telling me how his cleared up while he was in college – would show from time to time – but then when he was 23, almost 24, he started having problems with mild cystic acne, randomly…all over his face. Great. That’s just great to hear. I asked him what he did to get rid of it, and he said he didn’t mess around – went to a doctor and got a prescription. I’ve been good about going to a doctor, just never good at obeying her orders.

Today. Not too terribly bad. Subsiding again. What can I say? F*** my zits!