Sweetness Follows

What a great birthday weekend. As I stated, a birthday swing by with loads of football…and what football it was. This is why fantasy nerds are becoming true fans, and why this true fan refuses to play fantasy. As I picked ’em. I just couldn’t cheer for the 49ers. And I know everyone is thinking that they will walk away in the west again next year, but I’m sticking by my Cardinals. I actually perceive the Rams to be as much of a threat next season with Jeff Fisher taking the position in St. Louis.

So. A rematch of a classic from a few years back. I’m good with it.

I have to speak about my face. I’m impressed. I don’t want to say much. I will say that it is improving. It’s not just the fact that there are fewer zits, but fewer are developing. Where I don’t really have issues, my skin just looks healthier. Call me stubborn…because I’m stubborn. And now I’ll stubbornly continue what I’ve been doing for just over a week…

School. Fine. Kinda rolling through the motions, learning, studying, turning in assignments, reading, playing, sleeping. I will say this, because I don’t know if I’ve remarked on this freakin’ amazing fact of college life: You can eat cereal all the time. For every meal. Cereal for breakfast…with lunch…with dinner…it just seems like it’s the biggest tease of university life. College is supposed to prepare you for real life…can’t have no cereal for three meals in real life! Or can you?

I’ve actually cut a lot of lactose out of my diet. Reading up on that. Just doesn’t vibe with optimal health. But I love cheese. So the cheese has to stay. What can I say? I have Wisconsin roots, and a Wisconsin gal.


BCS Championship Madness

I don’t have a dog in the fight, but I’m pretty amped for the game tonight. Got a double or nothing with Maggie. She’s going with Alabama and I’m going with LSU. You know how teams seem to have those seasons of destiny? Not only that, but I watched the first game and LSU seemed to play a very conservative game plan. All those athletes and they served vanilla. And still won. Maggie thinks playing in New Orleans will be a distraction for the guys from Louisiana, and I think she just doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

I was looking at the lines on my betting site, and for the last five weeks it has been a straight push or LSU -1. Which basically means that the sportsbooks don’t think people want action on the game. I don’t. I wouldn’t touch it with a 29 and a half foot pole. But I’ll certainly offer my lady double or nothing. It’s just laundry. But that’s multiple loads…and I’ll take it. Wash. Dry. Fold. And she’s got an iron, so I may have her press some trousers.

I’m thinking about trying Proactiv. I know I’ve said this about 10 times before, but something’s got to give. I’m just not interested in this acne anymore. It does me no favors. I know that ultimately people don’t care, but I just don’t even like the thought of being referred to as, “…I can’t remember his name…really nice guy…um, he’s kind of got acne issues…? Yeah, that’s him…” Seriously, who wants to be known as the zit haver? Clearly it was never a goal. And I’ve been moaning about it for two years on this blog, and now, as I get a little older and more frustrated with it, I start to think that I really wasted serious opportunity with a stellar dermatologist. Seriously. F*** My Zits and F*** my absurd teenage ideology. Turn 20 this month, you know. Time to quit acting like a stubborn 9 year old.

Boxing Day Flag Football is a Blast…Bet you Didn’t Know That

I love days like today. When what you think might happen isn’t even close to what actually happens. I woke up, looked in the mirror and literally said, “F*** you, zits. You’re refusing to leave, then you’re gonna have to party with me today.” No. I don’t condone that language, but sometimes it is just so powerful when you use it. For some reason, I get saucy when I’m over here. Remember the fight I got into with Maggie’s old dude back in the day? Summer before last? Geez, Louise. That was stupid. I think it’s my cousin. He just gets me fired up. So, it was him who called earlier today and said, “Wanna play some flag football?”

At first the idea didn’t really appeal to me, but then he mentioned that they had access to an indoor soccer facility that had been rented by one of his buddies, who I also know. I said no, then about 15 minutes later he called back and said that his buddy said, “Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me. I guess those PAC-12 pansies wouldn’t want to mix it up with us.” That was all it took. I didn’t know that it was a tradition of theirs. They call it the Christmas Hangover Bowl.

I accepted, then hollered at Maggie’s Uncle, who is still in his 30s and in most excellent shape. I wanted to see this beast strut.

So. Mag’s cousin and I show up together, and immediately we’ve put fear into everyone else who was there to play. While there were guys bigger than me there, I had height on most of them, and this was just a friendly game of flag. We had 12 guys, so we were able to throw a little 6 on 6. Maggie’s uncle and I went off. He was playing QB for us, and we just had instant chemistry. After our 3rd TD combo he told me that if I didn’t walk on next year that he would drive to Durango and drag me to the field. That was maybe the best Christmas season present I received. Everyone called me PAC-12 all day, and I let them know that what I did to them is what Oregon will do to Wisconsin. Then Maggie’s uncle refused to take me home for saying that. Seriously, I had to fetch another ride. He said we’d square up on the 2nd. Love this dude.

Penn State Debacle

I wouldn’t be pertinent if I didn’t sound off from time to time. Wow. What a mess. My dad and I have been saying for years that Joe Paterno needed to step down from his helm as the head of the Penn State football program. Obviously, he overstayed his welcome. I just cannot fathom the nonsense that occurred within the football program’s buildings. I know this Sandusky dude wasn’t on staff when Joe Paterno was alerted to wrongdoing, but this…c’mon…the warning signs had to have been there earlier.

I figure more and more stuff will surface during the upcoming days, weeks, etc. I just can’t believe that no one every went to the police. That grad assistant? Then again, I also can’t imagine walking into the outside of a scene where such acts were committed. I suppose people refer to these things as “unspeakable,” and that’s the problem. That it really is unspeakable. I’m sure Paterno wanted to act like he never heard it when his grad assistant coach reported Sandusky. Anyway. It’s just puts things in perspective. I’m certainly in no mood to complain about my zits today. Which are awful, btw. Just can’t pin these things down. But…not interested in complaining today.

Ultimately, this whole situation and scenario is an absolute debacle. Nobody is going to want to touch this program. The storied Nittany Lions are about to be cellar dwellers for years to come. Years. To come. Bet on it. They’ll need to rely on someone from within the program – an alumni who can take over as head coach and try to rebuild the culture. Actually. Not rebuild. They need to clean slate that program. I really feel for the players. Especially the Freshman. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I were in their shoes. Guess it depends on who’s going to come in, but you’ll have to think that some of the most talented players will look to transfer.

The Colorado Trail

Always learning new stuff.

Was having a conversation with a classmate about our trek to Denver, and he brought up the Colorado trail. I’d heard of the Colorado trail, but never really knew much about it. I didn’t know that it is the most direct route from Denver to Durango and vice versa. Well, maybe not most direct, but most direct, single stretch of trail/road that leads from one place to the other. It’s just over 480 miles long, and most thru hikers will hit it during the late spring to late summer. It’s like a big deal to see how fast you can do it, I guess. There are groups of trail runners who do 40 plus miles per day. I run, but not like that. I guess the average is somewhere between 30-40 days. Talk about an epic vacation.

If you’re curious about my employment situation. I haven’t been called in to temp once at the first Durango job. I’d probably still be getting about 8-10 hours a week, so I’m just continuing to keep my ears open for other opportunities.

My skin is still looking pretty good. But I can feel the hurt coming on. That means the AZ Cardinals are getting ready to take the field again. I know at 1-4 and the 49ers at 5-1 that the division is pretty much sealed this early, but I can’t buy their hype. We haven’t played them yet, and I think this bye week has been huge for our team development. I probably shouldn’t care, or get frustrated, but that’s just the way I am.

I’m cutting every beverage out of my diet other than water. I’m hoping that’ll help with the prevention of zits. I don’t know if such a small change is actually quite significant, or if I’ll feel better and have the same facial intruders that I’m already so used to. Guess I’m about to find out.

A Weekend for New Zits

Just enjoying some collegiate football action in the old dormitory.

Still on the hunt for a quality, used Mt. Bike. I was really hoping to have some income before I spent a chunk of former earnings on a cycle. I’m trying to talk Mags into getting one, too. We can kind of get to know the sport during the fall, and as it gets cold and winter really rolls around, we’ll be able to “sleep” on the new skill set and then hit it again in the spring when the melt begins. I just know this is like a mountain biker’s paradise out here.

I’m struggling to wanna do anything today. I have been running around on the weekends, but this weekend, I kind of just want to hang out, watch a bit of that Florida v. LSU game in awhile, then maybe go watch a couple movies. Tomorrow I’m going to find a local church. I love meeting new people in college, but it’s also nice to meet others who aren’t in college. And I need some balance. I’ve met 100-plus people between the ages of 18-25 over the past few weeks, but very few of the other social demographics. I miss my sibs. Kind of lonely when considering the very active household I came from. Of course, the ability to do whatever I want whenever I want is quite enjoyable, but I kind of had that freedom for the past couple years anyway.

Next weekend, Maggie and I are going to head up to Denver with a new friend who is from there. We’re both missing a few things about city life. Or maybe suburban life. I know that if we’re gonna go, we need to do it before it gets too late in the season, because the roads can become quite impassable when the snows come. At that point, I’ll be back and forth to Purgatory to enjoy the slopes.

My face, you ask? What’s the point? I’m not in the mood to hope for better today. Just want to enjoy a nice bottle of Coca-Cola while I enjoy this wonderful American football. In few words I suppose I could say about my face…F*** My Zits.

Most Beautiful October Zits

I can’t even complain about my complexion right now. It is so crazy beautiful here. The seasons have officially changed, and nature is strutting its stuff. Maggie and I took a drive with her roommate the other day, who has actually turned out to be a very cool chick…anyway, everything out here has turned from green to golden. No brown like we have in the desert – golden. The deciduous trees are amazing. We just went hiking through the woods admiring everything. Fall is definitely here. Actually, in the past I’ve called it fall – now I’m going to call it Autumn. It’s definitely autumn here.

I’m glad nature is smiling, because the Arizona Cardinals have fallen off the face of the planet. We are RIGHT THERE in every game, but keep coming up short. Brutal. Now we’re games down in the NFC West. We could be 3-1. Could be 4-0. I’m confident that we’ll get a win vs. Minnesota, but at the same time, they’re desperate. Our defense really needs to step up. I think Patrick Peterson has all the tools, obviously, but he seems timid to become that vocal leader as a rookie. I guess I can understand that. So…right now…all I do is hear about the Wisconsin Badgies from Maggie. I think she’s about ready to leave me and start writing love letters to Russell Wilson. Do people still write love letters?

Haven’t worked in a minute now. School is fine. I put a plan into action that is working flawlessly to this point. A little bit of study each day allows for wonderful weekend play. That’s my motto. My M.O. My thing.

The face? A mess. I might be convinced that I have a seasonal acne issue…if I didn’t have gaudawful zits 365. They are worse in the fall…excuse me, autumn. I don’t know why. If I knew why, obviously, I’d do something about it.