Howdy 2012

Ah. A nice little break. Getting geared to head back. I do love the extended breaks in college. Now I see what the upper classmen were talking about. If I were still in high school, I’d already be back in classes. Mags and I will head back on Friday, and we’re planning to do some serious riding this weekend. Then it’s time to get geared up for classes. I’m going to admit something, and feel free to make fun of me if you must.

I flip through all my books and take mental pictures before the semester starts. It’s crazy to just peek at the bold text, and be familiar with seeing it. Then it sticks better when it comes back around in class and the professor is offering notes during lecture. It’s kind of like, “Oh yeah, I remember that…” Then it sticks easier.

My face and overall complexion and skin health has been better since I’ve been over here. It’s got to be the dry air and altitude combined with the cold. Of course there is a lot of precipitation, but now you know why the snow in the west, especially Colorado, is powder fresh. It’s just amazing. If you’ve never skied it or ridden it, I highly recommend it. Back to my original thought. I’ve got to get something figured out for my face permanently. Any suggestions? I’m willing to take them. Consider them. Come on. Throw ’em at me. Best remedies for acne.

Let’s see. What else is new? Oh. Did I forget to mention? I proposed to Maggie on New Year’s Day. What we officially consider our anniversary. Yep. I’m 19, and I’ve proposed to a girl…and she said…”Is this a joke?” Then she started crying. Then she said yes. Three times. Yes, yes, yes! How ya like them apples?


Merry Christmas!

It has been a dandy day. I sneaked myself away from the group for a few minutes. I believe I mentioned…my grandparent’s place is large…anyway, nobody will find me. I’m in the basement, and they’re all playing games upstairs. A variety of them, too. Some people shooting pool, playing chess, ladies playing cards and running the show. A few of the youngers in a room watching a movie… It has been a wonderful day.

I scored new snowboarding stuff, including new boots and a board. I bought my other one used, not knowing how I’d take to the activity, but considering where I’m living now, I’ll be riding as often as possible. Maggie is gonna use my old one. It’s a little big for her, but at that, it was a little small for me. So, maybe it’ll be perfect. She scored some new boots, too, from my mom and dad.

Last night was awesome with her family. She had an uncle who came over, and he used to play football for Wisconsin, so it was fun to chat with him about all things football related. He asked me why I stopped playing after I had an incredible beginning to a short-lived career. He thinks I need to walk on next year, and said I’ll regret it someday if I don’t. I think he might be right. Anyway, I love her family and I love her. Madly. I remember how nervous I was to meet her. How my face wasn’t cooperating – neither was the stomach, or general nervous system. Anyway, as soon as we met it was just easy. Never had any expectations, and the next thing we knew, we were just enjoying one another’s company…and will have been for two years in another 6 days. My family loves her…a lot of them just meeting her and her family for the first time.

So. My face. It’s as good as it’s gonna get for the Christmas season, I suppose.

Gotta roll. We’re off to catch Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Merry Christmas! And have a wonderful Boxing Day.

No Snow Just Makes Winter…Cold.

I was really hoping for some significant snowfall while in Madison, but right now, it’s just cold. No white blanket, but wonderful kith and kin, and a tree that is most worthy of a Griswold family Christhmaths. Seriously, the tree at my grandparent’s house is ridiculous. I was the first person to see it, and my grandmother’s first words: “Do you think it’s too big?”

Nice to see you too, grandmother.

Anyway. It’s cold here. Not a lot going on. My cousin and I have been hanging out a bit, but I’ve honestly spent most of my time between my grandparent’s place and Maggie’s place. I’ve been here all of 36 hours, you know?

My face, you ask? My face? Never ask a woman her age or weight, and don’t ask me about my face. It’s fine. You know, it’s crazy. I am rapidly approaching the two year anniversary of beginning this blog, and dating Maggie. Two years. I can still remember the chair I was sitting in when I started writing all of these joyous gems. So many things have changed and yet, my zits remain…not the same…but they’re always around for the party. I’ll get to see my aunt tonight. The one who knows of this blog and has followed it for the last couple of years.

What’s next in year three? Honestly, I would hope for clearer skin. Not that I wanna stop writing about my visitors of the acne bacterial variety, but I think I’ve paid my dues. I’m seriously ready to move on. At present I’m just stoked because Derek Anderson left town and has never returned. Though he did leave some stuff in his rental house. That honestly may be one of the worst things about zits. Their residual nature. Just sucks.

OK. Enough. Time for a Choxie truffle!

Where, Oh Where Have my Little Zits Gone?

Where are they? My zits. I was very confident that upon my indulgence in pie, my zits would push their way back to the surface in full effect. I thought for sure I’d go back to school with a face comparable to an entire activity book full of connect the dots puzzles. This may be the longest my face has ever stayed mildly zitty. Seriously, it’s been several days since it has been what I would consider moderately zitty. I feel like this is such a biological tease – biology being such a b*tch and all. Yeah. I’m on to you, biology. Just like I was on to Derek Anderson last year.

I think my skin is maybe just relieved to be at a little less of an altitude. What is really pretty awesome is the fact that I have been running while I’ve been here, and there really is something to altitude training. I feel like I can fly. Absolutely fly. Those cats who I was neck and neck with last year on the track–I bet I could leave them in the dust at present. Have to continue to enjoy that benefit…though the body becomes accustomed to the consistency of living at high altitudes. Regardless, with steady back and forth, it should be an interesting experiment over the next few years.

I wonder if that’s helping my face. Something to do with my red blood cell count? Crap. Now I’ve triggered an interest to research. That’s something that I’ll have to toss on to Mags. What else is crazy? I’m not asking. I’m gonna tell. We’ve been an item for nearly two years. Honestly, it’s crazy to think about the past two years. And one sweet thing has been there through it all. My sweet, f-able zits.

OH! CRAP! Remember WAY back in the day when I blogged about an ex-girlfriend? Well, we totally bumped into her the other night at a movie theater. She. Um. Has put on a few pounds. I’m not saying she looked bad, but I spotted her after she spotted me, and she tried to act like she didn’t see me. I thought about it for a second, then had to approach her. Cordial. She’s still got it for me. Maggie says so. I asked her if she enjoyed rubbing it in. Yep. So mean spirited. That’s life.


F*** my Zits!

You know? F*** it all. This has not been a good week. In fact, there has been nothing enjoyable about this week at all. I’ve made agreements with those who know about this blog that I have absolute artistic freedom and creative control to write about whatever I choose whenever I choose. You know what I’m sayin’? Picking up what I’m laying down? I know no one is exempt from fighting with their significant other, but honestly, my complexion has me very frustrated…just irritated with everything.

I’ve had some flare ups or bad breakouts in the past, but this is ridiculous. I really can’t pin it. And everyday I have to see some guy, who in my opinion is notable, hitting on Maggie. That’s just the way it is. That’s status quo. Usually, I push myself toward seeing it as a compliment, but lately… I just know that I’d rather look at some of these other people than myself, so, I really would like to f*** some zits up, you know? Just slap ’em around. Really give them the good cop, bad cop. “What do you want with me?” “Why can’t you just bug out? Piss off?”

So, I brood. Because if there is anything more unattractive than pitching a fit, it’s insecurity, right?

We’re supposed to go to this monster Halloween bash on Saturday night. I have no idea what I’m going to be, but I will pretty much guarantee you that it will involve wearing a mask. I’m going to look as imposing and scary as possible. Dude deterrent. Or perhaps I’ll go as a Ninja. That’s always intriguing, mysterious and just creepy enough to avoid.

I’m a Tired, Zitty Boy

But not too tired to watch some college football before I work this afternoon. I work a short shift today from 12 – 5. That gives me my Saturday night, which I’m going to use to crash out. Veg. I’m exhausted. My face is not looking so hot after this week. I did enjoy some of the Thursday night NFL match-up, but not before being completely stressed cheering for Arizona. We sucked. Clearly that sucker was over by the 3rd quarter. At least Arizona State saved some face for Arizonians vs. what’s left of the Big 12 taking down Missouri last night, but I’m a poser ASU fan. I’ve always cheered for the Cats.

School. Good. Week. Good. Had a slight issue with a persistent local who wouldn’t leave Maggie alone earlier in the week. We had gone roaming and window shopping, and when we separated for a few minutes I came back to find Senor Granola trying to impress her with his conversation skills. I kind of suggested he was Hispanic with my use of the word Senor. No. This dude was white, fresh granola. What are these people? Wannabe rasta? Anyway, this dude had no concept of personal space, and it was obvious Maggie was uncomfortable. I don’t know what it is but there are just those people who think because something is beautiful or intriguing they need to be as close to it as possible.

OK. Now I’m getting pissed as I remember it. I approached the scene, and she immediately grabbed my hand to greet me. He says to me: “Hey fella.I was just getting to know…I’m sorry I didn’t get your name?”

Maggie introduced herself. I was so irritated. Didn’t ask my name. Then the douche had the audacity to ask if we were brother and sister!?

Yeah, douchebag, we’re brother and sister who hold hands in public. Anyway, I stayed cool, but it’s just awkward seeing a goon like that laser your girl. I know Mags is gonna get hit on a lot, and she’s going to get asked out a lot, and with social grace, I’m completely cool with it – but these idiots who’ve never heard the word etiquette. No doubt. I wanted to pop him like a zit. I’m sure we’ll see him down the line. Though he seems like a total transient, so maybe not.

A Much Needed Break From Computing

So that I might allow my brain to compute, I set the computer aside and focused on the task at hand. So. What has happened in the last several days?

Last Thursday, Mags and I began the move in process. Not together, rather into our on campus, freshman housing…just to be abundantly clear. How do I put this? In regards to the roommate lottery, it seems that I’ve won big, and Maggie…well…the jury is still out. I feel for her. We actually had a huge argument about the roommate situation, and the fact that it’s not an exact science. She basically feels like she scored the polar opposite of herself, and that it’s destined for disaster. While I don’t think they’re polar opposites, I can’t quite vibe with the girl, either. She’s from a small Colorado town, home-schooled, and if you get more than a one word response from her, it’s a rarity.

Weekend was fine. There was a general buzz around campus, people plotting schedules, etc. And this was maybe the first time I wished I were at a really large state school, but then I really thought about that…Maggie actually convinced me that the last thing you want to deal with as an undergraduate is having to do a daily shuttle relay across an immense campus. She’s wise beyond her years. It’s not as if I’ll stop cheering for the University of Arizona, and she’ll stop cheering for the Badgers of Wisconsin.

Classes yesterday. Good stuff. Nothing so exciting. The delivery of class materials, syllabus chatter, etc. I’m locked into most general education stuff at present. Still waiting to see what rubs me right. College Algebra, English, an American History Course. I am taking a Creative Writing course, which I’m pretty excited about, and a 3 credit P.E. Course. So. 15 to start. I think that’s probably about average. Today’s classes were enjoyable. Like I said. Not a whole lot to write about.

Mags classes are good. She was seriously asked out twice on Monday. It’ll be interesting to see what she has to say about today. What I do know is that when we see each other, it is really fun and completely surreal. Knowing each other for as long as we have, and having never been in the same educational environment…it’s a trip. I’ll see her smile from 100 yards away, and my day just instantly gets better.

I’ll see you all in September. Don’t forget to cleanse your faces!