Oh. My. Gosh. The Snow.

When people told me it snowed here a lot during the winter, I expected what I usually see when I go to Madison, WI for the Christmas season…and there’s not always snow there…not in abundance. Well. There’s a considerable amount, but sweetness, this is amazing. It snows everyday here. Like inches. They get inches. Maggie and I are getting passes to Purgatory, and we plan to spend a lot of time on the slopes this winter. I guess there is some amazing back country skiing and snowboarding around her as well. Sure. That’s obvious. But, there is, and that’s something I have never done.

The beautiful, white blanket almost makes me forget about the trouble I’m having with my face. I’m just realizing how different the dry, winter air is here when compared to what we get in the Phoenix area. I’m becoming fascinated by what I suppose is meteorology? Pretty stoked about an Astronomy class next semester. And I have a short-story creative writing class which should be fun. Still don’t feel any closer to a major, but I’m able to grab these little classes here and there to try some stuff out.

Yes. I keep changing the subject from my face. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I really don’t. I know that it sucks when you have zits like this and walk from class to class feeling like they’re frozen when you reach the next destination. Instead of killing that bacteria, the cold weather is preserving it. Certainly can’t get cold enough to kill anything. Though I wonder what effect frostbite would have on my zits?

Getting excited about break. Right around the corner. As in…4 days from now? For me, I’ve only got today, tomorrow and Wednesday. All my finals take place over the next three. I’ve already had one this morning, and I was feeling cold, so I came back to just stand in a hot shower for awhile. That’s probably not good for my skin either.